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Hymns of Ahriman Lyrics

Ontogeny - Hymns of Ahriman cover art

Hymns of Ahriman

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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1. Phantom Hate (6:04)
When your eyes meet my flesh
The blood of past generations
Comes dripping down
My father's hands

Ignorant shell
Living, breathing lies
Our fathers have died
Along with their pride!

Wearing the badge of past
A stain, a curse, a mast
This flesh was not chosen
An arbitrary shell cast

Evacuate my shell casing
To rob you of a chance
Chance for karmic retribution

The lure of blame
Reduced to the soulless face of a shadow
Free play of identity games
You are the face card dealt
Mask of obfuscation
Ever-tightening shell
Bolted into what was once a spine
All you have is all you are
All I am is all I have

The sin is alive in the blood
On which the reflecting beast feeds
Its hunger can only be satiated
By our own evil deeds

I am not the sum of my ancestry
You're not a victim of the past
Even as our mirrored hate burns
Like a lake of fire
The bloodied page will not turn
Until the conversation expires
2. Phantom Love (8:28)
Why must you torment me with your love?
Torture with promises of bliss
Snake oil and poison-laced ambrosia
The open heart, a bleeding fist

After the chaos of indifference I've endured
To come stumbling to your gleaming doors
Bound by my mortal fingers
The key to infinity sinks into the floor

I'll tight-rope walk the line
Through your keyhole I can taste your shine
To become divine
Through our unity all that is will align
Merge into the sublime
No end or start to consign
This single heart to mine
Has no owner…has no owner

And if there is no door at all?
No light to accept me into grace?
What of this dream of defeating the cold eyes?
I can't make this transition alone

Wrap me in amaranth tied with serpent's coil
There will be an exception for me!
A breathing statue arriving at your shining portal
There will be an exception for me!

Mummify my body in gold, engulf me in crystals
There will be an exception for me!
A stalking zombie approaching the underworld
There will be an exception for me!

I will cross the line
No end or start to consign
This single heart to mine
Has no owner but the Godhead
I create my own line
There is only my center
My own heart to define
What resides in my skies

I am the door
I am the living gateway
I am the light
3. Plight of the Chosen (5:41)
He who holds the key
Bears the highest weapon
Those who cannot see
Race to face the cannon
I served so many masters
All inside my head
Slave! You put the shackles
In your own hands
Those who's serve the old paradigm
They're already - you're already dead!

In the wake of your apathy
Now is your chance to be
Your own living sacrifice
A generation's blood, the price

Invisible shield of security
Dissolved, exposed
Reduced to anarchy
Piles of the weak ever accumulating

Out of the ashes to arise
The Phoenix of dissolution
All you have is all you are
All I am is all I have

So let go of any doubt
We are the tribe of the chosen
To outlast this cruel reduction
Rise above the grey mass
And walk among the pure

Exits, protests, drone strikes
Famine, disease, death spikes
Soap box, gatherings, mobilize
Dawn of American Reich

Destroy the pacified
Wipe out the weak and codify

Archons exposed, denied
Matrix uprooted, redefined
Settlements imposed, confined
I will now define your rights

Death camps exposed, utilized
Mountains of corpses
Ground into powder lines
Zombie coke and deep fried humans rinds

Destroy the pacified
Wipe out the weak and codify
4. Presence of Mind (6:42)
5. Narcotize (4:06)
Our listless prayers echo
Twisting into the infinite
Perched knees on piles
Of discarded hope
Where the light at the end
Reveals the bridge of promise that collapsed
Into the cliff of scattered dreams
When all hope is abandoned
Abandonment is our only hope

Hindsight mirrors blindsided
By my own craving eyes
Building the doom around us
To shield newborn demise

Nothing can pacify
Like odious calamity
Passively sedated by
A promise of catastrophe

Submit to our eminent demise
We know that every thing dies
My teeth will fall right out of my face
Give in to the daemon, narcotize

To empty the ocean with a bucket
To count every of grain of sand
The lock that keeps you stuck in
The room made by your own hands
6. Synethic (7:46)
The byproduct of synthetic system
That pits us against each other
The tumult in every second
Courses through the tangled network of mind

In a race to the bottom
Who can best fake while chipping away
At the decaying vessel
That was once a heart
As you obsessively derive pleasure
Trapped inside the base of your spine

I've done my part
I've made it an art

Handed to me
My predigested microscopic reality
One among infinity
Fighting for my existence to be

Show me your precious lies
Your luminous, festering dreams
The transparent child haunting
To see your fantasy for the seams

Throw your heart
Into the flames
Of insatiable desire

What is contained
Of what remains
Is the DNA of deception
It's in our blood
And I've done my part
Singularity will fulfill me
Upload our struggle
Install my will
As we die for progress

[Micah Maniac]:
In the world, seen by a glance
Not reality, all but a trance
Engineered, yet crippled, fighting for space
Digging trenches and embedding the truth
Show me your precious lies
Your luminous, festering dreams
The transparent child haunting
To see your fantasy for the seams

I am the futility of your sweat
I am the cold stare of a million dead stars
I am faithless, hopeless, truthless
The fire's gone out
And the well has gone dry
Just a pair of hands and eyes
Frozen in ice
7. A Generation Past (5:50)
8. The Reaper of Tomorrow (3:01)
9. I Am Ahriman (8:26)
I am Ahriman
Incarnate in your eyes
In this plastic that we're trapped in
No hope will survive
The hidden brooding boiling over
From millennia of force-fed lies

Thought we snuck the debt
Into the hands of a child
But we won't outlive his borrowed time

Thought we could escape
The deamon's thirsting grips
To take solace in a grave
before the claws could rip
To leave behind a time bomb
A broken promised-laden baton

I'm carrying the burden of heavy ears and eyes
Whose sloth bodies are too weak to carry their own

We have arrived
to destroy all your antiques
Even if our ancient puppets
keep us entertained

Sucking you into my frequency
The consequence of your objects and lies
You're your own hollow prize
The worm that burrows into your center
That parasite drained all the soul and
Transferred it into mountains of data

You know my kinship
He liked to wrap himself
In righteousness
And sickening pride

I'm a compartment
That becomes a wedge
The grey lines painted black
Sold that mask to the masses
Because everyone and their curves
Are so fucking unique
And so fucking special

I know you need a piece of me
When there's nothing left to give
My face falls off
Spiraling sixth chakra
Onward to the crown
An empty silver vase
All you had was everything
Piles of gold and dust

I'm a vacuum of ego
And false enlightenment
The single hand
Patting its owner's back

If every soul has sold itself
Will the heart carry a price?
They line up for blood-shedding
Lured into an earth bound vice

Sold that veil to the masses
Because everyone and their cells
Are so fucking original
And so fucking definite
It's like you're the first
Like you have been chosen
To lead your brethren
In your sea of shit
Your objects and lies!
Your objects and lies!

You are Ahriman
Even as you leave behind
The grand delusions of past
Tomorrow's reaper casts
The shadow of confinement
Doomed to a walking prison
The sweet solitary agony
The purchase was your last

Sucked you down into that frequency
The consequence of your need for disguise
You were cut down to size
The snake that ate your center
That parasite drained all your love and
Converted it into death and hate
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