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Beyond Full Album Lyrics

Omnium Gatherum - Beyond cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  88.8 / 100
Votes :  85
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1. Luoto (3:32)
2. New Dynamic (4:56)
Running in delight to face another day
We do our part listen what I say
To become the woods
The way to be the answer
And falling too
Deeper, ever deeper
Fly higher

It is drying in a certain way
Never trying too hard to push too far
The art of breathing - slowly
Listen now and listen good
Higher, ever higher
Go deeper

Would it be ok
To be a part of the solution

Some say:
'I can never rise from the pit'
So they stay just where they fell
What can I tell
It is hard to see and to navigate
Rise up
To rid the cancer from the answer

To face another day
Listen what I say
To become the woods
And falling too

Lay of the land
Listen and understand
3. In the Rim (4:52)
Strain of life begun
To live the day for you
Each moment became heavier
Than the last one
The wrong way accused
And not to blame for not being free
'Everyone is out to get you
Everyone except you'

Is only a dream now
Dream now

What have you not tried
Why haven't you tried
To see for yourself
Who dwells inside
There beyond excuses
There beneath the waves
And above burns the sun
Below, a burning one

Turns into a dream no
Dream now

The greater the blame
If the fire is burning like
Ashes in the rain

All want to win
Here in the rim

All want to win
And all need to lose
Here in the rim
4. Nightwalkers (8:15)
Let the eyes burn slowly
The tears will cease to fall
And the vision becomes... clear
The sun of the midday finding a way
In the night veil

Purple and translucent
Ever changing so quiet
Black and transparent
Ever moving so quiet

This is living
Choosing a best way to stay
Within a day...
Like a dream
A midnight name

Will the shadows apologize
The loss of logic
In the name of the game...
Will the light be as humble
That it was ever promised in every prayer
Will one say:
Thank you
Or remain in the lair

Purple and translucent
Ever still so quiet
Black and transparent
Ever still so quiet

This is living
Choose a best way to stay
Within a day...
Like a dream
A midnight name

Last lust
Before the ascending
The veil, the dust
On whom is it depending on?

Lait on liat lain
Lait lakien, taivaisten
Aatteet kuin vaatteet
Likell, tahdon
Vain ko sen
5. Formidable (4:54)
Hold on
There is some
Believing to be done
The undertaking that is going on

It will always be formidable
The light is shining through

Keep the flame
In the dark
And understand
It burns for you
Through the dark

...And they who say
'You are still dying today'
Let them pray
It is a right
A privilege to st(r)ay away
6. The Sonic Sign (4:36)
What did you see?
Shadows are gone
In the light of the day
How did you feel?
A hero
A victim with nothing to say
What did you find?
A place in the dark
Or in shining light
What did you hide?
Shadows and secrets
No matter the side

The quickest
The fastest
Under the sonic sign
Stars are aligned
Under the sonic sign
Where stars are aligned

What did you reveal?
Something to touch
Something so real
Still you conceal
The inner and outer
You disappear
Nothing to fear
Everything to gain
Nevermind the pain
How did you deal with
The equations of the sun
And the rain
7. Who Could Say (4:45)
Can there ever be a day
To come back away
Or another shade of gray
Who could say
There are days when feelin' blue
It reaches me and you
So what else is there to do
It will go through

Open the door
To a wider scene of life and love
Like at first sight

You are always on the run
Things come undone
Will it ever be the one
A shining sun

A leap of faith
A grasp of reason
A destiny's liaison
A fallen one
The enlightened
Living pulse united

I know this heart
Right from the start
I love I love
8. The Unknowing (5:58)
Hey brother
Make way for patience
Or there is a chance
To breath through frustration
Pick it up
Fill it up
Not splashing a single drop
There is a lot of peace,
On the calm surface of the heart

Hey sister
Have you been the drama?
It becomes more severe
Every time you fall from grace
A strain of history
Heavy on the shoulders
And the world
It moves forever on

And after the mourning
Morning has gone
It is time again
To journey towards home
The perpetual flame is ever waiting
For the one who sees
All that is done

At last no reason, a sensation,
To slay anymore
The silent hounds are all asleep
And the world it moves forever on
On the calm surface of the heart
9. Living in Me (4:41)
How timeless is love
Love surrounding a being
All too fateful heart
Evades one from seeing
The number of ways
In a number of ways
To change the pace of the days
Into living breathing
Living breathing

Silence is golden
Yet hiding is dying

Can one find a truth in a star
While peering into the night
No matter how far
Is the flickering light
And one is not what is seen
In all the numbers in every way
How timeless is love
Living breathing
Living breathing

There is a tree (far away)
Living in me
Rooted and high
Kissing the sky
And in the tree (the night is alive)
A night bird sings
Forever song
10. White Palace (10:41)
Although a heart is crying for the world
It understands the wounds well
Keeping it open it bleeds
Keeping it open it heals

Sometimes we are away
Sleeping through the day

Strong is the hand
That builds the white palace
And the dark gardens
Surrounding the white palace

Lay down all worry and trouble that is done
For what is the purpose in a search for something
That is gone
Understand the wounds well
Keeping it open it bleeds
Keeping it open it heals
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