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Dechristianrites Full Album Lyrics

Necroshine - Dechristianrites cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-28)
1. Blowjobing Jesus (3:58)
Consuming my soul,
cocking the essence
'till the last drop,
sadistically cleaned

Blowjobing jesus
crossnailing nuns
whore of the lord
fistfucking the priest

Whiping the minds
with your frustrations.
You, guide of a sin
that you would be yours

Blowjobing Jesus
punishing yourself
slave of your limitations
and inner perversions

Blowjobing Jesus
crossnailing nuns
blowjobing Jesus
punishing yourself

Un bello e orribile mostro si sferra
corre gli oceani corre la terra
corusco e fumido come i vulcani
i monti supera divora i piani.
Sorvola i baratri poi si nasconde
per antri incogniti per vie profonde,
Ed esce e indomito di lido in lido
come di turbine manda il suo grido.
Come di turbine l'alito spande
e passa o popoli Satana in grande.
Passa benefico di loco in loco
su l'infrenabile carro del foco.
Salute o Satana o ribellione
o forza vindice della ragione
Sacri a te salgono gli incensi e i voti
hai vinto il Geova dei sacerdoti.
2. Blood of Christ (2:46)
Living the exstasy
dreaming red passion,
saving your soul having confession,
dying years after under depression
hoping to have again
blood of Christ
on our bodies on our flesh

Blood of Christ

Hysteric masses invoking for pleasure,
sister in heat showing their treasure,
devouring poison feeling the pressure
hoping to have again
blood of Christ

There's no god at all,
there's no freedom on heart,
I am the god of fuck,
there's no god on this fucking world
3. Washed by Holy Cum (4:38)
Slaves of perversion,
desposal of decency,
chained by desire,
of satanic copulation.

Bowed before the power
of the immortal master,
naked and haunted
by the lusty priest.

Washed by holy cum
drinking the life,
washed by holy cum
restraining sins,
washed by holy cum
receiving pleasure

Baptized in the putrid water
poisoned by lies, embodied in wisdom
ancient inhibitions a
nd visceral frustrations,
emerge from the abyss
and release perversion
in the new Sodoma.
4. In the Splendor of Mutilation (5:11)
Tormented soul full of pain
in search for pleasure,
an escape from the chains
of a mortal weak body.

A blade sharp and cutting
as the cold that comes from my mind,
as cold as it comes from my cruelty,
as cold as it comes from my pain.

I desire that knife
I desire it on me,
I want to feel the rush on my skin,
waiting for the moment
when it will be the master of my essence.

Cut me! In the splendor of mutilation
my anguish will perish.
Penetrate me!
Your blade will be my salvation,
save me from my madness,
save me,
save me from myself.

I devour the pleasure of tour steel,
regeneration in blood.
I enjoy the pain you give me,
so intense free my soul.
So sweet so gentle
it's all so clear now.
5. Death Always Comes Too Late (3:08)
Stolen childood forbidden gardens,
interrupted games invincible powers.
Between the walls unexpected figures,
white masked but black in their soul.
Poor infants without powers,
poor infants without sustain.
They will rebel against abuses
grow strong soldiers,
will burn the robes,
will rape the torturers.
Revenge will be long and agonizing,
death will always come too late
They think and plot,
when they will have the strenght,
when they will march
on this rotten earth,
free men witour morals nor goods
6. Christian Slut (3:37)
She reads the bible
only the cruel passages,
confess her sins to be punished,
covers her shames only to herself.
Christian slut extasy of cross,
christian slut fuckholy visions.
She wants to be a nun
in a convent of sadism,
venting her istincts
with unihibited sisters.
Pray and fuck and beat
and cum and pray to the lord.
Recieve her punishment.
Wandering on Hell
she's a slave to herself.
7. Crushed by the Cross (4:42)
Children of ignorance
born from a supremacy of fools
the tight-lipped and eyes shut.

The seed of popes and the blood of martyrs
will born the rezombietated Jesus.
Pray to your lord but kill for Satan,
crushed by the weight of the cross.
Die for Jesus live for Satan,
kill in the name of your god.
Pray to Satan slave of Jesus,
crushed by the weight of your cross.

Scared silly by threats, you live
in the abyss of terror,
always with eyes closed and
clouded minds.

Children of nowhere
angry and terrorized.
Children of nowhere
they rise again.
8. War of Whores (3:59)
Dark and famine times
travelers and crusaders
in search of glory.
Nobles and clergy
like rats in the sewers
hidden in their fears.

War between saints and sinners
craving for powers,
between corruption and violence
it's the war of whores.

hunters in the shadows
like hungry wolves for easy kills.
Bloodthirsty cry out vengeance
the miserable war sons
cry out for vengeance.

Plundering the corpses
feeding with rotten meats
robbering their souls
digging the blind eyes.

The true nature of mankind
remains in the perversion of souls
rejoicing in fear, despising life.
Torturing the weaks is so pleasant,
playing with death is so sweet,
playing with death is so easy
9. Esequie (3:51)
E lente e desolate scorrono,
un fiume,
le anime.
E cantano, e cantano
una canzone che sa di morte.
E lente e desolate
vanno al richiamo e cantano
e ridono in sinuose movenze
che san di lutto.
E ridono e ridono di nero ghigno.
Una lenta processione
al funerale del vostro signore.
Cristo è morto!
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