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Immortal Warriors Full Album Lyrics

Nauseous Surgery - Immortal Warriors cover art

Immortal Warriors

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level ― (2011-09-24)
1. Touched By Master (6:32)
You're drowning in a deep abyss
Between terrifying vaults
You eyes are showing you the dark side of the Universe
In a maze of purity you feel a holy presence
Many words sound around you
they're a holy book message
They try to get you to a world of slavery...

From the hot forest can feel the voice of Master
Supreme Desolation God
whom the manking was insulting
His power will save the world
Of a second Christ passion

The putrid of evil the heaven of pain
This darkness will be the real light
Another pagan soul is save (from the christianism)
The Nazarene and his father are dead
With their sordid morality

The land of no return receive you
All pagans celebrate the evil victory
You finally know the power of creation
Reborn with the malefic touch of the Master
Well push the thorns in Christ rotten carcass...

The putrid of evil the heaven of pain
This darkness will be the real light
Another pagan soul is save from the christianism
The Nazarene and his father are dead
With their sordid morality
2. Voodoo Ritual (3:36)
Walken' (sic) aross the lost Haiti savannah
Black snakes are the gaurdians
Of the oldest and immortal temple of the dead
A giant vault shows them the way
The master of black magic
He got on his altar all souls
Of the living deads (sic)
Le Baron Samedi
Power from the cult of the dead
Msny little bottles keep the souls
Of zombie warriors
They stand up from their graves
To stole (sic) more souls for the master
Le Baron... cold kiss of the death!
Like innocent toys in the room
Many personal things
From the victims
Their closed eyes to mortal world
On the flames the dolls become
Voodoo ways to the slaves of darkness
Voodoo ritual
You cannot escape!
Le Samedi will take your soul
And your heart will become another
Black rose between the dead
Voodoo ritual!!!!
3. Immortal Warriors (4:18)
Walking on the dead earth
Epidemic doom was spread
By the nuclear winter
Ice and ashes is the actual scene
The immortal warriors fight
To keep the putrid force... alive!
They're marching on broken human bones
Their black flag reflected
The sign of immortal honor
Defended by bloody swords
The warriors ride to battle
To keep the pagan rites
On the earth
Death is not the end
Only the begin (sic) of eternal pain
Deformed people walken' (sic) searching fresh blood
The immortal warriors fight, they won't fall
They will call, with Lucifer's hordes
The war will be long, but the warriors
Force never comes back
They live for fight (sic)
And defend the black cross
Mythic words was screaming
The black spirit from abyss
Wake up again to kill
In front of the might (sic) kingdom... of death
4. Deceased Body (5:05)
Slowly is consuming your body
Your brain can't control anything
Are not memories but you don't have decease (sic)
Only a lost brain trying to escape from a rotten corpse
Your soul falls into an unholy void
You have maggots under your skin
Blood and pus drain off your genital organs
The terrible smell is causing
Vomit nausea
Everybody knows you are rotting
You must pray to live again
But your God is dead
Pain will be the only answer
I smile when I feel the morbid
Smell from your rotten flesh
The doctors wants (sic) disguise
But you know, cancer
Slowly you rot, cancer
There is no return
You can't have a family
Your blood will generate death
Your women will be dirty pussies
And babies menstrual rest
Rou're a seed of perpetual malediction
Deceased body
5. Official Drugs Slave (5:09)
Only a headache can become you in a mad dreamer
You are sick but you can't have a medical solution
Psychic troubles dominateyour body
The real sickness is shadows
Getting you to the edge
At the first time, you take a lot of things
Are the doctors right every times (sic)?
Why, for satisfy (sic) their ego?
Now you're realy sick, your organism is rotting
Thanks (sic) god for modern medicine!!
I don't believe in you!!
You can take hundred (sic) tablets
Visit all doctors
You aren't sick
You're another official drugs slave
Insomnia, mental pain
Which is burning your brain
Take these anti distonichs and have beautiful dreams
You'll be another person
You'll need more tablets
To live in a world of dreams... again!!
You can take hundred (sic) tablets
Visit all doctors
You aren't sick
You're another official drugs slave
6. Lethal Cold Wind (5:04)
At night you feel arrives (sic)
Like a lethal cold wind
The hands of supreme master
Show the dark death to mankind
All warlocks wake up to see the living dead mass
An endless cult for the kingdom of hell
Evil hordes!
Exteriorize your black and deep domains
Terrifying visions
Are affraiding (sic) men
Satsan's red eyes of fire
Create circles of doom and damnation
Sun becomes black
And drives in the bloody sea
Nazarene, your pain upon the cross
Isn't enough
Face the shame for the fallen angel
Two thousand years of agony
Is the price for your lies
Dark death on the earth
Only pagans will survive
Pain is a pleasure
The black shadow brings you pain
Until your suffering die!
Evil hordes!
Exteriorize you black and deep domains
7. The Hangman Tree (3:13)
How can we understand them?
People wait at each minute
Know another way to die
Many faces among the crowd
You know the psychoman is there
Waiting to kill another one
Nobody is save (sic)
Only fury can stop this
The putrid shadow from death row
Get someone think (sic) about testify
The justice of men can't help
Death knighs will show
Your life finishing under the shadow
Of the hangman tree...
Night hunters are searching
Damned souls
Their bodies will feed
The violent fury of vengeance
Dark shadow involve them
When you'll be there
You'll can't breath (sic)
And your body will get shake (sic)...
Your tongue become blue, your heart fell (sc) pain
Fatal pain from the hangman tree
The hangman tree...
8. Extraction Of An Infectious Soul Tumour (3:58)
Living in a madness world
Keep in soul a killer instinct
Walking on the streets night by night
Looking for another innocent victim
To lacerate a body
Drink fresh blood
And make love with a dead one
He has an infested soul
By a maniac hate
The infectious tumor domain his acts
He arrives in a putrid surgery room
The doctor is here!!
To take out
This eternal and black decease (sic)
A surgery isn't enough
The evil force in his soul
It's the putrid hate from hell
God cannot help him
Lucifer's rules reigns!
Everybody looks
Into these open casket
A dissolved brain drain off
The evil fluids
Is spreading in the room
His soul is getting cut
From his dead body
The surgery is finish
And the evil force is mine
A terrible kingdom of violence
Will domain the earth
By my hands
Master of souls
Killer instincts controller
The priest of dark cult of evil
Gaurdian of blackest faith
9. Traumatic Amputation (5:27)
Slowly and creeping death
A deformed body is bleeding
Another victim
of tragic accident
There is no cure
The half part of that body
Is scrunched!
In the evil surgery room
Operations team waits
They have a solution
Keep the brain alive
And do a traumatic amputation
A lot of exotic instruments
With a chainsaw
They cut arms and legs
Diabolic nurses drink the blood
The victim skin tears in their tooth
More organs to sell!!
We can see a sad brain
Suffering and pain
Only dark feelings
Wake up from this nightmare
But death is only the begin (sic)
Dead body
Live brain
And the eternal pain
Of the putrid surgery
The traumatic amputation of his life
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