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Cosmic Dream Full Album Lyrics

Onirism - Cosmic Dream cover art

Cosmic Dream

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  2
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1. Purple Sky (Introduction) (4:07)
2. Beginning of a New Era (6:20)
We’ve been waiting for them for too long now
Far away, At the gates of death
Suddenly a wild ride appears
Here we are

They come back to us, Followed by the reaper
It's too late to turn back now
May Gods have mercy upon us

Rain has the taste of blood, fear invades us
But tonight, martyrs we will be
Stand up comrades and be brave
Finally here we are, a new era looms

Rain has the taste of blood, bravery invades us
Tonight, we will be martyrs
So stand up comrades and be strong
Yes here we are
This is the beginning of a new era

The moon is shining in the sky
Enlightening our last night of hell
May she liberate us from this insanity
3. From the End to the Origins (8:20)
Night has fallen, for too long now
The air is stifling, the wind rises
The moon, more ominous than ever, disappears slowly
Behind the immense clouds of incredible darkness
The ground collapses, everything is crumbling around me
There is chaos, decadence of the world
A feeling of terror came over me

Suddenly, a thunderstorm bursts

Tentacles of lightning rage against the earth
They seems to be coming from beyond
Ripping up the sky to illuminate this bruised landscape
Shattering it from all sides, the world is smashed to pieces
This scene of desolation scares me
But I stand there, awaiting my fate
Stunned by this apocalyptic vision

Immaculate and pure, the light blinds me
Before it passes through my body
A feeling of deliverance, of evasion
Absolute lucidity, I can see everything now

The world reveals its true colours to me
Everything becomes clear

(He comes to us) I can see them
(Discover the origins) They stare at me
(The origins of the creation) Who are they? Where am I?
(Of his depraved world)
Everything seems so real
(Welcome to where it all begins and where it all ends)
4. Ephemeral World I (5:59)
Journey to the unknown
Pulled into the void
Journey to infinity
I am free now
5. Ephemeral World II (6:47)
Lost in a maze
Of beauty and strangeness
To meet
Myself, my being

In the middle of a crowd
And yet, still so alone
Here, I'm at home
In this unknown place

I'm amazed by this landscape
Of absolute sumptuousness

But I am afraid of this madness
Creator of this place
Ephemeral world
That disturbs my mind
That soothes me nonetheless
This ephemeral world
6. At the Heart of the Desert for the Eternity (Introduction) (1:55)
7. The Curse of Ahriman (7:37)
Under their worn feet
Burning sand dunes
High like rogue waves
Forming an ocean of sand
That grows with each step

They suffocate from the stifling heat
Exhausted by this endless journey
That will lead them straight to hell

At the horizon, the heights of the city appears
A gigantic palace dominates the city
As they approach
It grows, becoming so high
Dwarfing the sun, it becomes terrifying

These men could not imagine
Venturing between these walls
That these streets were just an illusion

The sky grows darker, walls are crumbling
Water is blood, life becomes death
Everything is dying around them
Their souls will soon darken
They see him, the vile demon, the guilty of this curse
Before becoming prisoners, forever to Ahriman
8. The Old Man (6:28)
There was a man, an old man
Alone since forever, despite himself
Consumed by loneliness and despair
He was only sadness in the eyes of others

He took refuge in his madness, creating his own world
That reflected his troubling personality
An oniric place where the fear has gone
He was master of these places but victim of his dementia

By dint of immerse himself into it
Both universes became only one
He could no longer distinguish the truth from the imaginary
But the old man never knew this

There was a man, an old man
Alone since forever, despite himself
Consumed by loneliness and despair
He was only sadness in the eyes of others

There was a man, an old man
Away from his peers ,from reality
Consumed by his madness, his imagination
Soon lost in his sick mind

His own prisoner, in fabulous places
At the height of his art, an extraordinary creator
Overtaken by his demons
Who took him to the deepest of his mind
9. Darkness (9:15)
Oh how obscurity relieves me
By her strength, everything is deteriorating, all around me
Revealing the vapid heart of my existence

The shadow is watching me, what she waiting for?
I will not move, confined in the darkness
In loneliness, I'am languishing

I waited for you, take me with you
To make the pain disappear
Leaving the place to the vacuum
Liberate me from all this
That oppresses me

When I will feel, that she will seize me
In a deep sleep
I 'll finally see her, in my nightmare

And I will be only witness of my suffering
Lying there, I will be seeing myself
Already a shadow

I waited for you, take me with you
To make the pain disappear
Leaving the place to the void
Free me from all this
That makes me anxious
10. Weavers of Time (10:12)
Between space and time, manipulating life
In the depths of the universe, among the stars
Between two worlds, their powers extend
Into our own depths, they control us

Tirelessly, without a word
Eternal repetition
Masters of destiny
Guardians of balance

Like puppets, we are at their mercy
Slaves of time, we are guided by our wire
Like puppeteers, they are the decision makers
Of everything we do, nothing escapes them

Between reality and oniric, a perfect harmony
Life and death intersect, to preserve it

Weavers of time, supremacy of gods
From their cosmic place, maintain the balance
By the might of their wires
They are the masters of our destiny

Even in our dreams, they observe
Imposing their vision, their laws
Tirelessly, without a word
In an eternal repetition

Masters of destiny, gardians of balance
The fate of the universe rests in their hands
Both reapers and mothers
In order to keep a serene future

Weavers of time, supremacy of gods
Through the ages, they guide us
By the might of their wires
They are the guardians of balance
11. Baneful Glows in the Night Sky (Introduction) (2:35)
12. Cosmic Dream (6:58)
The air is icy, a wind shear
A green glow wanders above the horizon
In the clear sky, the Milky Way reveals all its splendor
Dominating the skyline, the mountains rumble

Something incredible is about to happen
I'm scared and excited all at once
My whole body is shivering
I am immobilized, my heart is racing

Impressive planets appear, they are too close
The celestial bodies intertwine
Rejecting an intense light
A cataclysm of cosmic beauty

The shockwave is huge
Making the ground burst
Here I am, at the edge of the void
I let myself be carried away
Into the increasing nothingness
To reach the stars
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