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Napalm Nights Full Album Lyrics

Nocturnal Breed - Napalm Nights cover art

Napalm Nights

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-08)
1. The Devil Swept The Ruins
Drawn and quartered
Cornered and caged
Fighting for old flags
A lions share waged

Keep your boots on - Stick to your guns
This is where we'll make our stand
Our kind, does not make old bones
Got the devil at point-blank

Chance is feeble - Chance is gone
I'll beat the reaper this last time
In this hell-hole I swear I will not die
As the ghost of war slowly sweeps the ground

We're riding home in a long black box
With bloodstained flag and silver handles
Like rats we ran towards the gates of Hell
Hooked between a ruin and a war-blade
The Devil swept the ruins
Now I long for the valley of death
The generals never said... When they told us to wage war
There's no coming back from where you're going

Death before surrender
We dug our heels in hard
Always go down fighting
Claim victory in your heart

Keep your boots on - Stick to your guns
Death comes reaping fast tonight
Hell walks among us - Turning men into dogs
Pinned down and dying to fight

Uncompromising and unconditional
Unrelenting and unbound
This is no place for bloodless cowards
Watching distant cities burning to the ground

"After more than 70 days of siege, in the missile-raked ruins of Khe'Sanh
We saw the circling death from above
For they're all gone now and left is only a smoking hole
We had the advantage -Now it's death-absolute"
2. Speedkrieg
White-line warfare is eating up your head
Fusing nerves and flesh to bone
You run until your dead
Running through the piss and blood
Brain like a hornets' nest
You run on top your brothers dead
While fouling your own nests

Poisoning the mother lands
This fury's next to Hell
The savage smears their face like flees
Riding rats through the iron rain
It rips in veins like the Devils fist
Sweating blood in a hole in the ground
The land will ring with the wailing
Of your widows’ funeral-hounds

Speedkrieg - No, I won't stop until I die
Speedkrieg - Hang'em high under iron skies
Speedkrieg - You cannot holt this panzer-grip
Speedkrieg - Now ride the carnage - Ride

Running with the devil
There is black water in the wells
Steel gazed war-fleet raving forth
Between bullets and trembling limbs
There's a death-stench drifting on the wind
Can you smell it - The worms and the gas
As the skies fills to the raping-point
With vultures and black flies

Obey the steel limb grasp
Harnessed into weapons
As you ride the storms of blight
Snarling at the gallow-moon
Come running with all Hell
Mind narrows to a pinpoint state
(Marching) To the funeral bell(s)
(Now march with death)

There is no holding back this time
There is no second chance
To live and fight under the blitz
You die in battle-lights

Pushing on forever further
In this frenzied state of mind
As the battle-lust burns through your vein
You Boil alive inside

All right
Suicide formations
Are you ready - Tension'

There is no holding back this time
There is no second chance
To live and fight under the blitz
You die in battle-lights

Pushing on forever further
In this frenzied state of mind
As the battle-lust burns through your vein
You Boil alive inside

You climb the dead like mongrel dogs
You scream with bone dry tongues
Side by side mind reels to dust
Pushing on and on

Pain and hate like fuel and fire
Explodes into your veins
Consumed by carnage - Storming forth
Infernos in their eyes...

There is no holding back this time
There is no second chance
To live and fight under the blitz
And die in battle-lights

Pushing on forever further
In this frenzied state of mind
As the battle-lust burns through your veins
Boiling alive inside
3. Cursed Beyond Recognition
"It has grinded and worn my soul
Into a spirit-scraped shadow
The Devil's always on my shoulder
As I'm cursed beyond - Recognition..."

The Devil was in my bones last night
One heel on the shovel
Pale horse by my side
Now I bleed black - I bleed napalm
As I rot in this cage of my soul

Crawling out of the woodwork it comes
Like worms wriggling out of dead flesh and worn bones
A thousand times - A thousand nights
In endless repetition

Cursed Beyond Recognition
This mammoth iron-cross to drag
Driving bargains with the Devil

The Devil was in my flesh last night
Cursing bone upon bone
As I'm born to the black
In every fear - In every way
Like a straightjacket nailed to the soul

Now all food turns to ash in my mouth
Like a rat in a maze
Trapped in mental lock-down
Yet my pound of flesh - I will always get
Leave my soul for the reapers in wait

This heart beats in a rotten chest
Soul and spirit ripped loose from its flesh
Come death-worms black - And lead the way
To my corner of this abyss

Dreams of devils giving birth to crippled spawn
As the cold winds are blowing - So cold through my soul
Like led it burns through my rotting veins
Each night I dream of Hell

Oh no, No I won't go
I'll rather die spitting fire from below
No omen's black enough
To eclipse this rotten soul
For Nocturnal is the beast of this code

Soul desecrated - Standing on the brink of Hell
As all my bones are slowly grinded
Nerves and flesh is now my cell
The Devil calls through days of strife
Howling me back into the dark
Into the screaming voids
Into the cursed encroaching night
4. The Bitch Of Buchenwald
Skin lamps are, Burning
Bones are thinnin'
Devil's on the loose
Fresh flay for the taking

The Grotesque walk like arachnid-dead
En route to incineration
Time drags its heel here
Digging shallow graves
In timeless petrifaction

Devil's foulest mistress
Morbid love of death
Only mean bones in this body
Unbridled sadistic bitch
She-Wolf - Oppressor
The pleasures of her flesh
She carries her madness to the bone
Serrated bride of death

"Oh you fucking Devils-whore
She loved it to death"

You will know no rest
No, there aint' no warm bodies here
This cruelty's coming from Hells heart
A soul-less dead mind cold as steel
Under callous beatings
Into degraded wretched wrecks
Violated, flayed and rotting
Under the Iron-hex

The Bitch of Buchenwald
The Bitch of Buchenwald
Dead-skin lust burning through her brain
Ravenous bitch howling insane

The Bitch of Buchenwald
The Bitch of Buchenwald
The Bitch of Buchenwald
In untamed callous wickedness
Malicious life-control

"Can you see the skin lamps burning in the night
Beneath the search-light towers..."

Hyena-excruciator hemming you inn
By the light of a thousand cleavers
Falling asleep for this very last time
To the sound of the funeral-furnace screaming

Rattling bony fingers
Rattling chains to hold your soul
This appetite for death is unrelenting

Skin harvest lunacy
Iron-clad in certainty
Death is release - No hope or illusion

Immolation delirium
So insipid and impure
Draped in scraps of human flesh
This bitch will flay you raw
Unquenchable blood-thirst boiling
In boundless tribulation
Pure undiluted madness
In prolonged putrefaction
5. Napalm Nights
Hordes of bombers coming inn
Lungs filled with fire - At war again
Midnight in the firing line
Death-baptism - Jumping the mines
Hanoi Hannah screaming out her lies
VC's like insects swarming in like tides
The jungle-rot eating flesh alive

"Agent orange - Fire at will"

Running - Praying - And dying
Deployed into this jungle Hell
Searching - Blasting - Through fire
As we climbed with mad abandon
Every god-damned hill

Sundown in paradise through melted eyes
Pouring molten lava from the skies
Arc-lite over Ho-chi-minh
Senses sharpened - Like knives to win
It's been our fate since we came to base
To pick the Joker and not the Ace
From Da'Nang to the D.M.Z
"Through the endless rain"

The first and only - The last of many
In the A'Shau-Valley we rot - Cored from bone

Napalm Nights
Now bring the morphine to blur out this Hellish sight
Napalm Nights
Peeling the melting skin off your burning children

"Release the napalm"

Storms of napalm coming inn
Carpet bombing - At war again
Striking first and strike them fast
Skin burnt to crisp - And bones to black
Mekong Delta-style - Bagged and tagged
Rolled in napalm and burning rags
We'll take this hill - Now raise that flag

The magic dragon - The napalm roar
Bullet benediction - Here the reaper call

I saw the death-card Joker
On that faithful final night
As re-enforcements came in the cloak of napalm

Upholding the banner
This yellow fever will not stop
We're stuck up here - On Hill-937

Coming in fast and low
Like a carpet of certain death
A blast of napalm winds and iron-ashes

Running for the choppers
G.I's on the Huey-skids
As the Việt cộng came swarming out of their fox-holes

Through crotch-rot and jungle-death
Bugs and Charlies' everywhere
It never broke our backs as we ran with the Hellhounds

Come in Whiskey-company
Scorched flesh and skin burned black
For every limbless marine and fire-walker
... We salute you
6. Thrashiac
Call for the steam-hammers
Tear down these walls
Welcome to the old-school
We never walk alone
A rebel to the end
Running with the pack
With the restless wolves

Howling from the gutterlands
And crawling in the underground
From rust-belt to the iron-plains
I call it Metal - And it's life in real
Now pick up your teeth it's time to fight

Pounding those fists - Fuel the madness
Stand back - Get out of the way
No bone unbroken - No boots are unthread
Raising the banner every day

There aint no one here but these bastard
The high voltage runs in our souls
Bring out those killer-watts
We're born to brake those bones
Now brothers and sisters load your guns

Hey, Bang that fucking head
Hold fast - And Thrash
(Until you're dead)
Ugly as a war-wound
Thrash like a maniac
This metal will break bones
Hear the call of the Thrashiac...

Drilling your skull like a hammer
Stark raving mad on the prowl
We are the final few kicking like a mule
Like a can of worms - Dirt-bag and proud

"All you thrashers in the back
Are you ready to attack"

Hey, Bang that fucking head
Hold fast - And Thrash
(Now break that neck)
Ugly as a war-wound
Thrash like a maniac
This metal will break bones
Hear the call of the Thrashiac...

Call for the keelhauling
Bleeding those ears
No, you have seen nothing yet
Like a thousand tons of led and stone
Banging on your cranium
For fuck's sake - It's Metal to the bone

"Oh, Come on speed metal legions
Hear the noise of that chainsaw voice
7. Dawn Campaign... Flamethrower Ridge
Steel dawn
Come morning - Come death
Always forward - Never back
Like a sniper at the gate of Hell
Rising out of the black

Dawn campaign - Dawn campaign
Like the wolf rushes in

Crawling in to the warzone
Feel the flamer's kiss
Running with the Hellhounds
Up on Flamethrower-Ridge
Here's no rules of engagement
Feel the copper taste of fear
Necrophilia In the ditches
Violated - Dawn of death is here
(War-torn - Dawn of death is here)
(It's here - Dawn of death is here)

Will of iron
Chained to this ditch
This pain is just weakness leaving my body
Death next to nature
Red dawn in Hell
Time to put them bodies in those graves

"Fly-trap bodycount rises
Taking point - And rushing forth
All I saw as I closed my eyes
The endless lines of body bags at home
Fearless in the face of the aggressor
Another clip - Another dawn
With pockets full of fear countless dog-tags
Marching out - This last day of our bones"

"On this last day of our bones
Into the meat-grinder of war"
8. Under The Whip
"Fuck'no I never signed up for this"

"Life crawling on broken glass
Whips and claws like sticks and stone
I'll rip out that screeching coffin-heart
As the bull's whips are crackin' bone"

Now, flesh will crawl
Each move's an error
Like an iron claw in a velvet glove
This bitch is terror

Now, I shut you up
Hell knows I've tried
She's got a cruel, cruel way
With those needles and blades
It is time to let a sleeping dog lie (c'mon)

Down and out - Dead and gone
Cold blood - Cold comfort
Un-avenged and unsatisfied
Crawling lizard-like across the folds

You're - Under the whip
I'll rid me of you in due course
Nay-saying driveling bitch

All lights out - You're under the whip
Dust to dust - It is pay-dirt time
Under the whip

Words like bullets - Like sand in my lungs
Bow down - Backs laid bare
Don’t touch - Don’t think - Don’t feel - Don’t speak
Or those whipmasters-nights will flare
(I Say)
In the darkness of her firing-range
End-game - (The) End of the line
Flayed with whips from the devils grip
Hell followed her two steps behind

Now rip it up
Whipped with wire
You scream like scraping iron nails
Higher and higher

Beating on a dead horse
Fem' Jackal - She-killer
Like a double-dealing praying mantis
Only bedlam can thrill her

"I'll never taste the rotten fruits you offer
Crawl from under the whip"
9. Dragging The Priests
Cunts and inbreeds of this earth
Crawling on your prayer-bones
So, you think you're wormless, huh?
Judging from your higher ground

Praise the lord and pass the ammo
You swarm across this world like plagues
Amen, to the ministry of the devilish agenda
Brown-nosing priests and popes in every way

Keeling over - Gun-ports open
Crawling on your "ship of rats"
As the spiritual migraine hammers
We have nothing in common you and I

Bring out the blood-hounds, you've learned nothing
Its open hunting season on this scum
Praying for utopian absolution
Like inbred mongrel dogs

Drag them through the streets
Never free from this disease
Like boneless meat
We're dragging the priests

Prayers coming through as ghastly rattles
Chewing on the ribcage of this earth
In this temple of delinquent mad correction
Drag them to the altar-seats to burn

In an ever instant self deceiving brilliance
Like flies drawn to shit & rotten meat
You bleed in arrogance, in blessing and redemption
Words and thoughts fossilizing as you speak

"You were rotting even before you crawled out of your mother’s animal mouth"

Like multi-headed worms
Contaminated inside-out
Redemption reverie
I'll never yield, I'll never see - No Never

Infesting on your own young
Eat the gun and pray it's swift
Death penalty is not enough
It's time to right the wrongs - Forever

These feeble words, off whom you speak
I'm tired of this shit
Pious fucking lunatics
I'll never heed, I'll never kneel - Never

Stench of churches burning
Coming back to town
Wipe away the worm-shit
Drive away this weakness now - Forever

Words of rape from the prayer factories
This virus sacrament is all you'll ever need
Divine trickery - Pure pigs in this church of death
Mind-wiped and brain-raped - The antisense in flesh

"ooah, I can't take it anymore"
10. Krigshisser
Finn frem kistespiker
En fot på hver en nakke
Hvert ord en nagle i en kiste
Hvert hugg en galge reist

Kan du høre knokler knekke
I hver en råtten sjel
Kan du kjenne det griper tak
Som Fandens ville dyr

Når gravlukta stikker som kniver i kjøtt
Her skal det henges
Over glass og beinsplint torner

Det kravler som skabbete rotter og lus
Vals ned disse horeliv
Totalbesett - Oppsøk og angrip

Sjeleråte - Galgenatt
Den Norske Kommando
Sleper prester gatelangs
De har aldri blødd

Krigshisser - Blodhunger
Inndoktriner med Djeveldeng
Skralle skrotter spytter tenner
Riv av dem lem for lem

Krigshisser - Den Norske Kommando

Lenket til den evige krigssymfoni
Lenket til blododel
Vår ætt har alltid vært i krig

Det jordiske makkverk med stålpisk maltraktert
Så det hyler i sjela
Riv dem i filler, yngel av møkk

Evig vrede født av ild på blodig grunn
Den Norske kommando
De hylende horder
Ut av det frådende mørket de kommer

Det gløder i hellighus og kjærke-gjengere
Kvel disse fittedyr
Ormeyngel klar for slakt og tukt
Krigshisser - Føl bøddelens pisk
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