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Depressiva Vox Clamantis Full Album Lyrics

Noctis Invocat - Depressiva Vox Clamantis cover art

Depressiva Vox Clamantis

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAtmospheric Doom Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 12 멜레릭 (2015-11-22)
1. Noctis Invocat (9:58)
Music by Noctis Invocat
Lyrics by Angel Protervus

"La Oscuridad no hubiera brotado jamás,
si el velo del día que nos oculta las estrellas,
no hubiera sido abierto por las manos de la noche".

The starlights in the nocturnal loneliness
hear thee final confessions,
and watch thee dreams go far away,
as the wind´s whispers intoning with hate:

A strange and silently hymn,
wrapening on thy sign,
the most hidden desires.

Carrying thee own feelings,
to garden with black roses
as the darkness, with big trees
with thy leafs showed to sky,
summoning with anxiety
the last night of full moon.
2. Eternal Dreams of Fire (5:30)
Music by Noctis Invocat
Lyrics by Angel Protervus

Dream of fire, eternal abyss
Wizards and Mortals, magic and force
crying the words, summoning the signs,
of hell of the horns, this dream is saying:


They drive the beast of the earth
and as stars we follow the trip,
we fly with the birds of sky
to the realm of the ancient winds.
We have the secrets in our dreams
in a funeral ritual of passions
praying with the book of ENOCH
and claiming for the sons of MELEK TAUS.
Demons are the guardians of world,
appear among us and wait for the souls
open your portals to the edge of space
in places where the rites have been said.
On that dark threshold they crouch,
we prepare a place for to dwell,
and speak with the tongues of serpents,
great is who rule the firmament of wrath.
One illusion in flames is magnify
with the souls of descendants of hell;
they sleep but we watch for them,

We are the tempters of life, that lurks in minds and souls,
the saddest and the weariest men on this earth….

3. Mystique Spell (8:46)
Mystique Spell… Mystique Spell… Mystique Spell…

Longing harmful of wizards,
Masters from all dimensions.

( Bridge 1 )
I want to find myself
in deepest memory.
Wide open the imagination of my art
realistic illusions, save them for us,
torment of the intuition is dark as we are.

"Clamando por la luz brillante que la noche ejerce,
el golpear de las olas hace la herida leve;
¿Cuántas más vendrán antes de partir?
si cuando al final nos vayamos de aquí,
solo nos llevaremos lo que trajimos: NADA...NADA..."

Witches behalf nuns, celebration of our art,
farewell to the blind bigotry.

( Bridge 2 )
The path of the mystical sound
is leading to the wistful land,
hold that thought for us
as we invoke to the gods.
Natural gift is insane
perhaps the illness is on the earth
impending sea of wisdom, farewell to the blind mortals.

( Bridge 1 )
( Bridge 2 )
Longing harmful of wizards,
maters from all dimensions.
4. Wind's Lord (0:14)
5. Alter Deus (5:20)
Majestas ab nox,
ut filius ignis
in cantus enerrant
ad nostrum gloriam
ad vitam aeternam.


In profundis ad semper
consumantum est,
vitam habent et non moriar.

Et infandum missus ignoto
jubes renovare dolorem
ad mortis vae victis
ut alter deus
quia evocare: pulvis est et
in pulverem reverteris .
6. Paradise of Enthrallment (6:53)
Ancient scriptures of enslavement
imposed for an injust GOD,
words written for twelve stupid men
obsessed with the sin and the faith.

"I Believed in a perpetual being
that is manifest on all, on all it that exist,
not in the god, not in the god that judge the actions;
the actions of the men".

The darkness give life to the dreams,
Why? the light only make you wake up.

The religion only give you orders.
That sorrowful will be your eternal life.

The religion only give you orders.
That sorrowful will be your eternal life…
7. Depressiva Vox Clamantis (8:53)
"I´m bleeding from my heart,
hearing like weep the silence,
my blood run in endless nights
Why? slayed my dreams,
now, I see like vanish the moon
and loneliness is all I feel".

Her skin yet awake my erotism
but the gloom hide my dying emotions
before afire breeze of honest desire
now the clouds full the sky of lust.
Fiendish fog of the dismal dusk
that your veil close the portal
your whip will avenge my wounds
blinding her illusions in my name.
Seeking fortress in the umbral of shades
her abysmal absence prevails the hate
between the waves of past and my fate
broken for have trust in a forgotten fire.
Walking slowly in the void of my desolation
watching like die in my soul the last inspiration
the muse belong me, now she is an obsession
her misfortune will be my rite of satisfaction.

Silent winds that drag the dust
like an evilness that kill the core
blowing with anger, change the course
covering of tragedy the sound of my voice.
Perverse desire that dwell on earth
destroy the weakness of this suffering
my somber depression is summoning
for the evil calm that lurk the disdain.

The final stone is called: Deception
this scar is the sign of dejection
one to one my tears say: Delusion.

Inner dimension reflected in cruelty
remembers burst your stupid vanity
feigning the sweet face of honesty.

Symbolic forest of demons blessed me
now is my turn for her agony
the ashes proclaim for my victory.

"I was, am now, and shall have no end"
Sinister lament full of misery
Show my ritual in her reality…
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