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Aria of Vernal Tombs Full Album Lyrics

Obsequiae - Aria of Vernal Tombs cover art

Aria of Vernal Tombs

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal
Album rating :  86.9 / 100
Votes :  8
Lyrics > O > Obsequiae Lyrics (7) > Aria of Vernal Tombs Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-12)
1. Ay Que Por Muy Gran Fremosura (3:02)
2. Autumnal Pyre (5:24)
Luminous groves in twilight
Alit by scarlet fire
Lustrous and fleeting firmament
Caressing autumnal pyre

Ardent eyes with the depths of a well
Silken tears upon the earth befell

Weeping under the clouds
Storms and gale pervade
Striking the cliffs in the distance
Tears of silver cascade

Fields now lay trodden in amber
And leaves of gold sprawl the mire
Dying needles of the tamarack
Released as the branches grow tired

Hear my words
Touch my hands
Fires now burning
Where foliage now stands
3. Until All Ages Fall (5:06)
Labyrinthine pathways
Follow the serpentine course of the river
Verdant trails above spirits
Where the secrets of language linger

As a boy I wandered and by the sounds of pipes enchanted
My sylvan home - where the roots of my youth were planted

I hear the wooden floors - now as before
The sound of the ones I left at my old cabin door

Sylvan kingdom, serene majesty
A love endured by the moons gleam
Vigil reverie awaiting the dawn
Now through death our spirits live on

It was here I cared for the animals
And tended the gardens needs
Basked in the sunlit meadow
And gazed through the light in the leaves

Not one of them remains in this silent hall
Here where I sleep until all ages fall
4. L'amour Dont Sui Espris (3:22)
5. Pools of a Vernal Paradise (5:36)
Sodden floor of the woodlands
Scattered with severed petals
Beneficence of the Springtide
Observed by a younger Sun

When all songs are heard
And buds are on the bough
The Goddess's pale countenance
Reigns over all that grows

White as the footprints of Olwen
The flowering ash reveals
Sap of the sky-fallen manna
Harvested in the ancestress's fields

Dull and faded ochre stains the landscape like iron

Pools of a vernal paradise
Reflect the splendors of the season
In a furious palette of iridescence
Where the Meliai bathe undisturbed

Light of equal duration
Radiance shown upon stone
Emanating aligned formations
Shadows cast a vernal unknown
6. Anlace and Heart (5:20)
Calm as a pastoral sky
Reposeful and rehearsed
Anteros appeased by her fortitude
As she draws the blade in hand

Blazing Autumnal radiance
Fleeing beasts from the weald
Diana clasped her anlace
Readied her arrow's course

Drawn now into the ether
Debitum Naturae

Swiftly taming the wilderness with fervor and devotion
To nourish the depth of thought
That the same fate now comes for us all

Calm as the pastoral sky
Remorseful in contrition
We await the arrow's fate
Hunted into submission

Coldness fills my veins
The stillness of my heart
Cast me to the otherworld
Where we may never part
7. The Anchoress's Orison (1:38)
8. In the Absence of Light (5:05)
Resonant strings of devotion
By which all life is allured
Echoed the crests of the Tracian ocean
To the forests where they were procured

Carried through the oaken woods
And by Eurydice was admired
She came to him in her supple grace
And was all that he desired

No sooner than their love was bound
And their vows were solemnly spoken
The young bride struck by a serpent
And Orpheus' heart was broken

Burdened by grief, he appealed with song
To the Gods who rule the dark and silent world
He struck his lyre and they were charmed to stillness
As the passion in his strings unfurled
Ixion's wheel was motionless
As the underworld was met with tears.
"The debt of life was paid too soon,
Let me have her the rest of my years"

"You may have her but you must not look upon her until you've passed through this realm"
They journeyed back through the worlds
At first light Orpheus rejoiced
He turned back to catch his love
In the moment she was destroyed

For the rest of his life in the absence of light
Every shadow held a phantom
His songs were played with mournful wishes
And a hope the fates might grant them
9. Wilweorthunga (2:34)
Achlys scorned her reflection
Glaring through darkened water
Framed by stone and obscured forms
Beckoning the Keres slaughter

Why is it that men are born
As flowers never to bloom?
Seeking the wisdom of ages
Before they're taken too soon

Where was I when I was lost?
Before I was I among you?
Was it fate that led me to this place
Or my sorrow passing through?

I once spoke to the forest
Without the company of another
The solitude that she allows
Like secrets between lovers

Offerings were left this night
So that others might know tomorrow
When all of us have kept our words
Our lives with end in sorrow
10. Des Oge Mais Quer eu Trobar (2:08)
11. Orphic Rites of the Mystic (5:01)
In the hour of the fading sun
Old songs can be heard
Over the moors in the ash and oak
Where the spirits heed their words

The lone hymns that were weaved and spun
Before the age of fern
Felt on the air by the hands of those
Whose crying hearts still yearn

Orphic rites of the mystic
Communion with the Gods

The heart is pulled in rapture
By the currents of the ocean
The fragrance of cedar passes
By lantern lit devotion

The pulse of the clamoring drum
Mimic the flames growing faster
As the spirits of night listen
And the owls surrounding answer
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