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Falling Moon Lyrics

Onirism - Falling Moon cover art

Falling Moon

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-04-07)
1. Night Sky Above the Desert (intro) (3:03)
2. See the End of the Worlds (7:22)
Intriguing and disturbing
These strange silhouettes
They visit me
In my sleep, in my dreams

When they approach, my dreams go astray
Their aura is powerful , appropriating my imaginary
No more control, it's not mine
What is this world in distress?

"Come to us, we will show you your future
Come closer, to see the end of the worlds"

It's a land of a distant world
And definitely not a dream
These things show me their lands
Vanished, where nothing is possible anymore

When they approach, my dreams go astray
Their aura is powerful , appropriating my imaginary
No more control, it's not mine
What is this world in distress?

"Come to us, we will show you your future
Come closer, to see the end of the worlds"

A white light and everything comes back to life
In the midst of a crowd of these beings from elsewhere
I observe them but they can't see me
A world like us, close to bursting

And when, eyes look up toward the sky
To see their inevitable death, falling from the stars
Extinction of a world
This scene will soon be ours
3. Falling Moon (7:08)
Rumble in the mountains and the seas grow rough
This piece of earth in the sky
Watching over us every night
They predicted it and we mocked them

Our dear moon, guiding us in the night
The one that shows us the way
When we are plunged into darkness
Would she turn against us?

Its appearance is so different
Announcing a bad omen
It grows day by day
They predicted it and we mocked them

What will happen to the earth?
There will be nothing left
This cataclysm becomes inevitable
We can't hide from this disaster

Then, the ground trembles
This day, the moon faces us
There is no sky anymore, Only a skinned ground
Approaching quickly, we are lost

Mountains rumble and seas is getting crazy
Then distant howls can be heard
Coming out the mountains and seas
Giant creatures stand before us
What are they? Does our land defend itself?
We see death fall on us, these are our only hope

Giants group together, shouting louder and louder
In a desperate attempt, Carrying the moon on their shoulders

Their screams are so heart-rending
Will we have a future?
4. Under the Stars (6:31)
A stars clusters
Adorning the sky
I lay down to contemplate it
Plunging my eyes into the firmament

Admire the vastness of the universe
Shining strongly, that night
To feel attracted by this void
And I close my eyes

Around me, nothing exists anymore
At the heart of the cosmos
All is illusion , but whatever
Around me, nothing exists anymore

This incredible cosmos, a simple reverie
Yet more important than the real

Nothing under my feet, I have chills
A crazy fall begins
I panic, In my cosmic haven

My fall is infinite
Now in the darkness
My fall is infinite
A great fear invades me

And I wake up under the stars
5. I’m Dying Again (4:51)
Dealing with death
Again and again
To feel alive
Above all, die yet

By the most cruel of ways
To die, and feel the dreadful pain
Unleash evil on oneself without fear
Be able to die, again

Sadistic or unconscious pleasure
I don't care where this desire comes from
I welcome it, with arms wide open
The Death! in all possible ways

Dealing with death
Again and again
To feel alive
Above all, die yet

That instant supposed to be lived only once
In my sleep I break the rules
Reliving this moment again and again
Helped by an overflowing imagination
But damn well unhealthy
It brings me a little more each time
In an infernal adventure
Where every night I revive from my misfortune

A nightmare for my body
A dream for my soul
Reborn always for
Be able to die, again

Dealing with death
Again and again
To feel alive
Above all, die yet
6. The Endless Ride of Heavens (8:04)
As large as infinity
As white as snow
Ocean of purity
Above the world, I'm the King

I ride my noble steed
Piercing the clouds like a sword in a man
Rushing in the wind
Above the world, I'm the free man

In this white paradise
Ignoring the misery from below
I lift up my eyes to the rising sun
And I'm burning with the desir to escape beyond

Riding my noble steed
Piercing the clouds
As free as the winds
Above the world, I'm the King

High in the sky, my castle stands in the heaven
Yes, my duty wait for me, for decades already
But I can't resist the temptation to go even further
For yet a little while and I will reach the sun

Eternal light, source of life
That haunts my dreams all my life
To make me give up my responsability
To abandon humanity

Under this shining world
All is misery and desolation
Because of my elusive aim
Leading the loss of men
7. Summoned by the Astral Side (Interlude) (4:21)
8. When Titans Awakes (7:12)
A freezing morning, an icy wind
The sun rises and illuminates the white valley
The purple sky is threatening
On that fateful day

I meet the eyes of others
Black eyes of fear
Everyone around me know it
On that fateful day

This day is darker than ever
This day will be the last for us
People are already dead
On that fateful day

Black clouds cover the sky
Through this thick dark mist
The sunrays find their way to the mountains
And a suddenly earthquake

And the sky is raging, a storm rises
A distant rumble, wich makes you feel stunned
When the mountains shattered into pieces
To unveil immense titans
The death is on their faces
Heading straight on us
9. The Cosmic Whale (7:35)
On his faithful ship , sailing on the clouds
Loaded harpoon and a bottle in his hand
This old captain, worn out of lifetime
Goes up there, for his ultimate hunting

"A far away singing"
He would recognize it until his death
"This far away singing"
He knows it by-heart

The cetacean space came back to him
To put an end to this endless hunt
Old sea dog has nothing left to loose
The beast taken everything from him

A battle, already lost
But the old man is stubborn
His black eyes, flashing with revenge
Blinded by hatred towards the Colossus

Sailing until his death, in the depths of the universe
The whaler starts his last chapter of his story
Another bottle later and his harpoon still loaded
He seeing it, the imposing and prodigious whale

"In the line of sight", its glassy eye
He is waiting for this moment
"But in its infinite fall"
The whale takes with it the sailor
10. Meteor Shower (Interlude) (1:51)
11. The Celestial Calling (8:10)
I rise up to the sky, a celestial attraction
My soul is now at peace, I'm leaving to join them
My ancestors up there, my protectors summon me
Soon, I'll watch over the others

Icy night, with dancing aurora
When the stars twinkle, even stronger
My tears freeze, my body abandons me slowly
Breathless, It's finally time

Comes a dead calm, this is scary
The journey is still long , I let myself float

I have never felt so alone
In this dizzying void
I have never felt so peaceful
In this celestial landscape
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