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Temple of Human Destruction Full Album Lyrics

Organ Blender - Temple of Human Destruction cover art

Temple of Human Destruction

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-11-13)
1. Enter the Blender (3:37)
Enter to the Blender x 4
Enter through the sphincter hole, get sucked right through your toilet bowl, behold the mighty gore reactor, towering, spinning meat compactor , pure embodiment of hate designed to incapacitate, worlds population fed through mechanized death...
Get up you bitch,shattering the family...just accept
Hey kid theres no need to pout, your mommys dead just forget about it.
No , No theres no way out...its time to enter the blender.

My pleasure is your pain, suffering to attain, this feeling of no name , forever I shall reign.....down...bow....down..skinless bodies coming apart into flames engulfing their useless lives, futile reality quickly quenched now all upon their deaths we ride x2
2. Organ Blender (4:22)
Bow your head to the king of death, dread and fear in your mind shall amass, decimation of young and old, your soul must die, I will take you to a temple, where a death machine awaits, and as well i forgot to mention, welcome to your fate.
Dripping piles of meat, I can smell the pain, set the mechanism from mulch to grind, not even your balls get left behind, welcome to your place of fear, families lowered to the blender, intestines give way to anal suction, welcome to the temple of human destruction.
Cast down, caged till now, the end is near, just look down, to the blender, you'll surrender, face up to your death in the organ blender.
Flesh burns, bone turns to mist, human beings turned into paste, sentenced to die in the blender, lay these subjects to waste, suffering harnessed as power , restored death on reset, eternal obliteration , eternally powering hell.
Fuck me I think we're in hell, dont know how I got in this cell, oh wont you help me god, one last chance to appear fuck.
Nerves brought to life from the power of hell, stimulated while dying in a blender, adding to the rotten smell, gathering in a gory well, flames burn past my face, hurtling through the ground, and then I hit the 7th gate, hell is now surely found.
3. Suction Chamber (2:44)
Cored by the rectal straw through your ass your organs leave, hollow inside, Blood , stained , twisted, Dreams, of , streams, of blood
Wake up and endure your nightmare
The others were spared , to die in a blender, this seats reserved, for the innocent to die.
You're strapped down, machines will tear you inside out
Suction,eruption of guts through air pressure extraction, a simple negation of life....Access denied
Cored by the rectal straw, through your ass your organs leave...hollow inside, Guts explode out your asshole
I, submit your will, king of the kill, turn up the heat, reduce this man to meat
Suck it! Out!
4. Metal with a Twist (4:06)
In the halls of the necro lord, I learned how , I learned hard, rip it up with a beer in hand, I smoke pot, Ill be damned.
Destroy your pathetic tissue, snowflake dont make it an issue
This riff weighs a million tonnes, holds the power of a thousand suns
Now the alignment, departs into fragments, beyond...
Waitin' for the breakdown, never gonna come, what ya gonna do now?
Metal with a twist
All that money and college and time, never gonna get no..
Metal with a Twist
You fuckers pollute music, your sound is intrinsic, your life experience, lacks balls or any type of confrontation x2
5. Car Thrash (3:38)
Driving down the interstate, the music playin' sucks,
Shove in some slayer, metal as fuck!
Spinning, thrashing, speeding and crashing , putting blood on the dash running over emo ass!
Aching, racing , still gone road raging, no one can stop me 'cause im on my way....Headbanging to hell.
Die inside the car thrash , let loose on the road ahead,
Fry inside the car thrash, in twisted metal you lie dead
(voice:any element may cause certain death)
'I prefer industrial dude!'
This is insane, when your drunk off your ass,turn off your brain,
gotta go fast!
Spinning, thrashing, speeding and crashing , putting blood on the dash running over emo ass!
Aching, racing , still gone road raging, no one can stop me 'cause im on my way....Headbanging to hell.
Die inside the car thrash , let loose on the road ahead,
Fry inside the car thrash, in twisted metal you lie dead
6. Brain Garbage (4:09)
Plugged in stuck in the circuit , psycho-phenomenon
King of the kill, swallow the pill
Reject all tribulations, reject all who are, part of the grid
No way out
Look this way, talk this way, walk this way, fuck this way
Oh one other thing, fuck your virtue signaling
True connection lost, paid at a monthly cost
7. Between the Blades (3:05)
Codes denied, access dimension, parameters locked, bore from the stone
Caught....Between the blades
(who knew?)
Rotations causing motion sickness, blood is slowly losing thickness
Interpret kindness for my weakness, no im not gonna let you...
I gotta breakdown/im not dead...not yet...not dead.
Caught..between the lie, Lust...
Altered System (are ya ready?)
8. The Blending (5:11)
Final fall, your finest men shall cower, confront the weak and small
their pain brings greater power
I will change my form, seemless integration to the world of the young
De-Confuckulate , last thing to go right through your head is your ass.
Met a nice girl, with a lazy eye, she couldnt really see me, but im a really nice guy, took her back home, we had a great time, i took her to my basement....she had to be mine
Shut up ya fuck, walk right in , shredded to shit, ground right up, shit right out...Into a power node of hell.
Metal with a twist, spin right 'round, cut right down, hell extracts your everlasting power...And then we do it all again
Fuck, this, bull, shit, suck , this, reign
Right now x2 cut it down x2 rotten x4 give it all back for a bit of relief , im gonna roll it all up and take a hit of the leaf rotten x4
Right now x2 cut it down x2 rotten x4
Unbreakable, just one original, we are untouchable, suck this,
Fuck all the rest
Total devastation through the killing automation, the enhancement of sensation causes sick exhilaration, bleeding power to the masses, leaving anyone to assess any reason why their deaths would ever turn out just to be a bit...fucked
Its your life in a blender.... youre rotting away.....
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