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Senseless Ecstasy Full Album Lyrics

Nekromorphine - Senseless Ecstasy cover art

Senseless Ecstasy

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAvant-garde Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level ― (2013-04-26)
1. Ephemeral Dream (7:00)
I saw the stars that called and tempted,
Their silent voices told the secrets of the dark.
I have burnt my memories and revoked my presence
To realize the dream,

Bitter sense dwelling in agony, I wonder what it seems to be.
My shattered dream is the only goal I want to reach.
Embracing the sin... Witness of death
In the beams of light that orb my existence...
I wish to deny myself.

Bleeding song of angels’ crying...
Grace and murmurs of dying peace...
To drift in blood...
To sink in the waste of life...

The ephemeral reality dissolves my spirit
And the freezing fog embraces my mind.

Bleeding song of angels’ crying...
Grace and murmurs of dying peace...
To drift in blood...
To sink in the waste of life...

This solitude fills up my empty heart,
Suicidal desire gets me back to reality.
A need for blood, my damned blood
Is condemned to suffer and is yet to be spilled.
Perished in unworthy thoughts
And entombed by the principles of existence,
The reason to live disappears with the final sentiment of hope...
2. To the End of Mine (6:29)
I stand in front of the door,
The door that leads to the realm unknown.
I can’t remember for what have I lived before...
A beat of life is coming

Mystic mirror, unveil my path!
Reveal the shadows that surround me!
Oh, dreams of light!
Possess me with your might!
Rotting smell of my essence
Excites my feelings, amplifying the ecstasy.
Oh, I cannot resist this obsession!

Feeling helpless afore flaming desire,
To liberate the red poison from channeling veins.
Summoning call of the unknown
Provokes the destruction of macrocosm.
Benediction of astral prison...
Does it exist or not?
I’m entering the door consecrated
By the blessing of cutted throat...

Spirit in ecstasy...
Heart is beating faster...

The harmony of blade and blood
Within the sacrificial soul pit...
My sight turns white and I flow into perdition...
Oh, I am free now...

For a moment, I thought I was already dead...
The sensation of pure freedom devoured me.

I opened my eyes,
There was blood everywhere,
My body was exploding in the dying convulsions.
I fell to my knees,
The dream was released,
And so was my soul.
I was looking at the world from above...
3. Into the Grimness (7:20)
The first step is taken. There is no way back.
Finally, I walk my sacred and desired path

Liberate your mind
In this absence of light,
Freeze your life in this night,
Join the eternal darkness.

The misanthropic scream is descending,
The air is bleeding,
You can end all the nightmares,
Take a step in the void, kill yourself!

Loneliness without salvation,
An abandoned creature with damned soul,
Self-hatred is the path to afterlife,
Let silence consume you, lay in black!

Cold moon cries at the edge of night,
Razorblades are calling you to unite.
Satisfy the will of your heart,
Take your last breath and go to the other side.

Loneliness without salvation,
An abandoned creature with damned soul...

Now, time is your prison,
The outer world has nothing to offer.
You can fall with the enigmatic rain of the dead,
You can join the abyss that you have always dreamed about...

Now, you are not alone.
Now, your soul belongs to Death. Enjoy the Darkness.
4. Voyage to the Realm of Smoke (7:39)
For the final journey, I have changed my destiny.
For the highest purpose, I have chosen the voyage,

Claim of destiny to sift the hope...
In allure of death I will find the rope that shall collapse on my neck,
Through self-violation I see a silent gratification.
Why have my time left me alone?
Spasms of life will drive straight to the abyss
And the consolation of black grants the peak of bliss.
Why does the blood drowns in my howls?
Will the eternal emptiness cover the last resting place of my bones?
The harvester of decease with a gloomy smile on his face
Takes the vitality from the corpse...

The archangels stand along the path and croon the funeral chant,
And my final breath releases the horde of flies...
I ascend with this mighty hurricane!
The life force departs from my veins!
Approaching liberty welcomes the tormented soul.
The symphony of chaotic rays is burning my eyes...

The blackest light
Veils my sight,
I raise my hands...
...And the journey ends.

Grim and dark...
Hypnotic guidance...
In senseless bliss, the soul forsaken...
Vanity of distress ended in vain...
Bereavement and tears
That I can’t feel anymore...
The breeze of silence
To keep my spirit company...

A melody of shining blight
And a sinful harmony of brilliant glowing stars
Are leading to perpetual oblivion.
Infinite immolation of a spirit mass formation
Grows on with lamentations!
Drops of transcendental suffering
And invisible tranquility of nothingness
Shall make my mind ignore the time.
Bleak and profound,
The frustrating mix of sounds,
To dissolve me in senseless ecstasy...
In bleeding soul hypothermia...
Bleeding soul hypothermia realm.
5. Evanescing (7:00)
The journey ended, the time has stopped
And I feel nothing. I am nothing.
I shall never realize that I am one
Of the creatures made of smoke
6. Last Lullaby (6:29)

Sleep, my dear, as a frail angel,
Your sins are forgiven, the damage is forgotten.
I know, you are feeling free, care not about the absence of dreams...
You shall stay forever in my heart until the end of me.
Love and hope shall unite us together
And I shall encounter you, wherever you will be.
Sleep, my dear, and enjoy the eternity...

Sleep sweetly in your buried cradle,
Let the soil be a soft mattress and the coffin wood – a warm mantle.
Your life was futile, as good as your suicide,
No pain shall disturb your rest...
As the stormy rain fills my soul with grief,
Every moment and every thing reminds me of your departure.
As the lonely moon in the evening sky,
I will wait for you eternally.
As the silent wind whispering in the trees,
I will pray for our encounter.
As the blood from my wounds yearns to meet the razor,
I will yearn to meet you...

Sleep, my dear, and care not about nothing.
You are dead, but still loved and caressed.
Sleep, my dear, and enjoy the unearthly pleasures.
Will we be together? It’s time to verify it.

Sleep, my dear...
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