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Blossoming Decay Full Album Lyrics

Noisem - Blossoming Decay cover art

Blossoming Decay

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-05-19)
1. Trail of Perturbation (3:40)
2. Burning (2:10)
Breaking into pieces
hearing the screams
Anxiety burdens
the piercing pitches
stabing and pulling at heart strings
siding into
unlit nervousness
heat of
the argument
does not warm
But only freezes away

All love lost
Nothing gained
A plastic passion grows
like a tumor
in the cell
as a reason to live
is lost

Endless, suffering,
breathing, again

The mood regulator
grows slowly entombed
Behind the thoughts of slit wrists, grateful disses, and loneliness
Yet to feel the endless dawn
Yet to feel the warmth of the end
Predicted to come
And only

All love lost
Nothing gained
A plastic passion grows
like a tumor
on these cell
as a reason
to live is lost
this crypt of lies consuming
Porcelain innocence
Lain to ruins
Faithful to insolent

this crypt of lies consuming
3. 1132 (2:01)
An anguishing feeling of nostalgia
lingers from this creeping moment
Laying in a tomb
turns into flames
The crawlspace is musky
but is more comforting than the living room
Buried into a pillow
I never want to leave

Claiming the anxiety
rest in the heights above the floorboard
Slapped across the face
with the reality of what's to become of us

Bust my head against the wall
It was my only battle
A sense of agony
A portrait of depression
Painting the blood
against this landscape of a house we call home
The summer is coming
but will always have the aggression of winter

Burns cement deeper into the skin
Scarring an unlaced mind
The pipe cinders, wasting away
The only reason to live is to feel numb

I can't hear you
Mumbling thoughts, never to understand
Damned to waste away like you
A testament to a broken hope
4. Replant and Repress (1:43)
The flower bed is growing old
Replant and repress
It burns away the old scars
Only to welcome in the new ones
Christened in hopes of purity
To rip away the security
The hopeless shell passes away
But leaves no hope for the newest day


The soil drapes over welcoming eyes
To shield these new visions
What was once seen to be beautiful
Is now dead, decaying, and gutted
wondering what happened
As no reasons are brought forth
Pulled from its roots for our funeral
Intertwined as this cycle rots

5. Hostile End - Hollow Life (1:43)
I can sense the end is near
Creeping slowly up my spine
The realization trickles down my throat
And implants itself inside

Tension wraps itself around my neck
Asphyxiated by the truth
The emptiness consumes
Hostile end to this hallow life
6. Cascade of Scars (4:12)
Disappearance of thought
Brittle bright and shade
Epidermal existence
Ripped through and right
Patient dragging scars
Glass breaks shining
Only thought lonely brought
Presence declines and stops

You bleed, you kill
You rip, you cry
Runaway, never today
You shed, you drag
You break, you die
Abandon without thought

Closing doors, leaking drops
Waterfall of the cracks
Standing in front, to watch endlessly
The slow and painful escape
It burns, and burns, it never ends
Time throws itself out
Wasting a life, driven to die
It takes time to do nothing

You bleed, you kill
You rip, you cry
Runaway, never today
You shed, you drag
You break, you die
Abandon without thought
7. Another Night Sleeping in the Cold (1:35)
Conditioned for the concrete
An icy slab of ruptured grails
It grows colder everynight
Marinated in sliced animality
Raised with a sense of duplicity
The needles pierce harder
Layer the street with flesh
The slices grow thinner with every cut

Jaded to the knowledge of the flames
I live to be fucking burnt
I dig into myself to find an answer
But it's already dead
I only love what I cannot have
And only kill the ones I love
Pray for orchids
May they be planted when the slices cease

Left to be alone
For one more night in the cold
8. Graining Enamel (2:13)
Sinking stomachs, repulsed memory
Grow miles up veins
Creep like vines into the soul
Entangled, unable to detach
Twist and rot, to the beat of life
With the failed attempt to adjust
Thrown away, growing today
The suffering can no longer stop

It bleeds blue
Dwelling in the color of fingertips
Shouting silent
As the agony firmly hits the wall

The greying skies become earthbound
Stuck in the dirt below me
Cascading the walls
Surrounding the landscape
Dimming time approaches
Ripping lungs rupture
The stomach sinks deeper
As the knife protrudes quicker

The nightmare still lingers within a thread
Woven into a barren mind
Seeds of your insanity, impregnated my words
Years pass, yet the clay still molds
9. Blossoming of the Web (4:53)
Lacerations layer skin
Just to see what pours out
This window opens
But the water melts inside
Bellowing in this pain
Ripping into my stomach
I only live to see myself bleed
The only rush I can understand

The hollow lung is finally filled
Driven into a pulse
Never to escape

Locked into this coffin of lies
The spikes led into a corroding consciousness
Eyes removed
I see nothing less the world
Projection of blurred thoughts
Manifested in flowing falsity
The air is running thin
Submerged in a body of self-inflicted misery

The hollow lung is finally filled
Driven into
a pulse
to escape
From the frame residing
In my mind

Bonded bridge of fallen delusion
Crashed into ceaseless dreams
Canals of eternal seclusion
Fogged vision through red streams
An end to my insanity
My final plea of duplicity
Casted flowers to the sea
From people who never knew me
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