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Viceral Vomit Records Full Album Lyrics

Neverchrist - Viceral Vomit Records cover art

Viceral Vomit Records

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-03-29)
1. Intro - Exaltation of the Pagan's War (1:17)
2. The Ascension of a New Age (5:10)
Poor Mankind, Weak Bastards
Lost in Abyssal Immensity
And in this Abyss the Power of Darkness
It be Call They

I hear an Unholy Voice
Whispers of Hate, War, Destruction
I'm the Life and Death
The War and Hate, Fear and Despair

Prostrate in front of me
Because without me you’re nothing!!

I'm a Warrior of Knowledge
I'm the Ancient Angel
Felled in a Shady Abyss
I Bless your Called "Sins"

Because your Pleasure to me is more important
That the Devotion at the "Omniscient"!!

I'm the Guardian of the Light
That Illumine your Minds
That Spurt out All Ignorance
With the Truth of Creation
3. The Graveyard (4:41)
Is started the great Attack
Of this intense war
Hypocrisy and fear
No more shall exist…

Banal of your wishes
And more natural instincts
Will be forget join with
A time of Agony

The religions nothing be more
That a Graveyard of the mankind
Where the race, to become instinct
Died in the life…

Vitality and Freedom
Shall be the only laws
False priests
Will endure…

Join his false dogmas
In an universe of chaos!

The chaos against religions
For the glory of humanity

War and Death will be
The most profane manifestation
Of the insane wishes burying the moral
At graveyard of the called “holy”
4. A New Path of Knowledge in the Horus Aeon's (4:49)
A new birth now arises
Under the light of a new tomorrow
Chaos makes itself on lie
Myths down join the astonishing religion

The prodigious son that never rises

Will never resurrect
A gloomy absolute truth of before shall hover upon the earth
Mad slayers thirsty in blood waits in agony
Your bigger reward, heads shall be jerk!

People before massacred will be divinized

Places said “holy” will be destroy

Ancient inquisitors shall be decapitated
Memories of the time of Damiens, before blackened
Shall be the passport of a new time
Liberty for the energies manipulation

Domination of the five elements shall be fundamental
For all creature being on the mighty planet
Self-control, knowledge, hate… new orders
Individual divinization… A new path of knowledge in the Horus Aeon’s
5. Glorify Our Magnificent Victory (2:00)
Below great sun
Our warriors fill the horizon line
Waiting the weak people of Jave

Galloping on the burning plain
Our legion to beat the sons of God
With your proper consumer fire

And throw they bodies on the boil ground

The plain now covered with Christian blood
Glorify our magnificent victory!!
6. Calvary Slaughter (4:31)
Oh great Abracax! Symbolizes the punishment of the false prophet
In the cross, celebrate the thirsty of vengeance
Of the ancient noble spirits of the earth
Planting a great seed of hate and destruction insane

Ending with the happiness of a world involved
Fake in peace, the judgment will come
Alijenus shall predominate, Nergal inspire the true justice
Tanatos torments the bastard segregating in your dreams

Succubus possess your souls seeding the eternal evil
Of your benediction born the chaos for a profane copulation
In a profane Saturday, your father free a dangerous spirit
For motivation of negligence

Shedim makes the chaos until the end of times
In order of Asmodeus, seeds the hate at the “prophet”
Shabrini do the people clamors to slaughter
Priests inspired for Nybras contemplating evilness in the Calvary Slaughter

In Elbroug Nasu awaits to voraciously to feed the corpse upon the calvary
The chaos is spilled for all the earth and the ancient spirits return
Death and horror persecute the humanity join wars and discordance
Only punishment to creatures without will
7. Corrosive Rivers of Blood (3:21)
Rivers of blood runs
Iced and corrosives
Meeting the face of bastard Nazarene
Blood as infernal volcanic lavas

Destroying the false empire of Jave
I see unholy troops

Commanded by the great Baal
Infernal gargoyles is around the Calvary
The bastard feels in Agony
The blow of Death

The great prince of darkness
Near observe the great spectacle

The great prince of darkness
Near observe the great spectacle
Of a humiliated idiot
Died for your own people

Damned idiot
With a treason for our own
Dies again
On this earth of Agony

Forgotten and humiliated in a cross
Feeling your blood spurt out
And to drain in this river of blood
And wait for the eternal disgrace…

And wait for the eternal disgrace…

Meeting the face of bastard Nazarene
Blood as infernal volcanic lavas

Rivers of Blood!!!!
8. The Brazilian Pagan Evil in Flesh (Mundurucus) (5:22)
The extreme silence empires and announcing
The black arrival of the intense pagans
As wolf, that insane, devouring the victims

Screams of terror and Agony
Echoes in the forests
What before was peace and relaxation
Now is pain and desolation

Crazy warriors coming
Driving your profane arrows of fire
Announcing the painful decapitation
Mutilating bodies, jerking heads

Corpses spread by the Anger
At the ground, the hungry warms await
Putrid Smell is guide for many people
Myths of the great Brazilian Forests
9. A Brutal Vision of the True Essence of the Mankind's Truth (1:06)
10. Disgrace of Eternal Darkness (3:04)
In a Dark Age
Walking in the Vast Way of Darkness
Shady Memories Invade my Mind

Unholy War: A spiritual Devastation
Unholy Spirits, Profane Gargoyles
To destroy all hypocrisy
Weak Souls are lost in Darkness

Slaves under the commands of the Great Infernal Imperator
Baal-Zeboubth, the Great Master commands the Unholy Troops
To the profane soldiers destroy the big bastard mass
11. For the Glory and Honor to the American Continent (2:25)
More a great day starts
More a battle for freedom
Warrior and strongest people
High each more your thirst of knowledge

For centuries and centuries we was subjugate
Our nations make like shit
For putrid stupid excrements
That steals us for all this years

Now is come the hour of the Great War
Symbolical war of triumphs!
We’ll return now all shit which they cause to us
Now the centuries of hypocrisy ends!

For glory and honor to American continent
We battle forever!
Remembering each blood and glory of our ancient people
With the glory of the ancient pagan gods!

Centuries of misery now will end!
Join remains of supposed innocence
Our continent will reign forever
And to our enemies we give the bloody condolences!

For the glory and honor to American continent
The victory now will comes
For glory and honor to our people
In this world will reign!!!!
12. To Exalt the Glory of Tatloc (5:40)
In a shady time
In Altars of Profanation
Was reverenced the brutality

Rain of Blood was invoked
By insane rituals
Bonfire, Hot Coal and Tears
Was transformed in protection

The Brutal Slayers approaches
The Great god gives the order
To your most precious priest
That does your mortal hunger

Blackened for the winds of the times
Tormented by your heinous myth
Not even your herbals can to them
Support the pain

Trade your most precious goods
For food, abundance and power
Killing your same people
Something that always existed
In the putrid human kind

Those that a day was into your flesh
Now suffer beyond your eyes
Burned lives
To satisfy the vengeance of the terrible god

Xiutecutl approximated
To also contemplate the grotesque festival
When the blow of Quetzalcoatl stay away
Starts the malevolent celebration

Rivers of bloody lava
Now suffers in the blackened plateau

Your seeds will be sacrificed Always
To exalts the glory of Tatloc (2x)

And in this rain of blood
Born a hope of a people guide
By the eternal
13. A Painless Torment of a Haunted Soul Crying Tears of Blood in the Last Night of Life on the Earth (1:22)
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