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Cassiopeia | Full Album Lyrics

Nightfall - Cassiopeia cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal
LabelsMetal Blade Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2013-10-13)
1. Phaethon (4:35)
A fading life I deny
Your life to change, never fear

A star on fire calls my name
The breed survives, never fear

Growl, and pain expires
Believe my truth, karma sear

Growl, dominion sol
I move the Earth my dream to stall

Common people never dare
God and demons they fear

Common people, they forbid
The call of duty they fear

Growl, and pain expires
Believe my truth, karma sear

Growl, dominion sol
I move the Earth my dream don't stall

Across the borders of delight
The beauty's name shines so bright
The crown of flames burns my heart
I want to touch, to feel the sun

Immortal dreams lead my ways
The passage to the lands of grace
The soul of man, ethereal charm
Aggressive shocks pound like drums
2. Oberon & Titania (4:33)
Oberon, king of fairies, husband of Titania
They collide for a child causing weather mania

Contra, furious nasty matching part
Calling wind, calling storm, calling thunder ram

Fog, darkness, cold icy breathe
Spell expands, release seethe

Contra, furious nasty matching parts
Calling the wind, calling the storm, calling thunder rams

None can brake the broken

Can't hold, can't hold / I am sure I fall apart
No hope, no hope / The two cannot come one

Love lost, love lost / Its beauty lost its class
The spell, the spell / I must regain my thrust
3. Colonize Cultures (3:21)
Under one god
Under one faith
Preconscious data reprogrammed
To unify means to obey

Destroy their tongues
Deny their grace
Repaint their flags with signs abstract
Reshape their face

Perpetual feelings so obscure
Subconscious vibes struggle to cure
Expansion slaughters with precise
A massive change of enormous size

Heavens are under...
New command robotized and colonized
Raw blood the alien phoenix rise

Cosmotheories adjust new gods
And values they trust
Cultures fail to react
Amalgam of fictions fact

Algorithms take full control
Scientific moral fall
Hyperhuman with no eyes
Only mouth to spell colossal lies
4. The Nightwatch (4:49)
The guards of rules, so dire / Never scorned, never tired
Flames come out of guns / Knives mark their lands

Stare the skies and pray your lord / Let us do the sneaky work
The arm of law is strong and bold / In the name of noble oath

God forgive them all, it is their thirst for striking mesmerizing gold

Hail to the Nightwatch

Honored to secure the rights in life / Faith, astounding, atrocious siren in white

Oath, the epitome of spiritual life / Loathe the symptom of grime

Glorious arms, shine so great / Power's taste defines their fate
The sun seems below their seats / Dramatic looks, resembling kings

Prepare your gear the worst to meet / In darkness lurks the evil deed
With dignity and pure beliefs / The Nightwatch created its myth
5. Stellar Parallax (4:05)
Observe the time and space / Evaluate yours steps in maze
References define strength / Calculate voyage length

Visual perception / Needs the right correction
Essence of eternity / Lured divine fraternity

Stay still and see / Understand, understand and forgive

Reciprocate, redeem, devote / Precarious feeling, life revoke

Raise one hand to touch the stars / Raise the other to call the gods
Any place you stay, for any hollow say
Furious angels descent with rage your soul to save
6. Hubris (5:18)
Morals / When life shows kindness / And gods serve your needs
You tend to believe that greatness / Apparently lies in your own genes
You tend to believe in your self / You tremendous mistake on Earth


The words, the acts, the dreams, your past

Try to feel the pain you caused / Horrid end to lustful call
Decorate the grave of world / Enemies in wooden horse

Never forget / There where you start is where you return
Dust to dust / Replica stars, your pride is ruthless so does your final mar
You dream of heavens / Drown in lust / Furious burst


The words, the acts, the dreams, your past
7. The Reptile Gods (4:42)
Across the mountains and seas man knows
Under a volcano's golden stones
A breed of lizards with tongues like whips
Prepare the arrival of its kind king

Through fires they passe and dance strange songs
On trees they climb to watch the stars to fall

They laugh at stories about their race
Their children are taught to live with grace

Through fires they passe and dance strange songs
On trees they climb to watch the stars to fall

I don't want to tell you more
About this race of creatures born
Under a sign of burning crown

I only want to share with you
A minor detail-cum-brutal truth
These are the gods your world obeys

Born by fire

They love the flames

8. Hyperion (4:27)
The titan beast in flaming suit / The lord of light, the saturn's moon
The father he is of dawn and sun / Beneath the realms of moral man

Blast, above the spring of cosmic dust
The hordes of monster rays ram

Selene and Helious form the bridge / The darkness passes through the rim
Defending beams protect the world / The tongues of flames resist the cold

9. Akhenaton, the 9th Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty (4:10)
Thirteen hundred years before Christ's emerge
There was a pharaoh once raised his hands

Towards to the sky to his sole single god
Aton was is name, Akhenaton his man

Die old world
His greatness comes forth

One above the rest
Followers all be blessed

A man reckoned the weakness of his time
Profondly stepped in to the revise the prime

Ruler called the brightest star in the skies
Glorious sun released his rays and shined
10. The Sand Reckoner (4:20)
Wonder minds unlock the Earth
Count the distance from life to death

Those minds' torque, superior swift
Reckon the power the world to shift

One hundred of hundred more
Myriads of numbers respect his call
Analyzing nature with virtuous pace
Correlate assumptions defining space

Mind, bright, right side, a bless that is to human kind

Ferocious nature been whipped
Throwing numbers, mind skim
Multiply tens with tens
Projecting space in human sense

The sand reckoner

Mind, bright, right side, a bless that is to human kind
11. Astropolis (6:14)
Erase the memories of loss / From time the capsule set to toss
The vibrant journey in whirling space / The masterplan to save the race

Rise, arise

Landing on, our new sanctuary, our home

Above the skies / Where light hides
Behing cold spheres / A colony's dreams

An independant soul / Away from its mal past howl
A new beginning, new explore / A promise new offspring implore

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