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Estranged Dimensions | Full Album Lyrics

Nocturn - Estranged Dimensions cover art

Estranged Dimensions

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsOld World Records
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > N > Nocturn Lyrics (8) > Estranged Dimensions Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 11 Duncan TB-6 (2012-11-09)
1. Estranged Dimensions * (7:12)
This world is not mine
trying to escape from reality
The drug running through my veins
slowly I close my eyes
Black changes in lightness
water starts to flow
Storms in my head
escape into estranged dimensions

Now I control my life
the cruelty around me disappears
A clear blue sky I see
enemies turn into friends

The world lies at my feet
nothing is wrong
Nobody can take this away
this feeling I have for hours

Now I control whole life
and the life I left behind
Tomorrow is lost in emptiness
fading of body and mind
Enslaved to fater death
the way back is closed down
Lightness turns to black
stormy waters drown my life

Disembodied bodies lie around
overpowered and addicted
Lost their spirit and free will
mutants of an affluent society

I join the new masses
march on the wrong side
towards death
I gave it all to escape reality
moving in vicious circles
The spinning in my head
digging my own grave
Estranged in stranged dimensions

[Repeat chorus and first phrase]
2. Delirium Tremens * (7:28)
A not controlled thirst
like a passion for love
That over abuse for years
is now taking it's toll
Alcohol drowning your soul
lunacy without control
Stand the pain
that drives you insane

Now it's inside of you, dramatization of your life
Looking for an escape, to get it out of the body
Another piece missing, from your miserable life
Just face your destiny, it's spoiled by addiction

Your worse dreams
did come alive
Didn't take it seriously
with stary eyes, you mortal of
your life passes you by
Soon it's time to die
the suffocation soon gets in
Reconsider before it's too late

Find a way out
out of your nightmare
Dead from drowning
no one is born to be addicted
It's the weakness of our kind
overruled by tough words
The thirst our worse friend
so as you now can see
you are half alive not free
Break the tradition of fear
free up your soul and make it clear

[Repeat first three phrases]
3. Altered Evolution (8:07)
Eyes close as death begins
for a moment time stands still
Caught in a spiral of violence
the mind falls apart

Dying inner brain
no re-life to gain
Dying inner brain
Totally insane

Dying inner brain
no re-life to gain
Dying inner brain
Totally insane

My head turns around in blood
genocide day after day
Some unknown, some reviewed
and motionless we consume
Without the tear, without protest
we proclaim ourselves intelligent
What a beautiful world this is
I live as a solitary mutant

The fiction of the dream
is drifting away from life
A world of love and hate
I'm a part of that machine

Dying inner brain
no re-life to gain
Dying inner brain
Totally insane

Dying inner brain
no re-life to gain
Dying inner brain
Totally insane

Pictures of hunted humans
killed by thousands alone
An old face with dead eyes
is surrounding my frozen world
Burned down souls lost everything in dead
They've lost all sense of sensibility
worn out by human acting

Without destination into the deep silence
the birth of the new race
Disturbance of the systems of life
altered evolution wil end some day
A blackened surface
anger kills the filled heart
We are alone and ashamed
in the camera of life

Millions of decades to build
in two thousand years demolished
The world is out of balance
in the middle of time
I'm standing here all alone
in black waters I see
apocalypse of earth
Death will soon arrive
wasting my last breath
To hear the dead screaming
I've lost my life eternal
my ideals remain as dream

Nobody listens to me
still trying' till die
I'm leaving the shattered heart
it's left for the present cry

[Repeat third and first phrases of the chorus]
4. Shades of Insanity (5:24)
Died in the coldness of the turning times
we've never heard of death and crimes
See the people live in greed
killing men for their own greed
Destruction and death
nuclear winds taking their last breath
Soldiers obey their holy wargod
is this the world for which we fought

The world falls apart
human beings pull out their hearts
The mission is to return
to make us creatures burn
To stop the madness
destroying the badness
Kill them faster
and save our earth ... said my master

Destruction behind their mask
how many victims they don't ask
Human rights disappear by his hand
we are living in a fading land
Eyes watch the powerless fall
faces cracked behind a diamond wall
shades of insanity will be found

Kill to survive a front which doesn't exist
the weak disappear in nameless graves
Like an unknown soldier on the fields
born losers are condemned as slaves

Making our rounds in rotten houses
disturbing the peace on the rich men's road
Fragile children with frozen faces
clutching the last rope around their throats

killing in his holy name
we can't raise our voice, it's all the same
Dark times on a world which is dying slow
because missiles make our faces glow
Cold steel in the 20th century
living on the edge of insanity
Watching the flowers dying
and the children of the last world ... crying
5. Century of Execration (8:08)
Wake up destroyed world
my eyes stare over lonely plains
It reminds me of the old civilization
when hatred was freed of its chains

Century of execration
tortured by dead

Century of execration
tortured by dead

We hear no thunder, we just saw the light
one strike, and then there was silence
The radiation is everywhere
almost no signs of life

I saw the end of my horizon
I don't know what to do
Trauma turned my heart apart
sentenced myself to a victim
Living in a nightmare
there was no way out
Searching for an answer
but nobody hears me when I shout

Watching the empty bodies, who saw the light
they've marched into the tentacles of it's might
Those new born soldiers hunt me for a day
never I shall join their thoughts, they've blessed away

Command to make our testament
the light blinded us all
No answer for the dead
before we act they did already fall
Sentenced to live as a wreck
they never heard the warning call
Everything has fallen apart
straight through our hearts

Faces remain after
nuclear dust poisoned our brain
Seas hve risen to deadly walls
last reaction of the dying might

Passing sheared bodies endlessly
half corpses wandering over plains
Winds of death race with the clouds
in this time there is no life to gain

Watching this place with open eyes
see people who live on the fade
Thinking what I have done here
searching for a final place in the shade

[Repeat first three phrases]
6. Sacred Infames * (6:30)
Voices shatter the still
towards the holy fires
One vision in your world
brainwashed ones behind

Promised new life
a bright future
Under his command
blinded by words
Death is no sin
the plague is my skin

Sacred infamies, sacred infamies

[Repeat first phrase and chorus]

Nations fight their holy wars
kill each other by millions
Shadowed in senseless death
all in the name of faith

Sacred infamies, sacred infamies

Don't believe their words, 'cause lies have been told
so take down the wall
Burn the sacred grounds, world beyond life
not beneath, not above

[Repeat first phrase and chorus]
7. Graveyard Without Crosses (4:43)
High are the banners
the predictions of war
Destruction of our own kind
is it that for what we pray
A violent way of decay
Thoughts shout yesterday
don't count ... anymore

Graveyard without crosses

Death on the fields and in the streets
believed in a dream not in reality
On a graveyard without crosses
nobody mourns cause nobody is there
The civilian war has ended
and the victors are dead

Damnation and hell, the future of a nuclear attack
new born races knowing how to be born as a wreck

How many nightmares crossed your mind
How many dead we left behind
Heroes march into their graves
nameless died on not sacred grounds
The first rays of light on no world
killing dust rules in cities and plains

On a graveyard without crosses
we've died for our system
In a graveyard without crosses
not listening to the voices of wisdom

Our war was for us life
but we didn't survive
Soon we must go
living in the past
The victims of a cruel kind
called ... mankind
8. Morbid Shining (5:19)
For human life to regain
poisoning their brain
Morbid experiments
another life ends
Silenced are the dead
through the winds of decay
It's built on her ruins
another animal life ends

Fractured faces watch the doomed days
blackness replacing our day lights
We've lost our sense and we've lost our minds
Why don't we use our own kind

Listen to the mastermind, it's a voice in the dark
as they even make their own day and night
Innocent men died by the reapers eye
digging graves for another homeland

We just think for ourselves
we don't care about their lives
and if we try to stop the madness
they will crack our breath

Morbid shining

Frozen bodies in nameless camps
waiting for their death to come
A gun raised into the misty air
and it's taking their lives for an unknown reason

[Repeat first three phrases]
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