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Eradication of Society Lyrics

Obsolete Incarnation - Eradication of Society cover art

Eradication of Society

GenresBrutal Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-01)
1. Suffocate Humanity (3:56)
The disintegration of this world is predictable.
The plague coming over us is unstoppable.

Anarchy and the belief in gods, Parent religions.
Open our eyes, Touch us infinity.
The true population is suffocating us.
The end will be the beginning, let your seed dry our throats.

Our children are burning, our women will bleed to death, the men will be torn, that all is coming to us.
Our water is being cleaned, the decay of our heirs.
We are punished and the sins of mankind remain ashes in the atmosphere.

With the stoppage a silent birth of purity starts.
Immaculate and too noble for immediate death by the air.
Defined and made from one piece, the new shoot will grow.
From Perfection stems programmed vanity.

Thus the disintegration of this world is predictable.
The plague coming over us is unstoppable.

Contaminated with an illness, anger spreads itself wide.
Politics and power, catalysts for early extinction.

After a public execution of a belief, the whole planet is a battlefield.
Our children are burning, our women will bleed to death, the men will be torn, that all is coming to us.

The hatred and terror will exterminate us and that is not enough.
Man is eating man, he kills him, he mutilates him, accuses him.
For blood, for money, for recognition, for a way out or as a grace.
All worries are catalysts for even more suffering, harming man.
And in this way, death by suffocation will carry off them all.

With hands around the throat and blue lips, we have a purpose.
With eyes toward the heavens and straight into the face of smiling death
2. Limbus (3:26)
Where's my feeling of regret?
At the same moment
a thorn rips into my stomach,
there is no feeling that describes it.

The bloody entrails hanging from my belly.
Thus death feels so close
and yet is unattainable.
Numb, but full of pain.
Disillusioned , cant remember where i was.
Dismebered, can`t take a look at myself.
Torned apart, a bloodfontain.
A Hellgate opens, my fate is dead.

I live through my fears.

I see only one color, colapsed in time.
No time exists, something lies down on my tongue.

Something rips open my mouth, I stand now.
Shortly before my jaw breaks my mouth rips open.
The blood blocks my windpipe.
Twitching and paralyzed at the same time, my head will be empty except for the fear that rules.

My eyes are closed and I am in the middle of nowhere.
Behind me,The unstoppable about anxiety is the panic.
At the same time my lungs are burning.
With my own eyes I now see my heart beat, and it falls.

I live through my fears

I never die ... it's the suffering that I have caused.
I have to pay for everything, then I can suffer.
Unimaginable pleasure at the thought of death
My flesh will burn immediately.
3. The Faceless (3:25)
Where is justice, where is the decency captivating one at the table?
Who is the judge to hand down the verdict?
Perhaps it is you, the one committing the crime?

The law binds those who flock to the meadows with the others anyway.
Graze my lambs and become fat, so that the sheppard can take you to the butcher.
With the stomach so well fed, that will be a good meal for the sinners.
I was on both sides of the faithful.

Slowly numb and senseless, lead to death by those who control you.
It is no wonder that insanity is eating away at yourself, a free spirit.

No thought is free, they want chaos and they will get me.
So I could escape, I cut out my own face, since then I live fulfilled in madness.
Consider the inside of any human being - in each you will find at least one dark spot which he must conceal!
At the peak I corrupt humanity.
I make them free, just like me.

The tearing and the fountains of blood make me happy.
We are animals, and that we should remain, it is the law of vigilantism.
So and just so is the world that surrounds us.
Corrupted remain all, as they should be.
Starting with my face, and it will end with humanity
4. Interlude (0:49)
5. Of Blood and Salvation (3:11)
Neglected and degenerated
For progress, aspiring life.
The freedom in a dome of
oxygen and sulfur.
Help yourself to my knowledge and deprave in my wisdom.
Armagedon dissolves ...

In a place of drought the living ethers grow.
Nourishing from a tree of flesh, commemorating the tormented souls.
Open mouths require a dead leaf, the fruit, it drops from black hearts.
Illusioned the mourners converting through the streets.
Starving, neglected, degenerated.

Dancing seas, the waves move our reason.
What drips out of me comes from Him. The old belief in humanity.
Madness, depravity, blindness, come into my arms the armless embraces you with his mouth.
Too much blood and again almost too little.

The sky spoiled and luminous spots on the firmament.
Fused thoughts encapsulated in a membrane of emptiness.
Continuous strips color the sound from which it arises.
One is born into a life in which death slowly wraps around your neck.
neglected and dilapidated, the madness hungers, the tree withers, crippled its fruit
6. Witch Hunt (3:41)
There's a fine line between faith and madness.
Where the mind is left behind, belief becomes

a radical demon.
Thanks to you, little child, we will be saved.
A priest opens our eyes and makes us understand.
An emissary of wicked doctrine, profit and selfishness.
We thank you with money and wine.

Take, so we won't die, won't suffer, and won't end up as fiends.

Deprived of food. Torn from sleep, raped to drain life.
Methods do become more abnormal, but this is the way to go.
Beaten into unconsciousness, bruises form on the black skin.
We need to open up your head, free the devil from your empty shell.

The demon is expelled and your blood will yield a good harvest.
The dismembered body yields again a rich harvest from the dry ground.
We dance around your empty body, finally we're fortunate again.
The fields will blossom again, our blessings and prayers count as seeds.

The expression, completely empty.
After days of torture it has to happen.
Who kills for something, torments and mutilates must also please a god that only flourishes from evil.
Driven by ignorance and with the idea of redemption,Abandoned and expelled ... these poor souls lost in a world and cast out, out of fear.
Forget what was done when we eat again.
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