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Deathcade Full Album Lyrics

Nocturnal Depression - Deathcade cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-13)
1. And Fall the February Snow (6:03)
2. Spring (5:33)
3. They (5:56)
They offer us the blades
that tear with pleasure our flesh
And every strife carves
their influence on our minds
We live with this suffering,
a fall into depression
The self-mutilation pushes us
towards the meaning of our beings

They decrease us all the time until we reach the state of shit
And every word molest our faces into wounds
We take all verbal injuries and keep them inside
The inner rottenness feed the ulcer, bleeding fear

They die, one after one,
cause this is all they deserve
And the smell of powder mixed to their blood
is intoxicating
We bear the guns and load the bullets
blasting their heads
We're children of Despair
and priest of negation

We are them
We offer your blades and break your minds
We load your guns nd press the relaxation
We are them and command your death
4. Spleen Black Metal (7:07)
J'ai plus de souvenirs que si j'avais mille ans
un gros meuble à tiroirs encombré de bilans

cache moins de secrets que mon triste cerveau
c'est une pyramide, un immense caveau
qui contient plus de morts que la fosse commune
je suis un cimetière abhorré de la lune,
où comme des remords se traînent de longs vers
qui s'acharnent toujours sur mes morts les plus chers

je suis un vieux boudoir plein des roses fanées
où gît tout un fouillis de modes surannées

rien n'égale en longueur les boiteuses journées
quand sous les lourds flacons des neigeuses années
l'ennui fruit de la morne incuriosité
prend les proportions de l'immortalité
désormais tu n'es plus ô matière vivante

oublié sur la carte et dont l'humeur farouche
ne chante qu'aux rayons du soleil qui se couche
5. Her Ghost Haunts These Walls (4:39)
My hands are caressing the stones
Their coldness piercing my skin and creeping to my heart
The obscurity mixing black and gray
My blinded eyes open theirs
Everything there is full of sorrow
Everything there is crying
Forever lost

I take your hands; I follow you to a better place
I take your hands; let me stay by your side
I take your hands; I follow you to a better place
I take your hands; let me stay with you

Among these ruins of our life
I walk slowly, sufferings tearing me
Flashes hurt my mind
I see you everywhere, I can't forget you
The rain is falling out, the wind is whispering
The world's turning dark, the ambient cold
I feel your presence, your arms around me
Your head on my back
I killed myself to join you
6. Hear My Voice... Kill Yourself (8:12)
Hear my voice into your head, don't try to stop it
The poison streaming into your veins is me

The cold you can feel is my revenge
You're just a scum, a creeping filth, you inspire hate

Take this poisoned blade or are you
So c**t that you can't end your life?

Everyone has the right to kill himself
Families and friends are only excuses
It's stupid to say, I want to die
When you don't have the courage to kill yourself

I watch your blood flowing to my feet
I smile watching you creeping like the worm you are

And your eyes are watching me asking for help
The only thing you'll receive will be my foot on your face

These blades are tearing me and killing me
Your hand try to reach me asking for help

So fucking sad human are you enjoying it?
Hear my voice and fucking kill yourself now
7. Anthem to Self-Destruction (7:33)
I have seen my death in your eyes
you are the most important suffering

The cleansing of humanity has begun
suicide is a way to the end

Everyone must have inspirations
For ending his shitty life

Everything around you can be used
Just search in your mind

The anthem to self-destruction will sound eternally
8. Nostalgia (4:41)
And once again despair is kissing me
With her cold ghostly lips
My own destruction is leading me to my grave
That I digged for many times
And once again I'm becoming a spectral thought
Forgotten, sad, miserable s**t
As I fall into the black spheres among lonely memories
You've broken us, piece by piece

The score of my soundtrack is written by blood
Music of suicide written in red
I did it myself, my wrists are also opened
And like my tears, it's cascading
Everything has been lost behind us
On my kness, hands on my face
The sun is appearing into the spring morning
Where I'm lying there's just nothing than my dust

Now you don't care about him
You live on the other side of feelings
But our February snow
is now covering my lifeless body
9. Dead Children (7:29)
Spread your hate

Some dead children with burnt skins
Are playing under a dead snow, wearing gas-masks
A heavy and suffocating atmosphere
Mixing sulphur and dust with the smell of cadavers
They dance among the ruins, among human corpses
Hand in hand, they enjoy their despair

Angels of Misery...Rise...

As they heard a move, they stop their game
Their lifeless eyes gazing to me
crows are stopping their flights and vultures their lunch
All of them found in me their new target

claws and kicks are beating me
Violating my bitter body
I scream and enjoy this suffering
Till my blood color the ground

From above, the black snow is falling around me
Lost and mutilated in a world I can't understand
The children laugh about my own misery
Spread your wings, angels of misery
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