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Bardo. Relative Reality Full Album Lyrics

Odradek Room - Bardo. Relative Reality cover art

Bardo. Relative Reality

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Post-Rock
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-08)
1. Theatre of Forms (8:31)
Bright light. The only spectator is you.
Another dream beyond a dream. Another day beyond a day.
A theater of forms – all the demons and filth is yours.
It’s all right here… you paint it all.

And the essence was filled
With intoxicating spirit of the night.
And the unruliness of dying sun
Going down below the horizon…
2. Inflorescence of Silence (6:25)
To see the wasteland beyond the time
And ravine of names,
That pull you down with those who fell asleep
before the nightfall
Through the corridors, the pattern
of the vicious walls
All the doors are hiding the path
in your first dream

There is a door beyond a door
There is no answer to the question
We follow the red thread of the blood
Trying to find the clue
Continuing the fall
Into the depths of dreams - labyrinth
One destination
For all, and break the chain

Wandering fire
In the unconnected streetlines
And my distorted face
In a reflection on the puddle
Inflorescence of silence
is flashing with the stars
in the sky, beyond the faded depth.
And ashes, falling down on me like snow
The steps are so heavy, walking upwind
The lights grow cold
Beyond the ruins of houses
Adjust stone, and the chilling crest of flame
is touching, is caressing them
The inscribed signs
The fire smokes, erasing the sense
Until it's pitch black and silence
Screaming and deafening
And my distorted face
On a reflection on a puddle

Flaccid sparkles of life are dying out
In the darkness with languor on the verge
The souls are smoldering in labyrinths
In the delirium of lost truth
The sense is guiding through the net of corridors
Until the bottom of the longed-for delusions
The pain is forgotten, the dreams are washed away
The gaze has stopped at the closed doors.
3. A Painting (Digging into the Canvas with Oil) (12:26)
There is no rustle, no squeak
Everything got stiffened behind the window
As on a silent painting
Taking a life away into the paint
Everything is keeping breathless silence
Existing without sense
And digging into the canvas with oil
Everything got stiffened behind the window
Questioning despondently
Where is the artist that has been deprived
Their life of title to sense

The paint crumbles with a gore
Disclosing the true inner of the painting
Through the threads, bandages, dried clots
It's not the canvas
but the glass that got exposed

The blind destiny in a mirror's space
Opened beyond the distance and time
a reflection without light behind
Immaterial abyss is empty
But suddenly a movement of a brush
Is drawing an image where I've been before
How scary it is to acquire a sight
know oneself for the first time
From the other side of a plate glass

My light is faceless...oh no
There is a scream behind the layers of paint
An almost extinct pain
A moan broke through the layer of oil
4. Suffocation (7:54)
Pain...my scream is tearing through my dream
Cutting the night with silence splinter
This is a dream...it's just a dream...
It's smothering with delight and you
Remained in it...

And I'm just like behind the wall
Behind a cell in a windowless room
I am a prisoner in silence in front of myself
Forgetting about the rainbow and painful dreams
With your photo in my fingers...

Oh, how dark it is in here
But I'll adjust to anything
My fear of darkness
Will lead my sight outside
There are no shining stars here
There's just a flat ceiling, -
The border of the freedom's mind
Is carrying a despair

A glass...
Is breaking down so easily in my hands
Almost not leaving any wounds
But it cannot be brought back
And I cannot tear through the cell of being.

The walls will tumble down,
The sky has fallen to the ground
Abyss...I saw her eyes
Constrained by the cold
In a fiery whirl
The ash will tell you everything
5. Faded Reality (9:55)
The words will blur like stains on paper
Under the burden of sense, deprived of its power.

The clock moaned, counting instants and seconds
Of a cheerless dance under high domes of heaven.

And rain outside, that’s distorting reality,
Is walking on roofs and rippling in puddles.

And its drops fly in through the glass that is broken,
Washing away all colors with stains of pain.

I heard rain whisper that there’s no “tomorrow”,
And “yesterday” ‘s lost in those snatches of shots

Of that black and white reel, that is so long-forgotten,
Hidden in life’s slowly fading true colors.

All candles died out… they drowned in the darkness.
And loud peals of thunder will deafen the cries.

The words will blur like stains on paper
Under the burden of sense, deprived of its power.

It’s so easy to love,
Staring with wonder
And looking down at the moist soil.
It’s easy to hate,
Having grown a mute seed inside,
And, with it, the craving.
Emptiness… will fill every vessel with meaning,
When life’s ashes accumulate at the bottom.
A shot will blow away the obscure footprints,
One, that is point-black… and a cry, from afar.
6. River (5:22)
I am nothing
And yet I swim, but driven
By a cold river's flow
Yes, I am nothing
I am but a vessel
I'm wounded lengthwise, cracked, and empty now

The path for reaching you is long
I'm on that path, cognising life
Apart from void, there are no forms
The tears grow purer, and cleaner is the light.
7. Cold Light (7:27)
Strong winds shall turn
The wheel of ignorance
As demons shall, your guardians appear
Surrounded by flame they will be

The coldest light that I have seen
The confluence was my desire
With that, I'd quench my endless needs
Those impulses of greatest smother
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