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Advent of the Human God Full Album Lyrics

Necronomicon - Advent of the Human God cover art

Advent of the Human God

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-01)
1. Into the Descent (1:18)
2. Advent of the Human God (The Heart of Darkness) (5:27)
The end of despair, the coming of a new heir
The lord of outer planes, on the threshold disperse the pain
Many time visiting, this world of misunderstandings
Dark forces are not, what people know and shout
Pagan eyes cry, for this world no one cares about
Mankind's living a lie, from creation forever apart

Eons of slumber are not even enough
As time passes we are still standing
Ghouls are rising, it will not be in vain
Marching forward, fear will be slain forever

For whom concerned about the faith of the world
For whom concerned about their loved ones
The path is open, for the lord is coming
The path is open where god becomes human

The end of despair, the coming of a new heir
The lord of outer planes, on the threshold disperse the pain

Rejecting what have been imposed
Renouncing what have been forced
Reunite with what you are
Is awake the god that you are
3. Necronomicon - The Golden Gods (The Blood of Ages) (4:13)
As we are one, we are light and darkness
Father and son, the golden gods
Leading the fight, on the field against the mass
The rotten core, indoctrination
We are the fruits of the secret garden
Enlighten now, the truth is out
Taking our place, forging our legend
Kingdoms are falling, false name are burning

Ascending to the sphere of consciousness
Transcending hatred to knowledge
Gathering the fallen angels

Spear of destiny
Sword of truth
Alpha, Omega
Ashram Sana Elah
Occultist trinity
From traitor to savior
From lead to gold
From darkness into the light

The blood of ages
Nectar divine
We drink the wine
Come drink with us
4. Okkultis Trinity (2:27)
5. Unification of the Four Pillars (3:27)
Witness the wonder, the fact that we are the storm
Crushing the weak wherever we take form
Cleansing the world back to its purest form
The truth emerging from the deepest part of the earth
Shattering the mirror of life-long lies
To reveal reality against all odds
Appearance deceives the untrained eye
Who will dare defy the sons of the gods?

The values of their world is nothing in the universe
Darker is the shadow, brighter is the light
Let our hearts beat with the pulse of the earth
Cosmic consciousness over the matter of the flesh

The pillars united to open the path of heaven
The thousand year god, a myth that will not return
Lightning strikes, fire scorches the ground
The earth trembles, waves crushing the world

As Gaia awaken to the cycle of purification
All life enters a universal rebirth
6. Crown of Thorns (4:30)
The spawns of the crucified, said to dwell among the clouds
Leaving their lands, for gold and riches
Sailing the seas to convert all human beings
In the steppes and the lands beyond the Andes, my people arise
Hands opened toward the sun, offering what we have done
They bring the crown of thorns to corrupt all of our sons
The flesh of their god, they eat, and his blood they've sworn to drink
Lord of pain and suffering, calling misery on their kin
Hailed for a life of numbness, giving their soul to emptiness

Around their neck, wearing the accursed cross
Symbol of pain and those who are lost
Thousands of years of devious preaching
In out time, our culture is slowly dying
Of this bread, I won't be eating
Because I'm a true human being
7. The Fjord (4:39)
High as the mountains
Deep as the water
Harshness of the tongue
Thickness of the skin
Bold and proud
Strong and loud
Fire and Ice
Women and drinks
Proud jewel of Vinland
Living place of the giants
The voice of the ancients
Thundering in the land
Endless forest
Purest rivers
Jealous and fierce
Laugh and tears
Coldest nights
Northern lights
Warrior hearts
Conqueror of the north
The will to fight the world
To build something better
Traveling land and seas
To fulfill our destiny
Where man and beast share the same kingdom
Warrior from the day we're born, from father to son
Fighting to the very end, on a faraway land
When I'll die on the distant shore, bring my body back to the fjord
8. Gaia (2:43)
9. I Bringer of Light (4:04)
I'm master and lord of this kingdom
In the world of man, I am wisdom
The emerald sun, the power of the one
Avatar of the purest form

Dark times are fading, joining hands with fate
Destiny at the door for the one looking beyond
Knowledge from the stars channeled through the verb
Words of truth from the mouth of the fallen

I am the god sun
i am the atom
I am Viracoche
I am Kukulkan

I am the shining one
I am bringer of dawn
I am the morning star
I am bringer of light

Under my wing, the power of fire
The elder sign, protecting the wise
Sitting on the throne of death
Holding the scepter of life

If you walk the path of the snake, be ready to shed your own skin
At peace with darkness, at ease with hellfire
Fall of the lies, I have risen as the god of darkness
To realize that I am one with the cosmic truth
10. Innocence and Wrath (Celtic Frost cover) (1:08)
11. Alchemy of the Avatar (5:14)
I'm born from Hermes, Hyperion elected me
Without Iamsoph, I'm destined to perish
The moon and the sun, Venus' divine breath
The first number of the form, a triangle pointing down
First, to be a vessel
Second to create the spark
The ritual of polarities
Communion of the opposites
Blood and mercury have found
By dexterous art, have been bound
Nature learn to imitate
Teaches how to circulate
A single circle in the middle
Triangle with the proper symbols
Simple material prima
Beginning, middle, and end
Human at the core of the flower of life
Cosmic wave enter the crown of light
Roots of the mother rise to the Anahata
Golden aura, purity the karma
Humankind cannot gain anything
Without first, giving something
In return, to obtain something
Equal value, must be lost
When god and blood are joined, creating the cosmic spawn
As one and one are two, flesh and god become one
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