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The Embodiment of Hate Full Album Lyrics

Our Place of Worship Is Silence - The Embodiment of Hate cover art

The Embodiment of Hate

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > O > Our Place of Worship Is Silence Lyrics (7) > The Embodiment of Hate Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2018-07-24)
1. Consecrated Dystopia (1:20)
The heralds of frenzied chaos
Advance in sovereignty
Towards the harmonized annihilation,
Coiled in wings dank of sacrifice.
The perverted ritual violation
Of taboo is invoked,
With the reward of emptiness
Within and about.
Disenchantment embellishes those
That slay in the name of revenge.
2. Resplendent Misery (5:04)
A heavy vision of being lost,
Forgotten while seeking the
Blinding blackness.
Abandoned and fearless in this
Descent into the farce of perception.
Appalled by the liability
Of consciousness,
With demanour of Sisyphus.
Ecstatic conjuring of unleashing void;
There is no passion
In the absence of death.
Assuming the role of a blade
To the neck of All,
With their trite exhales
To be received by nothing.
3. Feast of Martyrdom (3:09)
Bound and tortured, exhausted
To the point of being pulled into nonsense.
To die is to live and to suffer
Is to see man prosper past
The point of survival.
Crawling to the feet of
Thy Mother of anguish,
Shun and left to rot
Among the scrutiny of eyes.
Desperation for finality
Saturates each limb
Exposed to the flames,
The mass of flesh scorched
From itself.
The light's bleak nature dissolves
Into fractals of unbecoming,
Submitted to the abundance
Of void.
4. Murdered While Praying (4:04)
Murdered while praying!
A clandestine howl is heard
"You feel the last bit of breathe
leaving their body.
You're looking into their eyes
A person in that situation
Is God!"
Is God mortal detachment?
Is God the will of slaughter?
Is God content to the role of aggressor?
Is God stained instruments?
The blood of slaves,
Entire rites desecrated
In the name of death.
Hateful descent,
The worship of heinous
Ceremonial poison of the mind.
A congregation of eyes sore
From deceit
And praying to thee
Embodiment of hate.
5. To Deceive the Universe (4:23)
Convulsing vastness, shrinking to
The density of fall.
The cosmic furnace beholds
The evolution of nothingness.
Delicately pulling apart all
That denies and opposes.
From bindings
Of mother and child, to the
Pons from neurons. Sadistic
Aura held glowing in everything,
Scorching and gyrating,
Awaiting the silence tearing
Atoms into void.
There the collapse of this error lies,
Approaching with wings
Soaked in livid predation.
Absorbing frailty,
Imbibing forsaken liquors.
The will of all is the will of none.
6. Our Place of Worship (4:09)
Do you hear the agonizing nature
Of this quietude?
The tumultuous misery of man
Achieves nothing,
Thus our temple is numb in secrecy.
Imperfection holds the prospect of
Creation, abhorrent in essence and
Stagnant in belief.
Inhale eternity, embrace all that
Is, and suspend thyself in the
Orbiting vastness.
Gravitating immaculate gases enhance
The emptiness of this fallacy.
Coldly calculated cosmic hypochondria,
Burrows deep in the heart of this sickness
7. Church of Atrocity (Clandestine Blaze cover) (4:56)
Dwelling in the chamber
Surrounded by divine images
They invoke the visions of terror
They desecrate all that is good and holy

Lord needs no bowing down for showing obediance
Strength of atrocity possesses those meant to be
To worship the work of cursed of mankind
Like destiny to be fulfilled

Like crowds cheering in front of crucifix
Howling in arenas of blood and bones
Blessed with sight of dark perspective
Blessed with abundance of deeds to worship

Torment / Murder / Destruction
Abuse / Sadism / Terror
Oppression / Hatred / Dominance
Sickness / Disease / Atrocity

Altars of atrocity decorated with grotesque tropies
Shadow of horror can be seen from grainy icons
Created by missionaries of cursed mankind

Servants of Church of Atrocity
Howl the meditative chant
Stare for icons of grotesque beauty
And see lord divine
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