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Subterfuge Lyrics

Nihternnes - Subterfuge cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
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Submitted by level 18 퀴트린 (2012-01-06)
1. Subterfuge I - Shadows (In Fractured Tourmaline Mirrors) (4:48)
Some might fly
Others fall
Some might defy
Others just crawl
Some might stride with purpose
Others don't belong
Some might set the standards
Others drift along

I was never content
Being one of them
Never trying to be
More than what I am
I shall always want for more
A new release
Deliverence that I long for
Is more than mere caprice

Please just listen to me
Breathe the acrid air
There is no sleight of hand
There is no hidden flair
The insults you are wielding
Start to sting
Please shed your holy essence
And forget everything
You will break like the rest
Recede your inhibitions
And come to me
You cannot run from this one
I am always there
Come join me in my unfettered madness
It may be cold... but it's freedom
2. Subterfuge II - A Hint Of Amethyst (8:33)
With her arrival
Solitude escapes my veins
Leaving me and insanity isolate

Now I must reap what I have sown
And she must pay what she owes

Behind a mask of brazen contempt I watch
she thinks to impress me
With this self-centred facade?
I will smash her mirror of mists

Although her dance of illusion
Could sway me if weak I were
I will remain here on her throne
And wearing her crown
I will stare her down

Calculated and cold precision
Though none as cold
As I, this scalpel through flesh
Through an eyeless, impassive gaze, pray witness -
I am your god!

Now you yield to me
Whether with the meek or the dead
Is a choice I leave to you

The single choice is this -
Kneel of your accord or you will be knelt!

However many times you hear
Of someone torn limb from limb
You can muster cold serenity
And however the words roll over you
The sight will still rape your mind
Those visions will forever greet her when eyes close
She comes back to consciousness after a while
And with a stammer of trepidation
Requests the crucial enquiry - indeed, her last request
3. Subterfuge III - Dance Of Illusions (13:03)
I purvey
The sick and the tragic
The venom burns
A fierce virulence that satiates none
Born of stone
And sanity marked of meaning
Another child dreaming
Breathes with me
Can you see it?
Can you see anything at all?
It won't leave me alone...

I am but devil
Pure as thunder
Pick your eyes from the floor
Your heads are on the chopping block
You never could ignore
Your patience I'll reward
With something more -
'You talk with God now'
Like candles for the dead
I'll spill forth to be read
You never could ignore me

Face down in her fear
She asks again (Why?)
I answer and watch aghast
As my response drains life from her eyes
Numbed and pained by my words
'I could never kneel before you!'
'This is not a choice you have!'
4. What The Storm Means (5:41)
The moonlight dies on my coat
As I walk with hands in my pockets
Head down against the wind howling to break my spirit
The streetlamps put me in the spotlight
But there’s no audience, not today
The song melts away and words lose their meaning
And now I’m just wandering... looking for you

You see, I never figured out what the storm meant
That endless torrent of anger
I.. I took it so personally
But it wasn't me you hated
Ultimately, no
It was you, and I tried to tell you
The more negativity you spread in our world
The darker it becomes
And you know, the worst part of all of this
Is that there's no love in your life
Not for me, not for yourself, not for anyone

And what pains me more than even your absence
Is that... I don't know...
I'm not even sure if you can learn how
It takes a village to raise a child, you know
And it sounds harsh to me
But I think a part of yours is missing
I don't know if you're depressed or what
But the thing you never saw was
I was there to help you
You never saw that
You never realised that I wasn't your enemy
That pains me the most

We should never forfeit the good things in life because of the bad
I don't cry for myself, why would I?
I'm content with my lot I suppose but
Seeing you the way you are?
I can't handle that
Believe me I tried, how I tried
Everyone these days writes about broken dreams
Whether love is worth the pain
You know, sometimes the most valuable things
Are the hardest to hold onto
5. Silhouettes (16:14)
[I - This Is The Regret]

So the silent jester comes into view
And we all just watch him
Spinning round the room
Laughing him down time and again
He knows no other way to be
His only regret is the way he still smiles
When deep within his cold shell is nothing but pain

When it's dark the mask comes off
He tries to hide from all he's lost
How he longs to be like them
He yearns to be just like them

[II - The Price You Pay]

Forty stories high
And on the edge
A God for a moment
Torn and frayed
Caught between
Reality and illusion
You know the face of the truth
Just as I do
It must be hard to see reason
when you're blind

You've taken me for granted far too many times
And threatened everything more than I should take
This can't last, it's already overrun
The candle's burned
The light's gone out
And all that's left
An empty gaze to take its place

It's written on your face
Choking in your disgrace
'I should be the one'
I can't believe the taste
The bitterness you left me then

Your weakness
A battle you refuse to fight
Faith in such bleakness
Can only shatter your innocence
Is that all that remains
When the seas boil?
Once the rains have ceased to fall
A saltladen atmosphere will choke you

[III - An Unfinished Path]

Well who will be left
When all the lies have made you
A silhouette of what you were?
You can't run forever

In my dreams
A jester's lesson from a clown
A path that I've been running down
Ending here or so it seems
Destiny awakened in
The deep recesses of the soul
Climbing out this dusty hole
The lesson firmly taken in
Me, the sinner and the saint
A better man for what it's worth
Looking upward from the earth
I feel the rain come down again
A blessing of a different kind
A pair of hands can craft a land
An open heart maketh the man
And from it comes an open mind

[IV - No More Looking Back]

Here's to hope
We find our home
We can't afford to look back now
So I'm sorry for everything
I did wrong
I know better now
I hope you find what you're looking for
And I wish you well
6. In The Degree Absolute (6:11) instrumental
7. Evasion (12:14)
She lives alone
In a quiet place
Far away from home
Never a smile on her face
She wants to be
A celebrity
A bringer of disease
How could I have made her see me?

He lives alone
Only himself to keep
Dreams from trazadone
Every night as he sleeps
And as he hides himself
He still runs away
I see it in his health
He's lost hope for a better day

'There's one small girl I've seen sometimes
In my addled state of mind
When I hit the springs and curl foetally
Flowing raven black hair and glowing eyes of green
She looks at me and shows the way

Do I lead her there or follow on?
I don't know what I'm supposed to have done
But something's telling me
I'm the one to blame
I don't know what I could've done
What if she knows the way...

We are hiding
In our shadows
Fading lightly
Out of view
Null invited
Her evasion
All numb and frightened
Out of view

Alarms call forth the light of day
He rubs his eyes, the road is gone
Not sure what it was but there's a thing that's changed
There's something new inside
Was this a dream
It seems that

We are hiding
In our shadows
Fading lightly
Out of view
Null invited
Her evasion
All numb and frightened
Out of view

She'd hold on to this hope
Like a mother would hold her child
When it cries in the night

Let me in
I know the road seems hard to walk
But I know the way
Tell me this
Do you find the light inside too hard to bear?
Stop running from me
Let me in

If I could
I'd walk alongside you
But I'm afraid
I don't know if you are real
Or am I devising illusions inside my head?
Are you even there?
(Let me in...)
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