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Muted Full Album Lyrics

Neverending War - Muted cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Deathcore
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Submitted by level ― (2011-09-24)
1. Face Us The Truth
You prefer not to see and not to hear from others.
You shut your eyes at disastered reality.
The world of consumer's dreams is your credo.
You rise just when you satisfy your rotten brains
Nothing else matters for you.
You smile to men, deep at heart you just spit on them.
Your blind kids ask to show them some light ahead.
Since you believe in a triumph, much more people turned away from you.
You're silent and wait for the time you go blind and ask somebody to take you by the hand.
2. Flawless Slavery
Every shooten bullet drops by a coin to the bastard’s pocket.
Every novel victim makes the corrupted government richer.
We’re just a tiny gears within huge severe machinery.
There are ones who run that death machine.
We can't reach them, but we are the only truth.
War is a nice job for mighties of this world.
Making stakes, they losing thousand lives of young patriots.
With bloody aftermath in mind’s is laid the real reason of disorders in the whole world.
Making money by killing innocents.
For what have you come to an authority?
Taking away the most important of all to increase your bank account.
What game do you play, assholes?? Terror acts worldwide!
What game do you play, assholes?? Cruel resistance!
What game do you play, assholes?? Terror acts worldwide!
We wage war! Civil war!
What game d’you play?
You're just afraid to show yourselves to the world... Your fuckin’ face…
We wage war and perish not for your welfare.
Our conscience is pure for relatives.
We wage war and perish not for your welfare.
In mother's eyes we’re all heroes, so you are shit!!!
Terroristic acts worldwide, cruel resistance, civil wars,
marches of disagreement, political provocations,
slogans against each others - it's just a covering!
It's just a covering...
We are your kids and you are kidmurderers!!
3. Studied Indifference
Such is the rules of war: not to leave alive weak and silly.
War accepts different shapes.
Under a friendly environment hides a furious beast.
The whole country is in danger from the actions of the government.
Accepting another's ideals and absorbing another's lives,
we become weaker, our belief weakens.
The latent policy of "other" countries assumes a genocide.
Advertising and fashion is their confidential weapon.
Mentality on the verge of destruction.
We're easier to slave when we're dependent.
Information war is just a beginning.
4. Kurtosis Of Frequency Curve
5. Atrophied
My vulnerability is time.
Revenge holds my breath.
Offence, greed for blood seizes your mind.
Nails jut out of me.
The rust swallows up everything
I will burst…
I will burst into flames.
In hale ashes to recognize eternity that you pray for.
You are guilty of this agony.
The light runs black, the sky is red, no more chances to hide.
The courage is fading away.
Implicit belief brings to the deadlock.
Feeling of emptiness is the worst of all.
Fearful dreams make me cry.
Death follows me.
Undying memories are ruining me.
Calming me down...
Goes over me...
6. Sorrow Of Humanity
7. Washed Off By Blood
Children's tears falling from blood eye-sockets.
Dead weeping and neverending fear around.
That day became terrible for them.
The harm suddenly has rushed into their life.
Fucking terrorists, burn in hell!
The harm has rushed... into their life suddenly...
Their happiest day... in people's hearts...
Black mask on face. Weapon in hands. It is nightmare.
First school day in life became a nightmare.
Children's crying and groans of victims.
Let that devil being will be damned.
All has merged together that day.
There are the destroyed world, not come true dream and tiny grave.
The Beslan tragedy is the worst terror-related human catastrophe in the history.
There are at least 335 victims, mostly children, who died as a direct result of this terror act.
8. Mechanical Toy In The People's Country
Mechanical artificial human...
An incubator is your house.
A serial number on your chest, blind!
Only one program’s in your mind
I’ll come for you.
I’ll take out the artificial heart from you.
I shall force you to think as a human.
Your time has come, It’s time to live.
Remove your skin. Now you are free.
The mechanical fuckin’ iron toy become alive.
Now your life has a sort of sense.
9. Without Suspecting
Everyone can feel himself free and independent while cameras observe on them.
People do they want to and think it is their choice.
They do they want, speak that they want, without suspecting someone operate them at a distance.
Invisible thin threads pierce and slave our corpses.
Our minds are slaved by those who are in power.
Fuckin 'government wants to get into mind of everyone.
Fat bastards, they fuckin' forgot for their promises.
Dead embrace will expect everyone.
They뭨e making us slaved for total submission, and we blindly trust in their nice ideas.
Citizens of the state just dogs which must be necessary feed in time with promises.
We were born blind.
We are system slaves.
There's no limits for chaos now.
You'll never prove anything and you'll never be heard, even if you will turn yourself
inside out and throw out the interiors to door of the white house.
Your flags will be burnt, as well as a belief of your real destination.
You will be crucified on a cross of the information war.
Your freedom does not depend on you anymore.
Only general enlightenment will save the world and clean the souls and the minds of the people.
The huge wave is taking down all on it's way.
The microchip implantanted in your skin since the birth will make you a cripple of a new social order forever.
This microcircuit becomes your passport to the world with no freedom.
This waits for you if you do not say to the system fuck!
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