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Chapter I: Origins Lyrics

Of Atlantis - Chapter I: Origins cover art

Chapter I: Origins

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Submitted by level 4 chelsea485 (2016-12-09)
1. Origins
Your presence makes me feel like I'm the only one
I can't handle this atmosphere so cold, full of hate
Don't forget to never trust me because
I will tear your heart and burn you down at the stake
Just to warm up the atmosphere
2. Decline
Formerly, I was made of flesh and bones
But with these words, my heart turned to stone

''You deserve no sympathy, only apathy
We'll all live without you, letting you down alone''
I know, this has become a game for you
But I won't lose this round

You will swallow all of your words
All these lies that you told
You will swallow all of your words
Choke on them

Thank you for tearing me down to build you up
But now it's time to make these bricks drop, one by one
You don't have a guilty conscience, you fucking animal

Don't forget to never trust me because
You'll never stand up again
You'll feel what I felt for a long, long time
Tonight, your reign will end
Hate will eat you from inside
There will be nowhere to hide
So pray for your life
I saw what you did: a masterpiece
3. Borderline
How can I feel the plague where it's sane, safe and sound?
How can I see the black in someone whose full of light?
Why can't I help myself from thinking you're a lie?
As soon as I close my eyes, it's eating me alive
Consuming my beliefs, creating an insight
In which I see I'm blind but these are only walls
On which I'm trying to find a false proof to make you fall
This can't be happening, my mind plays tricks on me
I need to find a cure to become who I was, formerly

Please keep me from breaking everything I touch because I see the unseen
Help me to find a cure to this disease, keep me from destroying all I have

You're everything I have
So please take me back to that time
When there were no ghost and no monsters
No skeletons in the closet
I've been dead for so long
Forgetting what love really means
I even forgot my name

Paranoia has taken over me
Can't trust anyone, not even me
I once was told that the first step to recovery
Is to be aware of my own disease

When my eyes are closed,
I tend to connect the dots
And light up a fire to watch it burn
I can't fear death because
I've seen it through my whole life
I'm an unsolved puzzle
Constantly broken down
In millions of pieces

Now I need you to tell me
are you the cure or the poison?
Or is it just me?
4. Bitterness
I was born blank and then you have written the plot
I turned the page to a new one, a story where you're not

Now I know that what didn't kill me only made me stronger
I found it hard to believe because the truth is bitter
Against your will, you achieved a masterpiece: I'm built with destruction
I set the thoughts in flames, so I can never remember your name

I won't let this happen, you will not win this time
This battle is yours tonight but not this war
You can sleep well, in your bed of lies and sins

It feels like the wells overflowed, the hatred has come back to the surface
The plane crashing down like my strength that's all drowned
Because I put a veil on the burns you gave me for fun
Days are passing by as the world is losing its colours

Let go of my life, you won't be part of it
I'll bury you deep inside
I only wanted to be better
But I ended up becoming bitter
5. Alter Ego
I once got caught in the motions
My eyes turned crimson red
I must admit I was once good but
People change and people change us
Will I ever be? Will I ever exist? No
I know the answer but not the question

With all these burdens that we carry on our back, forward seems too far away

Light up the torch, it's time to chase these demons
All I see is this mark you left on my skin
Now read my lips: I won't let you win

How many times did I come back to the words unsaid:
''I've walked too far with this anchor at my feet''
So when you stare at the road in front of you,
Be aware of the distance you've crossed
It's cold out there but there's sweat down my spine
As I walk ahead, I feel closer to my shrine

Infinite sorrow knows me well
But I must admit that violence
Has always been my best friend

I won't let you fucking win
I know the answer
Will you ever be? Will you ever exist? No
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