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Only Death Is Certain Full Album Lyrics

No Reason To Live - Only Death Is Certain cover art

Only Death Is Certain

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Hardcore Punk
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-21)
1. Humanity Is Treason (1:39)
2. Worthless Existence (3:10)
Cleansed in vomit, rotting flesh in my stomach
I drink the blood of my enemies
Until I’m complete I will haunt you for eternity

No force on this earth will keep me from
Removing your head from your fucking body

The framework to your demise begins with agony
The memories of your suffering
I will carry forever

Broken bones from fatal blows
There is no heaven, Youre dead

I’m so full of hate but you created me
You never sacrificed for family and
Now I’ve become an enemy to all that breathe
I’ve lost all control

No Friends, No family, No one to count on but me
So give up, motherfucker.
There can never be peace between you and I
3. Perpetual Darkness (3:54)
Crushing, Eternal darkness
The floodgates will open
All mankind will suffer

I am your enemy and you can’t fucking stop me
Bow to this eternal darkness
I will destroy your soul

They’ll abandon you, you’ll see
Join us, rule this world

They’ll leave you with nothing
You don’t mean shit to them
The righteous will fall, Darkness will rise

The righteous will fall, Darkness will rise

I’ll end your fucking life
4. Inhuman Struggle (3:31)
Cold, Inside my chest, There’s no heart
You know I’ve tried to be kind, to be human
I say goodbye to it all
Goodbye to weakness

Nothing about me is human, My reflection causes harm
Grim knowledge, Determined fate
If hell is real, it awaits

I spit venom on those, Those who show me love
I am a cancer to the good this world is capable of

I am empty inside, My promises are lies
In my darkest hour

Grim knowledge, Wretched fate
Bind yourself with this rope
Grim knowledge, Wretched world
Hang yourself from this rope

You think it’s all a joke, That I’m putting on an act
For this I hope you fucking choke
Full scale attack, A hell you’ve never known

Slowly killing myself, I live for no one else
In my darkest hour, I only fear myself

My wish is for you to die
Goodbye to weakness
5. Live by No Commands (3:58)
Conceived in filth, Bred on regret
No respect for life, I live by no commands
Murderers of god’s light
Takers of your divine right

Spill your blood, Curse your flesh
Questions unanswered, Fuck this world

There are no answers, There is no peace
Every single day, I wish for release
From this earth and It’s people
Still I pray that life goes away

I am your god
Life is meaningless
And as your god, You die and I laugh
6. Anti Life (3:51)
I don’t believe in your world
You fucking snakes, You fake pieces of shit
I don’t look you in the eye because I don’t respect you
You shouldn’t respect me, It’s all a game
We’re in control of nothing
So fuck your goals and your beliefs
I believe in death
I believe in greed
I believe in nothing
Anti Human, Anti life
All you motherfuckers will die, Die

With glass I carve out my eyes, I can’t stand the thought of you

Lies, This world is lies
7. Choking on Your Blood (3:26)
Your blood, I want to sleep with you corpse
I want to bury you alive to hear your screams
I will choke on your blood
I’ll never forget the day I took your life

The serrations of the blade, Mutilation of your dreams
Undressing your flesh for the world to see
The steel against your skin
Paralyzed by the pain I put you in

No mercy for those who oppose

You’ll fucking choke

Your last moments alive were filled with terror
Obsessed with death, My legacy will live forever
I inhale the flames that burn your fucking body
You are mine, Forever
8. Approaching Death (4:20)
I can’t escape this agony, My mind is so fucked
I live eternally in pain, I have no choice
Can you hear my voice crying out for help
With every ounce of hope, no
I’ve been dead for so long

I will never be who you want me to be
This curse can never be undone
Through your stupidity and arrogance
You will meet my blade, die
Through your death I will live

Steadfast, you’re approaching death
You’ll find no answers in the ground
Into the fire you go, No far to go

My demons speak every day
You couldn’t even imagine what they say

No far to go

Approaching death, Steadfast
9. Final Resting Place (3:31)
I long for the flames, If judgment beckons so be it
Society my adversary, Every single fucking day

I will not submit, I will not lay down my weapons
I will fight you for all time

Abandon fear, There is no tomorrow
We will fight and die
In defiance of control

When everything is taken from us we will no longer fear death

We’ll be coming for you, For everything you took
For vengeance

Limitless agony propels our rage
Vengeance, my only recourse
Resistance is absolution

Your bodies will hang for all to see
Your heads will be placed on sticks
10. Soul Killers (4:25)
Soul crushing hate encompassed by evil
My spirit dies as I take my own life
You’ll never know what true pain is
You’ll never know my misery and pain

The sun doesn’t rise in my world
This is eternal winter

Calculated Plans to enslave you
Pulverizing your hopes
Manipulating the minds of the weak

Soul Killers

Beg for your life, without remorse we’ll kill
Endless fight, mastery through murder

Beg for your life, they’ll take more than your life

My spirit dies, embrace your life
You’ll never know my misery and pain
Soul killers
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