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Necrosis - Enslaved to the Machine cover art

Enslaved to the Machine

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal
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Enslaved to the Machine Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-05-28)
1. The Electric Prayer (Intro) (0:59)
2. Killing Engine (5:19)
fade out of memories untold
reloaded with killer instinct thoughts
prepared for bloodshed highly trained
i've got the state of mind

no doubt no fear haunts my mind
regrets are locked out in the past
hunger of rebel victim's blood
i'm in a trigger-ready mood

no human trace of modesty
i embrace my hopeless destiny

bestowed with instant primal rage
driven wild by insurrection prayers brought up
in the black or white creed
useless violence is really all i feed on

connected to a brainwashed device
pointless fury shows right through my eyes
indoctrinated perverse mind design
serving the gause is no crime

high presicion
death machine
my blood is cold
killing engine

trained to kill , deprived of human feel
the present lets you roam
the future will torture with remorse

fade out of memories untold
reloaded with killer instinct thoughts
prepared for bloodshed highly trained
i've got the state of mind

self absorbed a phony scent of pride
underneath totalitarian lies
i have got to made up my mind
to serve the cause is no crime
3. (The Busy) Stateman (4:41)
got to watch your way
the electric eye is after you
the intrusive lens is coming through
you'd better hide your face

not the one we thought before
your morphing figure is getting worse
the media has spread the word
busted! play no more!

now we see your face
you left a lying trace
one of your busy stateman days

the world's fate rests in your hand
you decide the surviving land
the bombs will be drop at your will
spread the hunger , world stand still

we lived confident unaware
until the flash unveiled the truth
broadcasting of your rise and fall
now we know whom we trusted all

we play along with the insane
in this russian roulette game
a whole continent may well sink
if one unknown bitch pulls up her skirt
4. Doomsday Menace (3:21)
5. Enslaved To The Machine (3:14)
drowned in the sea of ink
blinded by the bright screen
deaf from airwave thunders
networked chaos within
brain-washed bit by bit
corrupted in our inner being
moulded as soulless clay
turned into bioelectronic waste

infected to the bone
digital virus disease

tiny cells in the neural grid
controlled from the live chip
we have no will to hold back
our throughts programmed beforehand
hopeless in the cyber aeon
subdued to the mastermind
overthrown by our creations
our liquid bloodstream sucked dry
infected to the bone
digital virus disease

enslaved to the machine
6. Beyond The Screen (5:11)
beyond the screen

welcome to the masquerade
we hope to win this fight
no matter what it takes
beauty, and empy bloodless souls
corrupted to the bone
keep everyone informed

laughter, happy-faced rows
contest and shallow choirs
orchestrated vanity
sorry we can let you go away
it seems you have to stay in doom
you make my pockets full

live the cruel show business
where the business shows
step into the spotlight
make the ratings burst!
kneel before the camera
to the vicious shrine
the absurd choreography
of busty naked moths around the light

join the unknown army of empty faces
we expect to pervade into your life
trying to create a hopeless dependency
that gives me fame and fortune and the like
7. Disprogrammed (4:58)

hypnotized driven by no inner forces
paralized moved by a mysterious will
standardized caught in a electric cobweb
pretified body and soul all drained and killed

sucked into a one-way technomaze
bound to live and die
executing senseless scripts
all disprogrammed

i am all wired
plugged in brainwashed

sodomized by some dark I/O pulses
demonized all our primal instincts banned
chances are we morph into a robotized army
no way back we were just programmed

sucked into a one-way technomaze
bound to live and die
executing senseless scripts
all disprogrammed

i am all wired
plugged in brainwashed

something wanders in my inner being
short-circuit sparks burning mu brain
primal urges cut their way to the surface

corrupt the genetic database
deplete our softminds with a human troyan seed
all disprogrammed

i am all wired
belong to them
i am all plugged in
got no defense
8. Omega Man (4:41)
9. Invasion (6:53)
10. Prayer (7:22)
all you see is pain
fear the upcoming slaughter from the sky
mystic desease, controlling useless lives

fear and pain is all you see
the spell of darkness chases you
the only escape it's in your fate
hiding over dead bodies

year by year
hope for the answer to the mysteries
innocent belief
craddled in stupid lies

passive reaction before the storm
and time has not passed by in vain
one more life is falling under spell
go to pray , feed the cattle

now i feel a burning desire
reanimate all who died in vain
corpse from beyond , corpse without head
where there's no time from all around
and they will step on their accuser's toes
crimes without rule of a judge no a jury

pray for emptiness
where all minds fall
recognize all the mysteries
recognize all the lies
pray forever
there's no escape
where the time has not passed by
pray, pray, all your life

in the night
angels fall
appear in flames
show me the truth
fools around you
telling lies
about he walking
on the water again
the only way
to reach heaven
is fight the earth
not your prayers
millions of prayers
cannot save you
from all your sins
that you recognized
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