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Perpetual Descending into Nothingness | Full Album Lyrics

Obscure Infinity - Perpetual Descending into Nothingness cover art

Perpetual Descending into Nothingness

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsF.D.A. Rekotz
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > O > Obscure Infinity Lyrics (10) > Perpetual Descending into Nothingness Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-23)
1. Intro - Entering the Hall of Eternity
2. Sorcery of the Black Souls
You have been the murderer
that refused to submit
by your strength and deeper knowledge
of mankind got rid

Through the ways of self-destruction
and denial of all weak
left behind the boundaries
and borders of the creed

The archetype of blasphemy
bloodline of laval
now you gleam in heresy
the grand man's sudden fall

Born of aristocratic blood
animal of men
granting joyless pleasures
and never ending pain

A.A. the silver star
Do what thou wilt
shall be
the whole of the law

Thus spoke thou burning tongue
'bout moral and it's deeds
good and evil, rise and fall
and hammer's philosophies

Sorcery of black souls
grant me all your might
Sorcery of black souls
I shall see without my sight
3. Expiration of the Lost
Now see my wintry child
blue skies turning somber
pale blue light is fading
and tears the world asunder

A thirsty mouth
lusting for the kiss of life
in infirmity the well runs dry
runs dry in human waste

A geriatric hand
longing for the loaf
by the touch of avaricious one
becoming slowly ought

An aged and tired will of life
waiting for the words
that change the meaning of it all
bone crushing silence hurts

Perceiving a weird destiny
as stardusts great mistake
we walk into oblivion
a life that I forsake

Coming from and turn to blank
nothing ever was
returning to an astral brick
I unfold to times cruel claws

Expiration of the lost
4. The Uttermost Descend
A white promise
to flee into eternity
but it's the period
of a blink of an eye

Within the liquid heaven floating,
guidless like a lost ship
that was lost in the storm

It's lacerating me
this undefined emotion
electric war is raging
the struggle - my devotion

The final neglect
of self-preservation
lost in darkest hours
the total devastation

Doldrums giving sweet caress
so pure and innocent
behold this pitch-black wasteland
the uttermost descent

The sorrow-stem took root
blooming in this dismal haze
aliment of deep grief
annihilates my trace

Hovering eternally
between bursting stars
affording my eversleep
within great quasar

The white promise is broken
in liquid heaven drowning
I am the one betrayed
in times that are so rousing
5. A Forlorn Wanderer
Carved by hours of many fullmoon cycles
his face an abyss, hands eroded by drudgery
bearing ruins, bearing perdition on his shoulders
in the eye and in the morn
the old spirit is walking onward, but walking forlorn

A cursed destiny
neither crown nor halo upon the head
a vast trial
a vast burden
that he cannot shed

An obscure aura
that emanates from a body that has bled
a moribund walker,
a silent talker
he strides among the dead
with genuine will

They call him the doomed
they call him the possessed
but what they don't know is
that his soul is more than blessed

They advise him to plead
and kneel in front of Yahweh's altar
to call for divine intervention
it would be the cry for
a celestial empire that has never been
and will never reveal salvation

Beyond the borders of society
beyond the borders of normal man
walks the follower of the left hand path
and beyond the borders of flesh
and beyond the manifestations of time
the forlorn wanderer will find a kingdome for his self
a kingdome for the forlorn

Everything was left behind
except the will to strive for higher
chaos preacher raise your voice
invoke the black illuminating fire
give birth to mental liberation
and death to stagnation
in your kingdome forlorn

Unexpected strength and power
channels the hungry wide eye gazer
the more inconspicuous he acts outwardly
the wilder the nature behind the pupil

Marked by symbols and divine hands
his face a mask, his hands are tools and weapons
bearing wisdom, bearing faith, king of the unknown
6. Into the Undertow
Whirling chaos
darkest force
deep down I sink
to our source

Into the undertow
drag me down
the mystery it shall bestow
that was never shown

Underneath the surface
the fetters of the lie
above the profane path
where all the angels cry

Into the undertow
drag me down
the mystery it shall bestow
that was never shown

The great concealer
vanished away with higher will
the mystery will soon unfold
through the veil I thrill

The seals are broken
the wisdom we inherit
absorbing truth of yore
of false prayer sick

The cthotic master - of our world
will rise in blasphemy
sharpens borders - that were blurred
by their infamy

To the dark
I pledged my life
I'm the infidel
7. Descending into Nothingness
The last battle lies ahead
against the weakness' realm
incuring our wrath
before the storm comes calm

All rivers have turned black
evil haunts within these shadows
the sky looms in crimson red
my gaze wanders over ashen meadows

The darkness permeating me
I receive this gift of yours
watch this world
descending into nothingness

Like plague roaming through the land
our dreadful force is sweeping
eliminate your "goodness"
erase the whole light's race

With the first breeze of the morning
before the rise of the last dawn
we're lurking in the shadows
the great lord's deadly spawn

The darkness permeating me
I receive this gift of yours
watch this world
descending into nothingness

In dim light holy temples burn
a race defeated and forlorn
our victory, their suffocation
through will and endless scorn

Expired is your feeble realm
death of the creation
endless shall be your harm
through our desecration

Victorious we stand
superior, second to none
the breed of darkness
above all useless scum
8. From Odium and Disease
With blear eyes
I take a look behind
seeking for the fountain
that kept me going on

And every single night
demons haunting me
as I gaze into the abyss
to make it part of me

Benumbed senses
delusion of the deprivation
spiritual disease
hasting towards unknown ends

And pain is growing silently
regerminating in my chest
driven deep into my heart
the thorn that tears apart

Concealed the look forward
blinded by a narrow world
embarrassing it seems
into the void I hurl

In concentric circles lost
never to reach the medium
I stumble and I fall
empowered by my odium

Merciless unending nights
forsaking peace of mind
9. Beyond Spheres and Time
In this vast emptiness
my voice echoes - meaningless
slaughtering my fate
feasting on pure hate
beyond the surface of agony
I find myself bleeding in ecstasy

Pure feeling - sacrifice supreme
elevated wound - a painless scream

Far away from sensual delight
the inner-self shines oh so bright
the withering sky is leading my way
into my kingdom and to your decay

No more I have to tempt my fate
the noble work of noble blade
unfold your magic on my skin
I may drown in endless sin

Liberated I walk
as life I decline
liberated I find
the true heart of mine

Levitation - beyond the known
evisceration - of mortal life

Through the fire I walked
I witnessed the plague
through the fire I walked
and witnessed false fate
the bridges behind me... burned
I find... peace
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