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Rheia | Full Album Lyrics

Oathbreaker - Rheia cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPost-Black Metal, Post-Hardcore
LabelsDeathwish Inc.
Album rating :  88.3 / 100
Votes :  6
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-19)
1. 10:56 (2:11)
The time you plunged
Into the gray cobblestones
Of a back alley to our house
You forgoy to use your hands
To break the sudden fall
The sun rose when I saw
Steam ascending from
Your wet clothes and soiled body
That is where
You Became meaningless
Your skull merged
With the surface
I mended your broken nose
2. Second Son of R. (5:55)
Raised in between doll-shaped smoke
Insects in every corner of our rotten house
I hid in the walls of my room
Tasting clean air through a window crack

In these childhood dreams where imagination was key
I drove the needle through my skin
Weaving a delicate net to embrace me
And hold me to sleep where no one could see
Where no one could hear me breathe
Your empty house won't comfort me
Don't make me pity you in the end

I won't forget the years when disappointment was key
Blood runs thick in the veins of guilt
Drowning your promises made never embrace me
And hold me to sleep where no one could see
Where no one could hear me breathe

Your shallow heart doesn't soothe me
Your false love won't break me
Don't make me pity you in the end

This drunken body I've left behind
And the problems that are no longer mine
I resided under your broken feathers
For too long scraps of pictures in a box
Is what remains of those childhood dreams
You'll never know, The person I've become
3. Being Able to Feel Nothing (7:08)
My blood, my flesh, my veins
Play with me
My Bones, my beast
Play with me

There's a starving beast inside my chest
Playing with me untirl he's bored
Then slowly buryinh his tusks in my flesh
Crawling his way out he rips open old wounds

When I reach for the knife placed on
The bedside table its blade reflects
My determined face to plan it in my chest
And carve a hole so deep it snaps my veins
Hollow me out, I want to feel empty

Where I could see my master's thorns
I'd start feeling the skin off his cheeks
And scratch his eyes until he could no longer see
The blood dripping in the white sheets of my bed
The stains I will never manage to remove

Dripping all over the floor, I would drag myself outside
As I open the front door of the sun
Captures my weary face
The weight comes off, when I let go
It's so strange
Being able to feel nothing
4. Stay Here / Accroche-moi (5:12)
Roam the gloaming of the highway
I'll follow your hesitant steps
Observing the hastening world beside us
I lean forward to slow you down

Nobody watches us from their glass boxes
The days are moving fast ahead
Shifting in between day and night
As the roads curl before them, we're alone
Hand out your troubles, give me your pain
I'll plant them next to the thorns in my veins
Tie your limbs to my crippled life
Hang on, I'll carry you around

Storms lay down and come to rest
Confusion returns to how it's always been
I let you replace the taste of my pain
With the comforting of your frail skin

Hand out your troubles, give me your pain
I'll plant them next to the thorns in my veins
Tie your limbs to my crippled life
Hang on, I'll carry you around
5. Needles in Your Skin (7:14)
How I envision this time with you
In a half-lit hospital room
I'm scared to lose
The candle is about to be blown
And I'll be left here alone
With your words so strong
In pools of gone
I'm reaching out but you fall

How I see a talk with you
In a faint crumbling night
I'm afraid to understand
What we had last time
When you pulled out of this life
When your hopes were up high
I'm reaching out by now you're gone
Where will I find the nerves to ask
In this clouded confused head
I feel your doubts alone, when it grasped
You by the head all you could do was stare
Your gaze so strong I'm still reaching out

When will I retrieve the keys
To my half-lit fractured heart
I'd love nothing more
Than to hear your withering voice
How could you go without me
I reached out but it left you cold
6. Immortals (8:52)
When all of us turn to dust
Will you teach me how to love
We'll no longer whipster the tongue of lies
You ate my heart out, I am stone

Your damaged skin on top of mine
I buried the mind that clenched too tight
Teach me the comfort of denial
You ate my heart out, I am stone

I've grown indifferent to desire
Stop running through my eyes
Tie me up and feed me lies
You ate my heart out, I am stone

The world drained me of kindness
Drift words can only mean as much
I was nothing, I didn't matter
You ate my heart out, I am stone

I'm hungry, but I'm losing taste
Let me turn my back on home
Seeking love without boundaries
You ate my heart out, I am stone

I blame the barren sky
For drying out my filthy mouth
Who will decide if I care enough
You ate my heart out, I am stone
7. I’m Sorry, This Is (4:14)
8. Where I Live (7:01)
I hear my name being whispered
In the morning
Do you read me?
Who am I? am I sound?
I remember my name

I know this sanctuary chime
The sound of the ticking rain
Then I step outside the blind alley
There you swallow my eyes and ears
I'm consumed by your vile disorder
Feel my weary heart expanding
Oh vulgar city you gave birth to me

When this riotous life leaves me alone
All the birds of the world will fly over
Reposing on this hidden rooftop
Where I'll grow white tulips all year through

But now the rooms are split in half
And I'm stuck on sides without doors
Though cats like us are solitary
The unavoidable nature of the beast

May all your truths unfold easily
Mine don't
9. Where I Leave (8:52)
I'll be a lonely child forever
Nurtured in a broken house. sin

Giving others what I myself was denied
I was nailed to the roots of my tree
A feeling growing in my dazed mind
There's nothing in my heart left to offer
I'll be a lonely child forever
Ill-suited to breed. sin
My mind runs in circles dropping in the stream
Lines dissolve as I go
Drink me, make me feel something

Running through the old fields of dreams
Until there is nowhere left to run

When it all comes down
Like the walls of your eyes collapsing
I cave in to primal fears
Lay to rest my escapism and bury the past again
10. Begeerte (6:43)
Your pale clear skin
In the dim glow of the moon
Paving its way into the darkness

I see your blood flowing
And the tissue of your muscles gleaming
Through a pearly veil
I moisten my lips
And my shining flesh
Luminous of a glaze of poison
Devour me with
Your piercing teeth
Breathe the life back into me
I draw pleasure from it
The pursing of your lips
Hissing silent words
Drowns out the sound
Of enclosing noise
Curle my toes when you stroke

Our bodies join
Like a single being
In the fountain of its rebirth
Loss of control shaped me
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