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In Loss of All | Full Album Lyrics

Obsidieth - In Loss of All cover art

In Loss of All

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Doom Metal, Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-08-12)
1. Dawn of a Dying Sun (1:14)
2. Armada (3:38)
Way down through the years of mud,
Time walks amongst the desert sand
Awakened by the moonlight,
I feel the deadly breeze
An everlasting mystery,
Draws me out to sea

The curse, of the serpent,
Lies beneath,
The sea

A curse,
A prayer bears the storm,
Darker days,
For he strength and honor
On this deadly night,
A tragedy still unseen

I slayed the serpent with my blade,
The blood spilled across the raging waves
We live with hope and without fear,
The curse will stay forever under the sea
3. The Great Endeavor (5:11)
We set sail at the first morning rays,
On a voyage to terrorize these shores with hate
We ride this ship through the winterly blaze
Smashing, crushing, exterminating all in our way

We are the reign of terror
Grief and destruction
With our tattered black flag
We are the feared of the deep
Feared of the deep!

We will triumph!!

We'll tear your, precious world apart
Flames will send, a sign to the sky
Allied to bring, death to you all
Behold and imbibe, this ceremonial blood

Our souls and traits have been lost forever
We bring vengeance to this great endeavor
Take life from those who don't obey
Smashing, crushing, exterminating all in our way
4. In Loss of All (4:55)
A cannon thunder, cracks in the air
Army of decadence and fury
Entwined in inhumanity, they reap and plunder
With vindictive behavior

We ignite the fire of defiance,
Hells unleashed its screams of agony
Portray the ancient's power in supreme,
The black horizons will fragment history

Tunes of battle clash,
Ploughing the seven seas
Moon floats in the night,
Fleeting glimpse of pride
Frostbitten storms of time,
Galleons of illusory front
The tides and the winds have changed,
Striving for the unknown truth

Perpetually the kingdoms fall
Forming scourge of betrayal and thunder
Bleak ghastly campaign in loss of all
Extensive revenge betrayed by the course of time
5. Midst of Sorrow (1:17)
6. Rise Forth (4:03)
The ancient mountain holds the scepter of might
Through the ice and to the sea, propose a toast to the enemy
From the depths we have arose, to reclaim the throne
A rumble from the blade, the day now reigns

Rise, forth, and reclaim your throne

Rivers of blood, flow strongly, through icy gates
Searing the earth's defiled ground, and burning skies

Through the mountains snow white summit,
Ancient hymns sung into the night
In the eclipse of frozen time,
An army guards the altars shine
Like wolves we shall feast,
Barbed spears and swords so sharp
Let it rain blood and fire at the foot of the throne
7. October 14th (6:31)
As we fight through the mystic night,
Stood strong with our swords up high
Chanted out our heroic screams,
How ancient gods are our enemies
The battle has just begun,
We'll fight until the rising sun
Rain is everywhere all i can see,
Men dying in front of me

Rumbling thunder with the lightning strikes
My shining amour glistens the night
Arrows of death fly through the air
Swords are swung without thoughts of care

The wind howls through the woods,
The rain seized and the mist still stood
As we walk across the blood soiled ground,
The last head falls with a rhythmic sound
In the early morning light,
No enemies but death in sight
I wipe my blade and i point to the sea,
We're the ones with the victory
8. Embrace the Cold (4:00)
Torn from the wells, wasted away
Ripped down the spine, slowly decay
No fucking god, left to obey

Nothing to me, i have no shame,
You are a saint, i am to blame
Ice from the north, freezes the rain

Torn, reborn, to lead, the frost
Enlaced, embrace, the cold

Changing inside, kingdom betrayed
Blood on my hands, taste for the fray
What is become, become of today?

Nothing to me, i have no shame
You are a saint, i am to blame
Life that i loved, never the same
9. An Endless Era (3:08)
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