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The Prophet of Evil Lyrics

Nostradameus - The Prophet of Evil cover art

The Prophet of Evil

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-04)
1. The Prophet of Evil (0:45)
Somewhere in time
In a faraway place
A wonderful country
Is falling from grace

They don’t know it yet
But these times will come
When a clean hearted young man
Will be standing alone

To fight what is evil
For the dream they once had
Will the ending be happy
Or will it be sad?
2. Hymn to These Lands (4:36)
Still I remember a time
Many years ago
They lived in a foreign land and dwelled there evermore

The rivers were running fast and birds they sang their songs
Ancient rocks were breathing life and lust

The state in our hearts of everlasting peace
With beautiful landscapes in our arms embraced
Together we sing a hymn to these lands
The future of thy soul is in our hands

The king was a man we loved the wisest of them all
He also had a son, the inheritor of the crown

In years that would come he would be the king
But sometimes life plays tricks on you and me
3. Evil Prophecies (4:03)
In the royal court there was and evil man telling prophecies
He was the advisor of the naïve king who was poisoned with his lies
Ruler of the kingdom was really this man making plans
Infecting the king with his sweet sounding voice, but heart as cold as ice

Evil prophecies - Always fooling the king
Evil prophecies - Breathing chaos and war
Evil prophecies - He invents them himself
Evil prophecies - To destroy the fine land in our hearts

I am a wizard, I have a thousand names call me what you want
The people who think I’m a prophet of peace are calling me Hister
I will now agitate to anarchy into civil war
To destroy the kingdom is my one great will - this will be for real

Evil prophecies…
4. Murder (4:57)
Deep in the chambers where time’s standing still
There’s mixtures and potions for all of his needs
The prophet is glaring with eyes cold as ice
A horrible laughter escapes from his mouth

Raving in madness when fumes are inhaled
The poison is ready to fulfill his dreams
He walks to the kitchen unseen by all
The king’s food is waiting, it’s not what it seems

The crystal glass clear, poison flows like wine
Soon it will steal the good king’s life

Soon it will be solved, the problems I have
Get rid of the fool king who sits on his ass
The prince he means trouble, must take care of that
Maybe I’ll frame him for murdering the king

When my lethal poison has taken his life
I’ll place some leftovers for someone to find
I’ll place it with care in the young prince’s room
When somebody finds it the prince will be doomed

The crystal glass clear, poison flowed like wine
Now it has brought the good king’s life to an end
5. Requiem (I Will Honour Thy Name) (5:26)
My dear father you have left us
For a better place to be
The people’s tears are falling
But they still just cannot see
That Hister is so evil
He’s destroying our country
It seems so hard to understand that you are gone

Will the future bring your wisdom to me
Or will darkness rule the kingdom for all eternity

You will live in my heart
I will still remember even though we’re apart
I will feel you’re there for me
As I walk the road of life you’ll help me fight for what is right
I will honour thy name

Even though you didn’t want
You’ve left me all alone
Everybody turns against me
They believe that I’m the one
Who poisoned you, my father
You know that it’s not true
Oh I see, it was the prophet
To take the power away from you
6. In Prison (5:17)
Thrown into prison, into “Crown’s Inn”
I’m sitting here all alone
Already forgotten by people I loved
Surrounded by walls of stone

Goddamn you prophet for putting me here
Anguish and hate strikes my mind
Darkens my senses, tearing my soul
The rage is making me blind

I must control my hate
Don’t want to be like him now I must
Fight before it’s too late
Our kingdom is at stake

How can I be free from these dungeons of hate
I want out to face my enemy
How can I be free from these dungeons of hate
I want to face the one who killed the king

Now I have to think how am I to get out
Out of this dreadful place
I’ve got to be free to clear my name
And revenge my father’s death
7. The Escape (5:06)
Through with my master plan, now it’s time to act
If I wait it’ll be too late to save our beloved state
I have seen my only chance in my wardener
He’s a courageous and good man but he has a naïve mind

“Help me wardener, I’m not feeling well
Help me I beg you please, the ache is killing me”

Run quick now
Soldiers hunting for me now
The time has come to take the power in my hand
To escape and save the land

Screaming loud in unreal pain, I hope they’ll hear my cries
The doctor’s chamber with aid is just down the narrow hall

Break loose, fly away
I’m running for my life
To the suburbs I set my course
There I’ll disappear

I must sleep, I can’t go on, I must charge energy
Quiet and peace in a dead end street, I’ll sleep here till the dawn

[The Prophet of all times]
Run quick now
Soldiers hunting for you now
The time has come to take the power in your hand
So act and understand
8. The Power's in Your Hand (4:18)
My dear sweet prince
I’ve seen you in my dreams
You rise and fall, I’ve seen it all
I wonder how you feel
Now that you’re on the run
Your world is torn apart
Can’t you see how it’s meant to be?
Have faith and trust in me

I’ll show you all the prophet have seen since the dawn of time
I’ll give you strength to change the future to justify the crimes

Now the darkness rules our land
But the power’s in your hand
Since you are lonely you are weak
For the faithful you must seek

[The Prince]
Who are you to talk so strange
Who are you to tell me what I want
Who are you to call me leader
Who are you to tell me what to do

[The prophet of all times]
I’m the one, since dawn of time
I’m the one to tell you how things are
I’m the prophet of all times
I will help you find the way to go

The faithful leader of the good ones is now in town
You must go to see him, now, at once to justify the crimes
9. Gathering Resistance (4:07)
Who is coming in the dark night
Who is coming in the rain
I’m captain of the loyal forces
Tell me now your name

[The Prince]
I’m your prince that has been false accused of murdering the king
Lay down your weapons, listen now, I’m telling you a thing

I’m gathering resistance
To fight the evil one
Who’s out there in the distance
Before the chance is gone

So come and join me now
Let us fight against the evil of the world
Come and join me now
Let us fight against what’s wrong
You know the right way to go

Why should we believe in you
Your words might be a lie
Why risk the souls of all my men
May I ask you why?

[The Prince]
I’m here under the blessing of the prophet of all times
So take a look into my face, you’ll see it in my eyes
10. The Final Battle (11:38)
Here we are, we stand together, we fight for what is right
We’re marching on towards the palace soon it is in sight

Does the evil prophet know that we’re coming, will he be prepared to die
Has he understood the signs written in the sky

The prophet of evil is standing proud and tall until the end of time
The prophet of evil, he doesn’t know the time is running out for him
I curse his soul

What is this, an ambush, it’s a smaller unit enemies
It seems to me we are expected, I wonder how he was able to see

As we’re marching into the city I see enemy troops on the streets facing me
Hundreds of them, thousands of them, behind them I see

[The Prince/The People]
We still remember how it used to be
In this fair land before he came
To tear apart, he is to blame

[The Prince]
We fight, we fight, the sun shines so bright
We fight for our brothers and for what is right
We fight, we fight, we can see the light
Defeating the enemy before the night
Our arms are strong, we’re fighting what’s wrong
Respect our opponent, we know that he is strong
See you, see me, and what we will be
Guardians of justice, strong, proud and free

Our men are fighting brave in front of me
And I don’t believe in what I see
The evil forces seem to kneel to me
The prophet escapes and now I see

Now I understand, they’re in my command
Get after the wiz, someone says in my mind
I follow him to the palace, my home
And suddenly I find myself all alone
But then I see up the stairs, there he is
I’m grabbing my light-sabre, how can I miss
He’s facing the wall and got nowhere to go
I look into his eyes, I’m making this slow

Now you will pay for what you did you see
To my father, to my mother and to me
I stab my sabre through his heart
But he’s laughing and his clothes just fall apart

The prophet of evil is dead and gone, defeated by the son of the crown
A prophet of evil he will no longer lead us into misery
I cursed his soul
11. Scream of Anger (Europe cover) (3:43)
I won't live to see tomorrow
There won't be another breath
None of them will ever sorrow
Those who sentenced me to death

I've been waiting here for ages
For the hangman to appear
Soon the priest will read some pages
From the Bible for my fear

I see a place an evil place
Comin' my way
What can I do where can I run
I'm gonna die anyway
Things are getting clearer
This is the price I have to pay
I feel like screaming out my anger
There is so much left here to do
When it happened I was younger
And my destiny was you

I see a place an evil place...

What can I do
About leaving you
We were only halfway through
What can I say
There was no other way
They wouldn't let me stay
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