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Gates to the Pantheon Full Album Lyrics

Negator - Gates to the Pantheon cover art

Gates to the Pantheon

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-15)
1. Epiclesis (4:45)
Harken me! Oh slaves of god! - Your time has come!
I'm your downfall! - Serpents are my crown - I'm the flames of the sun - Fire and air shall sweeten my path

I am the flame, which burns in every heart of man -
Which burns in every core of the stars - I am the life and the disposer of Life - Therefore the knowledge about me is the knowledge of death - I call upon the ancient names of the elders - Darkness shall rise!

Rise! Azrael! Angel of death - preserver of names
Rise! Samael! Twelve-winged ruler of the serpent
Rise! Uriel! Father of false worship - companion of Sabaoth!
Rise! Leviathan! Serpent of the seas - Bring forth damnation, herald the fall of mankind

I am the flame, which burns in every heart of man - Which burns in every core of the stars - The earth will tremble, below my feet - No one shall live without my name engraved in skin
2. Bringer of War (3:46)
When on high no name was given to heaven - Nor below was the netherworld called by name - Apsu was their progenitor and Tiamat was she who bore them all

Gigim Xul! Uggae! Evil spirit! God of death!

They were mingling their waters together - No cane brake was intertwined - Nor thicket matted close - When no gods at all had been brought forth - None called by names, no destinies ordained - Then were the gods formed within these two

In the cella of destinies - The abode of designs - The most capable, the sage of the gods - The Lord was begotten - The mighty firstborn - Champion of his father - Hastener to battle - The warrior - Marduk!

In the midst of Apsu Marduk was formed - In the midst of holy Apsu was Marduk formed!

Gigim Xul! Uggae! Evil spirit! God of death!
3. The Last Sermon (4:49)
I've travelled the realms beyond heaven and hell - Reaper of souls, ender of worlds - Feared slayer of kings, guardian of the path - I've shaped all your deepest beliefs

I was there from the beginning - I will exist at the end of all things - I've stood witness to every feeble passing - I've stood witness to every great atrocity

In every strife - In every war -
In every revolution - I have left my mark

Executioner at the gallows - A lone hunter -
Soldier on the battlefield - Criminal in the shadows

All who live know my name - All who oppose me shall know

In every strife - In every war -
In every revolution - I have left my mark

At the end, mine will be the last face that you see
4. Serpents Court (5:31)
Through me the way to the suffering city - Through me the everlasting pain - Through me the way that runs among the lost - Abandon all hope you who enter here

By passing the gates I enter the realm where Lord Minos holds court - Snake-tailed judge of those condemned - Sniffing the blood of the wretched to expose their sins - On the edge of this world I'm longing for Charon to ferry me into the fire - The cold, the everlasting darkness - A region where there is nothing that can give light - Profound darkness

As I descend deeper - Accompanied by virtuous pagans - I pass the hordes of Lucifer - Hell-beasts and fire-demons - Weird worms, vile torturers

Sentenced to death - I have passed the gates
Bereaved of existence - The path to hell awaits
Cast out from heaven - My divinity has died
Embraced by darkness - I decline the holy light
5. Nergal, the Raging King (5:54)
God of darkness, lord of war - Grand dragon, covered in entrails - Fill the channels with blood - Feast on the lifeblood of man - You set your face towards Kurnugi - The dark house, dwelling of Erkalla's god - To the house which those who enter cannot leave

Seven gates you have passed - Seven rituals you have prevailed

To the road where travelling has one way - The house where those who entered where deprived of light - Where dust was their feast and clay their bread - They were clothed, like birds, with feathers - They saw no light, they dwelt in darkness - You tore Ereshkigal's robe away - Sodomized her womb - Stole her kingdom - Became her king

Raise up the dead here - Consuming the living
Behold Nergal - King of darkness
Gatekeeper, open your gate for me
6. Carnal Malefactor (3:36)
These violent storms are sweeping away my bliss 0 No hope for rest and none for lesser pain

The vice of lust became so customary that license is now a burden - Among these sufferers, there is no hope that ever comforts them - Carnal malefactors are suffering in here - I witness the punishment - Accompanied by fear - No rest is granted in this abyss

Among these convicts I face my own sins that I've committed, they hunt me down - Here deep in this kingdom where the craving for flesh is a fear - I suffer with them in punishment

Amid the gust, the whirlwind and the flaw of rain and hail-stones, sinners need not tell their sorrows

But I have to move on, on this wretched course - Darkness still calls me, that unutterable force - My body falls deep into coldness - Like dead bodies fall...
7. The Urge for Battle (5:12)
In the fountain of chaos, at the edge of time - Where neither light nor darkness exist - Where time was born to guide the foolish - There I rule, there I reign

I am the torch - I am the vanguard - I am the stanchion - The zealous slaughterer - I am the venom - I am the wisdom - I am the scepter's bearer - The urge for battle

When I rise from my dwelling the equilibrium of heaven and earth will disintegrate - Bright day will turn to darkness - Whirlwinds will rise and the stars of heaven shall fall

Ill-winds will blow and the eyesight of man will be darkened forever - Demons will rise and seize the race of man - The waters will rise and sweep across the lands
8. Atonement in Blood (4:10)
Through this Eucharist of living flesh we summon you,
almighty one - come forth with madness

Trietenicus, Liber, Bacchus, Iacchus

Blessed be thou, twice-born god - Offspring of the winter solstice - Thracian god
of ecstasy and terror, atonement, guilt and death

IÔ Ischuros - IÔ Athantos - IÔ Abrotos - IaÔ SabaÔ

Ecstatic from the east, we await orgiastic pleasures, bring them
forth - Hail to flesh, hail to lust, hail to sin, hail to glory

We conjure thee by the fire of Girra - Rise, from the pits of ancient holocausts!
Loud-roaring and rebeling son of Semele - Primeval, two-natured, Bacchic lord - Hearken to my voice, O blessed one - breathe on me in a spirit of perfect kindness

Come, bull-faced god concieved in fire - Come, blessed and leaping god and bring much joy to all - Thracian god of ecstasy
and terror, atonement, guilt and death

Khaire Phale - Khaire Pamphage - Khire PangenetÔr - Hagios Baphomet
9. Revelation 9:11 (4:24)
Hail! Apollyon! King of the demonic locusts
Hail! God of the sun! Conqueror of Christian souls

The fifth trumpet has sounded - A star is falling from heaven - Unholy wrath is unleashed - Armageddon has come

Hail! Abbadon! God of death and pestilence
Hail! Falling star! lock-keeper of the bottomless pit

The seed of Adam withers - The futile lives of humanity torn apart - Their souls destroyed by tearing pain - Air and light turn into black

Scorpions and Snakes, enunciators of the end - Horses prepared for battle, golden crowned, a thundering roar - A spreading mass of darkness and wrath - Conquest, War, Famine, Death

Angel of the abyss! - Ominous be thy name!
From his throne of truth - He commands the end!
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