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Ævum Full Album Lyrics

Nostoc - Ævum cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2017-12-01)
1. A Path to Ascend (9:03)
Much I can tell of my strange wanderings
From diabolic heights betwixt subtler plains
It came to be, it came for me / Enlightening Insanity
A torch ablaze of emptiness
I, biped planet, orbitless
In the need to corroborate existence
Swallowed the atmosphere that kept me inside
Open, the gateway to the stars
A tortuous ascend towards the depths of the self!
Accursed! Blessing!
A shapeless persona in my surroundings
Approaches me amidst silver mist
I foresee the conjuring, bizarre offering
Letting me sink in the grandeour
Of the spectro-light beneath
In ecstasy I left what’s tangible
To your care my vehicle I leave
The loathed anxiety
Voracity in every thought
It’s majesty above fiction skies of putrid construct
A weeping stone obelisk trigger my mental ionization
Into liquid sound it’s solidness permeates
The hollow that into love became
Everything speaks while I grow still
The lend of my unstable instruments
Oblige me to traverse my oppressive internal tunneling
Just darkness, cold, silence and fear of the inmense
2. Saturnian Mindscope Introspection (6:58)
Induced to drink from her oniric bosom
After eons of waiting my mind remain segregated
One part is still immersed in…deep…sleep
A silent witness is what I’m now
Of the journey of my counterself as my nerves are harvested
I’m not numb, I’m forced to bear
From pits and valleys that I’ve created
From the traplands of my mind I once came
Freed from the befogged past in which I used to wander
I synthetized shape from sound, vibrational demiurge
Biodiversit co-existing in harmonic suspension
Subdued to the change of chaotic molecules
I must accept the fluctuance
I carry a tumor in me
An antique demon beyond eternity
Nourished-by-my naive cognitivity
At last my thoughts emerge from pitch black
Cease, I must cease this disease
Skinned, on a stone dyed of green
Detached sinews seducing me in a dissonant way
Embodied, clarity’s complexity has dissipated
Now, physical reminiscence become a fluent essence
A burst, of stupor and euphoric sensations:
3. The Artisan (7:15)
Transcendental ceremony
Ruled by the compass of subatomic frequencies
A channel is created disturbing my cognition
Understanding my position in a cycle needed for its completion
Suddenly I’m part of something else
In a way I can only tell in consequence of an expansion
In my cognition
An externalization of what dwells inside
Deliberately, beautifully organized
Against my will!
In its geography I found spirit
(Eagerness to emerge)
Immaculate expression of the god nature
Rejoiced in golden notes of a vast rest
An earthling denizen rises
Of fragile mightiness embraced
As the esoteric vertigo fecundate unsound seeds
The counterweight of what once humanity received
Deceit incarnated, pseudo-mortal agent
A reproduction of my previous state
Showed me how I cannot segregate
My essence from this in which I partake
A grand lesson in humility
4. Imbued in Æther (6:45)
I’ve loosen the lashes of my mind
The totem of spirit gliding the sky
Supranatural, liquid visions
Carbon made matter, instinct aflame
Travelling through the pillars of the earth
Trees, grass and bones in a way I’ve never seen before
I opened my eyes, freeing a vortex of fire and ice
Casted by an immortal magic
Restless builder that in darkness devastates and
Beauty from nothingness generates
An infinite exhalation elevates me till’ suspension
The exterior retracts back, a crack is all what I see
A gate of great immensity, a glorious city stands before me
A voice speaks: “You need to purify for Æ you shall be
[Called by me”
Imbued by eternity, Imbued by eternity
Æ: Death, Æ: Life, I’m the endless black sea
I am, Dystopia!
No heaven nor hell
No fear, no sins, no attachments!
In a lethargic meditation
The soul dissolves in all thing’s nature
Knowledge, revealed
An open are now the secrets that once were concealed
Duality! Opposition!
Two tongues that express the Universe’s continuous
Harmonic Disharmony
A lack of certainty…Illumination!
Chaos introduce me to an ulterior, metamorphic
Elemental compounds of everything
Do not bound me
Obsidian, jade, marble
Do not construct me
Possible echoes in the multiverse
I am all and none of them
Between negation and possibility
I stand!
5. Transmute (7:05)
I walk among, bear of anything but what I feel it’s me
Lights and shadows orbiting,
Eyes for the blindness that once made me see
How do I silence this immense hunger for
The uncertainty and the unknown?
If I have no, heart to pump
Teeth to rip, nor a throat to gulp
Desperation absolute
Once dwelt –In Earth’s landPlastered
by the filth of imagery
Misanthropist horror
Occupied –In nature’s butchery- Us, passive mammals
Retracing, reviving DNA, through ape and lizard
Aware now of what wasn’t meant to be forgotten
We come from one All
Just like solar rays project through a cloud wall
Or cold air beneath wings that need sustain
A dim presence of life appeared in my horizon
Not regretting what pain can cause me
Since I do not desire to come back
There is no medicine that can elude me to seek my track
Under the cover of a wavering mantle
My way lighted by the spell of a quartz stone candle
My old archetypes tremble by its intoxicating perfume
-Slithering inevitablyI
am where a silken desert expands towards the edge of
-A sacred field that will let my spirit throughMorphing
countless times embodying life realms
Fractalizing, the lines consuming us
The paradox: As above so below
At the onset, promise of revelation, of communion and connection silence the whole.
I…we…are leaving.
6. The Anamnesic Voyage (6:38)
Smudge to rest, above plasma bonfires
Borne by silence
A sight that pierce the thought
The imminence of arrival, sensual bearing
A frequency that omens a terrifying grandiosity
The mystery of: Supernal Genesis
Biomechanic game between
Interdimensional influence
Etheric witness of Cosmology’s domain
A remembrance of the accident
The Soul-The Mind!
Amidst domes of sound dwells the Anti-Materia
A space occupied by slow moving titanic fumes
In god-like (forms) they float adrift in vacuum
A twist and turn alerts them of my presence
Their gaze evoke entropy’s upheaval
In me a notion that surpass the veil of fugue
Soulful Orchestra!
Suspended in granular waves of orphic grounds
The effect flooding in gravity defiance
Chaos! In movement across the
Infinite, obscure, starry landscape
Dimension projected through a tubular bridge linked to
The mirror of Mu Cephei
Garnetish beam light cold-burning the space void,
Igniting the All mnēmonikos.
7. Delirium (11:33)
It came from the sky, corrupting the Golden lining.
Alien presence or a concealed form of nature.
On higher grounds we fell under soporific vistas
As I
Melt with the rotten Wood scent,
From beneath the moisted earth.

Fighting the weight of my eyelids I noticed that I,
saw much clearer with a reversed retina.

The sight of countless fallen shadow figures below
Countless grand bodies of life,
Shock the self with awe and understanding,
The container lays as the spirit rise.

A groan is felt strong,
Coming deep in the woods.

Incantating our mobility,
Towards Merkaba we were all pulled.

Thy eyes were the Ice-Fire,
A chill that burned our Akashic records.

Revolving Ankhskara,
Dissolve us in thy open terror.
Oblibion – Delirium
A sudden cry for ritualistic sacrifice.

Sentient, whirling Anima,
Thaw under a thousand eon old Sun.

The sound of distant mantras reverbering from beyond,
My visión narrowed up due to the thickness of the fog.
The soil beneath sucumbing at the beat of a cyclopic heart.
I fear every new breath I take to be the last.

A pilgrimage to the old world,
Whispers and noise at every turn,
The advent of rain hipnotic haze,
In which i dissolve – I am Time – I am Space.

We haven´t seen all dusks since our creation,
But now we have free ourselves.
Revolve - Delirium.

Wash your soul in primigenial waters
Breath in the subtleness of the deep.
Come forth, and drink from the cloud sky pillars
Elemental summoning of Oxygen.
Walk firm and feed your flesh with the Earth´s sprout,
Analog mountain from root to crest.

Entrain with the light that bridges,
Into a vessel you´ll configure.

Morph with the vasteness of Devashan,
Galactic network of vital fields.
Embrace the hearts, it is All Mind
Blooderhood, watch them burn.

Look how in a mysterious Insemination,
Around thy presence we dance in convulse desperation

Around thy presence we dance,
In convulse static desperation.

Expulse your furious center,
Vomit your lies.
Masticate your dull eyes.
And set yourself free.

Forgotten in ruins long fallen
a merciless veneration

Doze at the onset, at the edge of sanity
Now I really know what began as an incendiary path
A seek for the essence
That dissolved me
I comprehend
My acts bled through me
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