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Behold the Pale Horror Lyrics

Obsecration - Behold the Pale Horror cover art

Behold the Pale Horror

GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 3 grimreefer (2017-06-01)
1. Behold the Pale Horror - I, Ghoul (19:33)
Act I. Anthropophagia

Hungry for a human flesh.
I'm coming out of the underground passage.
I'm walking between the graves desperately seeking for food.
My eyes have been blinded by the shine.
My unnamable joy, to see a human being.
I'm coming closer.
My red eyes.
Staring at him.
I rush to him and he is falling on the ground.
My nails slash his body with wildness.
Breaking his bones with my teeth.
Cries of pain tear this macabre night.
I feel the unholy, morbid, delight.
I feel a great pleasure for the pain I give.
I feel hungry.
My red eyes.
(He's a) New victim.
In vain to resist me
I Take his life away (from him).
I Shutter his skull.
I Suck his warm blood.
To satisfy my hunger.
I Rip his body Into pieces.

Act II. Remember The Member To Dismember

As i wandered across the maze of paths
that surrounded the passage
to the valey of the element, i remembered my last feast.
In the eternal darkness, my red eyes sparkled
as i relived the moment my teeth
embedded in the neck of my victim.
(I Had) Crunch his bones
(and my) Nails had ripped off
Pieces of flesh
(that was) Still resisting.
Now i want to bite and devour again,
to feel the power of life,
to renew the strength of her mangled body..
And above them i desire something else,
The unholy feeling of satisfaction i remember
when centuries ago i attacked female.
I ripped and raped her with such frenzy,
that all ended with groan, black blood and death.
But i was satisfied not only by the demonic contact
But also by the feeling that came along.

Act III. Lurk And Wait For The Feast

But these were memories.
Now my hard feet moved more quickly, i arrived to the passage.
My crooked nails
Sticked on stone,
because a premonition told me
that very soon
I wald have
the opportunity
to have fun.
And this time not on the ground's surface, on the valley,
but in the
familiar underground darkness.
Ever since i woke up again,
I had partially explored all the tunnels of the lonely kingdom,
And now i have no difficulty in following those corridors at nights
That my instinct
Told me
To lark
And wait...

Act IV. Necrophagia

I Feel hungry!
My red eyes!
End of memories for the alive victims.
What's better than a dead flesh.
Before me there was my horrible food.
The body of a dead young woman
That had buried that day.
I Feel hungry!
My red eyes!
Raised my fiery eyes
That burned like a large ember
From my stinking neck came out a growl.
I Growl like a wild beasts roar
The hour(time) of their orgasms.
I'm the unblessed ghoul!
I'm a merciless & malicious creature.
I Dwell here to devour the dead.
I'm excited by the rotten smell.
The decomposition of the corpses.
2. The Usurper from Darkness (The Atonement - A.D. 2014) (5:13)
Behind the shadow.
The ebony tower.
In the long corridor.
The usurper from darkness.
Timeless and ageless with a stare of horror.
Splitter out a threat lustfull for power
He braves the storm.
The usurper from darkness.
Rise above the throne.
The truth beyond.
From empty void.
A swirl of dust.
Filled with lust.

- solo - (alex z.)

Revel in bloodshed.
Plunge the blade.
Gloating into anguish.
Consume the flesh.
Timeless and ageless with a stare of horror.
Splitter out a threat lustfull for power
He braves the storm.
The usurper from darkness!!!
3. My Vision & My Dream (My Curse & My Destiny - A.D. 2006) (4:09)
I'm drawn to dark place, blind from the blackness, deaf from the maniac wind.

I indefinitely feel like the walls closing around me more tight like grave's walls.

Behind me the castle was an ethereal vision that swang to the mirrors of the dirty, from the aeons swarms.

Great destinies and for brave men beyond the clouded mistes, of previous aeons.

Quiet long mourning to the cool air, over the old graveyard. A cry that laments for lost grandeurs and glories. My vision and my dream.

The air sips my words of my lips, and the breath from my throat, with a terrible whirlwind that overflowed from the unknown.
(my) deep voice lowered (to an) illomened whisper. (now at last) i'm waiting the time to die quietly.

- solo - (miltos k.)

(my) deep voice lowered (to an) illomened whisper. (now at last) i'm waiting the time to die quietly.
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