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Rise of the Elder Ones | Full Album Lyrics

Necronomicon - Rise of the Elder Ones cover art

Rise of the Elder Ones

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsSeason of Mist
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > N > Necronomicon Lyrics (33) > Rise of the Elder Ones Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-01)
1. Resurrected
Life after life
I'm back once more
Stronger than before
With the wheel of time and the gods on my side
I walk the wind and make love to the sky
One with earth and the fire in my eyes
From aeon to aeon I had a thousand forms
Descending in the flesh at the altar of time
Where the true sinners lie waiting to bring me down
Hundreds of knives have stabbed me
Thousands of arrows have pierced me
My blood have been spilled through history
My name spread fear to my enemies
Here I am
From my ashes I live again
Here I stand
Resurrected to fight until the end
2. The End of Times
The lies are falling in the kingdom of the cross
For what they're saying the end of times is at the door
As the weak are waiting a salvation that will never come
We walk the earth and take back what is ours
Free from slavery
We are the masters of our destiny
Blinded by hypocrisy
They cannot see our divinity
Let us rebuild our former knowledge and wisdom
The end of times is where mankind is born
The lies are burning in the kingdom of the cross
For what they're saying the end of times as come
As the weak are dying I give my hand for their salvation
The end of time is when their world is no more
Free from slavery
We are the masters of our destiny
Blinded by hypocrisy
They cannot see our divinity
Mankind never be the same
The true gods are coming
Spread the word and listen
3. The Living God (Pharaoh of Gods Part II)
Blessed now by the sun
Living god now I'm the one
Destiny in my end
Of the entire land
Worship me when I die
Sailing down on the Nile
Crossing the underground
Reaching the other side
Among the gods now I am
They come to me and take my hand
Vision of future is in my hand
I let myself go into the light
The rays of the sun are millions
Touching everything that lives
The hands that carry the spirits are the seeds of mankind future
As I am immortal through time and space I live again
4. The Nuclear Chaos
5. From Beyond
What you can see after the light
The world is clear everything is bright
Odors and colors are endless
Everything is simple and flawless
You can tell all you've ever been
With a simple thought or with a dream
All things that were locked into your mind
Are now right here before your eyes
Now life and death is but a dream
Compare to what we are meant to be
Be one with all it's what we are
Some of us are even from the stars
Forbidden knowledge is free in here
From those who try to destroy it
It's when you look to see what is God
You find the truth abaout who you are
We are from beyond
No fear is dwelling into the sanctum
From beyond is where we belong
Life and death is one with what we are
From beyond where we are born
6. Rise of the Elder Ones
Rise my friends
The time has come
Lord of this world we are
Bringer of light, whisperer in the dark
Prophet on another aeon
Masters of thousands legions
Deep in the temples of the past
The voices are calling
The witches are gathering
The words are spoken, the sign are drawn
In the tongue of the lost world
The deep slumber is now over
Numbness is leaving, power is rising
Gods of the gods, lords of the lords
Energy is descending the gate way is open
Time is stopped, death now dies
The true gods are coming, now it's time to kneel
7. The Valley of the Lost Souls
No sounds in the night flowers are flying in the wind
The black stone ageless, a monument stands in the valley
Symbol of power, a symbol of forgotten past
Venus dominates in the darkness of the sky
The virgin is wandering in the valley of the lost souls
Lost in her mind following an unknown voice
An ancient path she walks without knowing
Down in the valley on the way to the altar
Regaining consciousness she notice she is not alone
All around her now pale skin women's are standing
Bringing her to the altar, placing her on top
Frozen by fear she can't move or scream
Chanting rise in the night harms are raised in the air
Their heads turned to the sky it's joy appearing in their eyes
A star seem to be moving
A shadow is growing
Over her now passing
At the altar landing
Dark wings covering her
Fear is now over
She fully remember
She's a witch from this earth
8. Celestial Being
9. Dark Corners of the Earth
Dark corners of the earth
Where the elders are sleeping
Where the elders are dreaming
Condemned and banish for time before time
Lurking in the dark
Praying to no one ruling all that lives
Before mankind was here
Coming from high above
Here was their new colony
The time will come again
The door will soon be open
Our people have been waiting for the time they'll be freed
The keys is in their rightful hands our minions will move mountains
And we shall rise again from the dark corners of the earth
Come my minions
Come and pray to us
Something is growing in the dark corners of the earth;
The spawns of the gods are calling for their true masters
Cities of might will emerge from the seas
Knowledge will be at the reach of those
Who chose the truth the false god will fall when reality is revealed
In the dark corners of the earth where everything will begins
No angels or God will appear nor stairway to heaven, the monument soaring is the monolith of the truth
As the shadow become enlighten the chosen ones will be knighted
The prophets are now the fools and the fools become the prophets
Dark corners of the earth the prophecy has returned
10. The Fallen
Thunder and lightning strikes the earth
The battle is not yet over the scent
Of the smoke dominate the air of the night
The sky is red from the flame of the burning cities
And here I stand where my doom was supposed to be
Surrounded by what's left of those who tried attack
Daring, defying the storm coming at me
Ready for the end, for this moment I've been living
The wave is striking many falls in the first minutes
Friends around are dying but I havae to keep moving
There do I see my father
There do I see my mother
And my sisters and my brothers
There do I see the line of my people
Back to the beginning
They do bid me to take my place among them
In the halls of Valhalla
A sea of corpses as far the eyes can see
Blood and water are one in the rivers
Agony spread is wings on the battle field
When only I still alive
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