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Will o' Wisp Full Album Lyrics

Nekrokraft - Will o' Wisp cover art

Will o' Wisp

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-07)
1. Ov Hell (2:26)
Flying creatures covers the sky
A shockwave of fear appear
The vicious bastards strikes down on us
We're not willing to give in

This battle will reign this earth for years
But we have no fear
The cleansing ov small minded freaks
Will all set ut free

We kill, in the name of Satan
The warlord of hell
We harvest their pathetic souls
In order to please the beast

We kill, in the name of Satan
The warlord of hell
We slaughter their heads will roll
In order to please the beast
2. Will o' Wisp (2:55)
Something gleaming in between the trees
In disguise as an orb of light
Do not stray from the road ahead
Keep your path, and you will be safe

Rain or haze, always visible
Lures weak mind astray
Never trust, a spirit of the marsh
Murky water is a shallow grave

It is the will of the wisp
To take your life away
What's there in the mist
You better walk another way

Rotting corpses below the moss
The bog reeks of death
Struggling body's sink like a stone
The quicksand will eat you whole

It is the will of the wisp
3. Worship (3:25)
Entombed soul, covered in darkness
Laced in lies, born to be an offering
From the summit, he was cast
To quench the thirst of god

Sacrifice the unbeliever
The god want to claim your soul

Falling like an angel, Lucifer
On his way to a glorious citadel
Under his command your kingdom come
Risen again as his minion

Now is the time
Fallen angel rule the sky
Worship the righteous
Worship the fallen, worship
4. Hellfire (3:22)
Have you seen, the brightest flame from hell
With sulfur it eradicates and smell
Human flesh consumed
As life itself is doomed

Like a flaming arrow from the sky
A black flame watch as you die
Weakness of the human soul
Let us consume you whole

As the embers burn still
The unborn have his unspoken will
Ashes left to smolder
The hatred grows older and older

My torch burn bright, as you gaze at your demise
Snow turns to ice, on your bare skin
Frozen to the ground, the tundra has its will
A corpse, cold and bleak
Laying there, forever still

We are reborn, in hellfire
5. Forestlurker (4:26)
With grinning mouths full of teeth
Sharp as the edge of a blade
Thirst for blood
Thirst for sacrifice

A slip, a fall, flesh touch the ground
Horrific laughs and sounds of terror

From the shadows they appear
To capture whom is near
To drag away, the unlucky chump
Right down under a fallen tree stump

The lurker arise to smell the meat
He has begun to tire of wheat
Which filled his belly for weeks and months
An orgie of flesh, and all is gone

Remaining bones are grind to flour
And now covers the mountains all four
In the realm of the lurker
A supreme abomination of lust

The darkness falls and the lurker
Awakes, calling his army of imps
A darkening forest, full of demons
Seared limb from limb

In every bush, in every tree
Eyes glowing bright
Watching, and waiting for a
Foot placed wrong
They hunger for a feast tonight

A woman now gone
But still you can hear her song
Echoing thru the pine trees crust
As the lurker still takes her with lust

She cannot flee from the nightmare awake
Just lie there and take it and shake
Violation of a woman's womb
As she get her virginity succumbed
6. Armageddon Unleashed (3:05)
Armageddon unleashed
Carving out your soul
Bodies burned to ashes
Hell awaits the innocent

Creationist celebrate
As the prophecy comes true
Mortal soul connected to earth by flesh

Hailing stones of fire
From the sky, to the plains
Cities shattered asunder, under
Acid fucking rain

Earthquake open up the ground
Letting helldogs out to kill
Hunting to the last
The cursed reign of humanity ends

Water rises drowning the weak
Fire cleanses all life on earth
Winds tears, the land asunder
Earth opens dragging down
7. Succubus (3:47)
Created in the depths ov hell
Crawling up from the ground
To entangle your soul in
Eternal flames

Washing your brain with thoughts
Of enjoyment, your brain is
Withering away
Into the state of oblivion

This is the succubus
Risen from hell
She will lure you with her spells
A lure with forbidden flesh

Changing her sex, look and appearance
To blend with the human seed
A demon from hell with human skin and blood

Half human with a devil inside
Has come to this earth to seduce
Forcing his will and every need

The succubus will tear you apart
She will feast on your soul
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