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The Mutation Process Lyrics

Necroabortion - The Mutation Process cover art

The Mutation Process

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-23)
1. The Mutation Process (1:20)
2. The Scavengers' Feast (2:30)
From the vastness the scavengers arrived,
they found wilderness, on the way to other land
So pure, full of life, free from the vice…
Temptation was so strong, the human nature of control
Man's hands once again barge in, imposing, bringing ruin

Who is the man, who is the beast?
Covetous faith, annihilates natives,
Killed for funds, destroyed their beliefs,
in the name of the Catholic kings

Red robes whipping for a golden stone, delirious power-fever in the air

Slavery, misery, obliteration begins
Abuse infinite, ancestral torture.
Somber, dogmatic, lunatic awakening.
the crown overflowed in blood.

Disfigured bodies, wanton cruelty, atrocities
Domination through perversion

Who is the man, who is the beast?
Covetous faith, annihilates natives,
Delusions of grandeur as a strategy
Abhorrent scenario under the shield of faith.
3. War Puppet (3:23)
Mind, blood and machine unite!!

Man synchronized with the same goal
The war puppet is activated
Political interests and oil reserves,
are the triggers for the massacre

The order is given, the war puppet obeys
“with repulsion and indifference; exterminate”

Bombs hiss as they fall, as if they cut the wind
Fire-storm, napalm smell; impact is imminent.

It´s too late, there is no escape
The buzzing skies, predict a hell on earth.

With no remorse, achieves its mission
A heart of ice and steel, unable to show feelings

Goes away leaving behind thousands of victims
Charred bones and twisted metal are left as evidence
Dismembered bodies, burnt cars and collapsed buildings
Contrast with the sight, devastated survivors walk among the ruins.
4. Dreams Spectator (4:19)
Many they are, dreaming about freedom
From slavery, war and misery they want to escape
Outcasts in the world, seeking their destiny

Running away from home, to their neighbor's land
It doesn´t matter how, "I go to Europe or Die"
The deal is done, they embark on the sea
They´re just a number more, overcrowded like rats

Crossing deserts from south to north to get the shore
Many they are, dreaming about freedom
From slavery, war and misery they want to escape

The dreams spectator only sees them passing by
Smuggling desires of the hopeless, trading with their lives
The dreams spectator only sees them passing by
Leave the moorings of deception, in a nutshell drift along

Despair, waves and screams soak the night
Drowned in their cries, asking why
The yearnings for a better future crumble,
with frozen water and nothing to hold on to.

When help arrives, only a few survive
Disgrace begins to fade out; their lives are “free” now
But the ones that were left behind, are now part
of the water graveyard.
5. Veiled Strings (3:34)
Destined to fall, intended for self-destruction.
Thoughts directed to control, feed and manage everyone.

There´s no reasoning, the human being ceded.
Your own choice and freedom are over

Do you feel free inside a cage?
The future is showing its real face
Big pillars controlling puppets

Wolves in sheep´s clothing directing weak masses.
An enslaved society, bound by suffering,
pleased with a mediocre lifestyle of vices;
deceptive and destructive placebos.

Every ignorant mind is satisfied with lies,
With mere illusions of a better tomorrow.

There´s no reasoning, the human being ceded.
Your own choice and freedom are over

Follow your leader, kneel before your king
This was always the plan, do not think for yourself
but what they want you to.

Think of the lies you have been told,
Think about the reasons for misfortunes.
6. Horrid Crossbreed (3:26)
Fucked up Quasi-Human waste
Horrid crossbreed between boar and hyena

Conceived by a solution of alcohol-semen
Frantic penetration fertilized venom-womb innards.

The drug induced passion and too much time to waste
A disastrous recipe, gave place to a new disposable breed.
Zombie-like minded they pullulate the streets
They prowl amongst us, filling the air with the stench of decadence

Lurking for a victim,
They feed on the fear that the weak shows to them
Not really knowing why…
whatever they find, won´t fix their rotting mind.
Thinking about the vice
Dragged to consume cheap synthetic shit, no matter what they have to do to get it.

It has been planned and well executed
Zombifying without voodoo or chemicals
It only took a few years, and now it´s out of control
The perfect mass destruction

Purification of the stumbling race
Stop the production of nature´s bastards
We are being torn apart
A necro-abortion of their fetus-trash.
7. We Are the Plague (2:50)
Mother earth speaks; we´re not beings for this world
Exhausting resources, eliminating the natural balance
Destruction is our role in this world,
our careless progress brings us closer to extinction
Too many predators, abusing the same habitat

Open your mind, we´re the leech
Open your eyes, we're the shit

Fear and pain, hunger and misery, extermination dreams
The only way to clear this putrid skies is to become wiped out

The beast awakened from its lethargic sleep, man shall pay!
The tyranny of these years will be devoured by the sea.

The rain hurts my eyes, the sun burns my skin
The Planet warns the end to this filthy era

Where is your God while Earth melts down?
Look up to the sky, tomorrow will be gone!
Knowing that there won´t be anything
and the smog will swallow us.

We are pain
We are the plague
8. Forced Involution (3:09)
Human population grown under control
Motivated procreation
Uneducated, mindless sons
mislead the astray, devastate the mediocre

A plan to make the hungry insane
Crawling through the streets in ravenous fury
Unveiling a process of deliberate shortage
Grain is only for a few filthy mouths, always the same fucking story

They let you breed unconsciously, but you must eat scum
They let you walk aimlessly, but not on their zone
They have the land, from ages before
They inherited all, from the elder cunts

Perverse domination through hunger
They take away sustenance, so you can’t think anything else

The involution of the "superior" race
A result of a deformed nature theory
We are the exception to a rule, we´ll soon be gone
A system made to stray us from our course
9. Will to Power (3:11)
You feel that your world is falling apart
Everything you loved now it´s not enough

You´ve been blinded, by other people´s thoughts
Living the lie!
Misconceptions of what´s right or wrong

Foreign ideals of what your lifestyle should turn out to be
Disappointment sets in as your goals begin to fade
There´s nothing left inside to remind you
what you once had for certain, the disbelief,
that what others had for granted
was just trash imposed.

What you once had for certain, that disbelief,
was the only thing that kept you from being one number more.

Only introspection and will to power will enlighten
the path that breaks off the chains of your self restraint

Think! You have been blind.

Abstract yourself from delusion, bring out will to power.
10. Eviscerated from Life (3:03)
Grotesque, unscrupulous and worthless
the decision had already been taken
The victim falls in the wrong place at the wrong time
no friends or family arrive to stop the carnage

A simple accident unchains the dark scenario
the black market´s surgeon shows up on stage

All vital organs were sold beforehand to the higher bidder
the operation starts with a shot, to sleep the carrier of the goods to be taken off

The chest is sawed, blood is drained, the arteries cut
Lungs, liver, kidneys and heart are now exposed.

The pricey pieces of the miserable patient
are packed with ice to reach their destination
With no remorse, money is taken by the sellers
Remaining meat and bones are thrown as pathological waste
11. Oscura Encomienda (3:31)
La mala situación económica, desigualdad,
la falta de recursos lo empujan al abismo.

En un baño está, tragando capsulas
Cocaína pura en el estomago
Jugos gástricos desencadenados, latido acelerado, pasos aligerados

Respiración entrecortada, llego el momento
Enfila hacia el aeropuerto, sudor y sufrimiento

Grave expresión, desborda de tensión,
pasa el detector, da negativo
Un poco de alivio para el portador,
quien emprende el vuelo a su perdición

Llegado a destino, comienza lo peor!
Llevado ante quienes lo esperan para la evacuación

Las horas pasan el método rápido no da resultado,
Deciden extraer! Amordazado y sin anestesia,
la operación comienza
Del intestino extraen ciento treinta piezas

El cuerpo es desechado del producto deseado
Como un envase vacío, es quebrado y doblado,
atado, embolsado y tirado a un río
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