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Bridges | Full Album Lyrics

Nero Order - Bridges cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Sludge Metal, Doom Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-07-05)
1. The Forgetting (13:22)
Say all your goodbyes ‘til there is no self to say them
The waves of stillness carry all
Your words and symbols scrawled fall meaningless as we evolve
The bridge we build to be just where we are

We’ll say hello to the ever-present stranger
In letting go inviting all
In bursts the liminal claws – in feeding this, the faces fall
To exist is to be not where we are

The wave collapses, has the sea changed?
Knowledge’s folly falls and what remains
As all meets naught?
Silence singing through
The pulse of revelation beat by none
We are the heart and the teeth of an endless sun
Wise and blind, we know
He also is in the

Sounds that greatest sin
Our quiet din belies
Now drowned in endless
Brighter than our light
Contained inside
Not swallowed, but descended
Climbing through our fall
Let one and all
Partake in this madness
Resting in our time
Erase the lines
And come away from sadness

The wave collapses, has the sea changed?
Knowledge’s folly falls and what remains
As all meets naught?
Silence singing through
The pulse of revelation beat by none
We are the heart and the teeth of an endless sun
Wise and blind, we know
He also is in the
Soul incarnate
Of no mind
Of this day
And in the world
In tooth and claw
Strive to carve
As we fall
To our fate
Make recompense
To the king
We are shapes
On the wall
From a fire
That is not
Points we plot
Of no dimension
Lines begotten
In the void
Bringing form
Thus descended
We are born
Into our fall
The throne of nothing
By fire
Or blood
Or silent waiting
The path
Is laid
The lines are empty
Face nowhere and receive the reward
2. Divisions (7:55)
The line
Formed between the two
Divisions and bridges
Born anew

Words will never speak the truth
All our ships have sailed; the winds are loosed

Born within our hue

A curse in every gleaming tooth
The mists, our veil; the whip, our noose
We take flight
Like shells to fall

We set fire
Blazing the roads
So descends the soul
Bring in night
The absence to goad
Still, stillness enfolds
The reason why

Against the tide
Ranks shall break
We abide
Songs we sing
Visions bright
Joining hands
Say goodbye
Every thief has its fight
Severing blade casts its light

Amidst the sea
A sinking ship
Our harmony
Gleaning hope
The crests to reach
Dressed in bone
Blood beseech screams to the sky

To tear the order
To will’s to war
Descension under
The abjured throne

Thine eyes have seen the glory
That we, we shall meet again
In peace or cleaved in anger
Residing, residing in our end

We stand and pave
The great and grave
And untrod waste
To burn this place
(Of songs unsung
And divisions)
3. Damnation Song (8:35)
Born in freefall and in blood, we carve our marks in dust
Of towers crumbled we ascend; panegery of naught
Enter in cold, brought forth in pain, product of our lust
Interred in clay – remnants of a past that never was
We’re not here

Rise! Wrest the day!
Archetype of imperator enthroned – Hail Caesar!
Decay ushers the strange
In the wake of our evolution

The fires of the firmament are the same fires of perdition
The fight against impermanence yields their invocation
And at the taking of the earth, so do we reap the sky
On a burning bridge we stand our ground
And fly

Violence crawling; silence calling; that is not which is
The reason to fall – the engine of all, world without end
Unresting the thrones, a loosing of stones – so emanates solemnity
The face of the foe to legions bestowed – futility is the landlord of the world

The dazzling clash of lead
Oblivion rears its head
Our flesh bound to the dead
The hounds have had their fun
Unpursued, still we run
Our race is finished
We are damned; we are free
Every breath a swansong
And every step a swan dive

We ride the writhing tide of maya
over all the boundaries,
The crests crash down
into a wall of nothing.
In rows we stand upon the threshold
Flames await us anxiously
Grace unmarred
We spread our wings and fail
4. Of Apes and Saints (7:25)
Rescind our days
The road is paved in horns
And good intention lights the gleaming way
In every flame and shadow
Pralaya beckons

This is not sustainable
That which is our sustenance
Fall upon the attainable
Fall away in merriment

The path was made
From the fire of souls
And the grasping of bone
The flesh its own grave, a mere churning of soil
As we become the unknown
Unchanged essence; ascendant bloodshed
In stillness the truth is shown
Nothing is not
Still a great rest comes
Our stars all implode but their light lingers on

Of might and circumstance
And the will to rise above
Our dreams come and end
Shared plight of everyman
Some fall beneath their load
A new dawn comes
Its light is cold
But in the heart of man burns the coal
To raze or resurrect the ways of old
And for an hour the earth prostrates
Unto his dominion

Between two poles around we go
Between apes and saints the spirit’s strewn
Evolution takes its toll
Extinction escorts to the throne

Abscond the reins
Acumen fills with smoke
Good intention lights the way
Ensconce our shame in gold
The road is paved in horns

Endless upon end
Observe the raising hand
That wields the means
The reason to be:
Naught; The void increase
Surge and the surcease
Of God and Beast
The vacuum draws the day
Into the night
A lapse of light
Reset our names
Make null our claims
Lay waste the way
Rescind our days
And all of this
Falls away
5. No Victors (9:11)
We lose – there is no victor
Black blood once our reward
Of rape we imbibe – come war
Summoned by pale orators,
The fatuous masses roar
And glutted they feed the flames

Cull our fate, the shifting shapeless shade
The reigning hands remain unstayed
These days of waste and waiting blades
The latent blaze betrays its face

Raise, raise up your hands in plea
Entreating God that he might see
The wretchedness of all
All but thee
The writing on the wall
What will be will be
Black tendrils now call
Us from the sea
The pride upon the fallen
What will be will be
The trumpeting of storms
The swarm consumes the inkish foam
Burning the hole to the unknown

Great the waste, the rubble laying the
Scape, the weight of crawling nothing
Await the rains, torrents won’t wipe
Away remains – the clay of hubris

A desiccated hull
The star that’s lost its will
As hungry feed the full
Swallowing the poison pill
Making mantic all our blind
Leveling the crooked lines
Knowing mercy as divine
There’ll be no sympathy this time
Our roads have all been swept away
The gnawing embrace of decay

No stone unturned
No bone unburned
No grain unchurned
No neighbor unspurned
No flag unfurled
One riddle answered

(Visit the
parts of
the earth,
therein you
shall find
the hidden
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