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The Day of Pain Full Album Lyrics

Natrium - The Day of Pain cover art

The Day of Pain

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-06-04)
1. Prison of Fear (6:23)
I don't know what happens here - The strong feeded by an oblying weak
Those who oppose are discredited - now as enemies of their country
The big democracy is already dead - Praise the reign of ignorance
Fill the heads of women and men - With an oppressing sense of menace
Everyone is scarred by their shadow - Closing their mind and blinding their eyes
Bying weapons to feel fully protected - Rivers of money to the house of death
Ignorance condemn us all - Noone escape from this insanity
How could they live with fear inside? - Why they didn't think and free their mind?
Because the truth is just behind - A bloody curtain of hypocrisy
Waved by empty greedy people - Painted with floods of their children
To eat everything they see - No matter if they're eating themselves
No more depression - No more illusions
I see more than you can hide (you fool)
No more corruption - No more LIES!
To Kill - To Crush - To Eat - OUR MINDS
This is your idea of world - You keep your people in
A cage made of fear - That chain their forgotten souls
You cannot fool me - Only I can build my future
Mind is the key - To unlock your prison of fear
2. Brain Sight (5:15)
He's always there - where you lived him
always ready to hit - always ready to kill
He doesn't listen to you - your words are shit
manifest of your life - is the war low

streets are not clean - world in my hands
tear up the judge - brain sight

He's waiting for you - nothing can be better
only to suffer more - another fear

Praise your gods - to save your soul
3. Last Prophecy (6:14)
Shadows of my past have come back last night
Future is uncertain and confuse
I see a mirror without my face
Hundreds of spirits and abuses

Long corridors of sadness separate our souls
Infinity is a little bit more than me
I've known dead for much time
The war is won and gone

Behind last mountain I see the world
In the middle there's only a little part
Behind last prophecy I see the world

Immortal grasslands let space to the progress
Fastest winds run only for kill
Trees and half-men are taken away
I see the first fire of this land

streets are not clean - world in my hands
tear up the judge - brain sight
4. Sellers of Happyness (5:26)
the certainty falls in nothing and I'm trying to live and survive
I don't need the benevolent providence illuminating my face
the only possibility is that they are screaming out their lies
aristocratic people of other times get out by their graves

the run of the complaint and of the injustice surround us and it holds back
new traps come to strike us from very distant
I imagine a tattered peace again but nonexistent
there is not hope and I don't find a correct clump

I would feel escaping far but very far
the play of the souls is owner
sellers of happiness too cheap

I am dissolving in a sea of incomprehension and death
It's finished the time of the caresses and of the affections
I have no more hunger of affection cause I don't think it still exist
I surrender and watching down, I have lost

rage of people dead invade my thoughts when the night arrives
they insinuate in me between the good and the evil
telling me to have me seen stealing the souls, lies
they are able to look at me inside and they tear me the heart

I would feel escaping far but very far
the play of the souls is owner
sellers of happiness too cheap
5. Burning in My Stake (3:53)
Old faces run through time and space - Farewell last dance of hypocrisy
Something changes my mind so in my face - Don't misunderstand it's too much easy

Lies writing my designe - I'm burning in my stake
For all my mistakes - They tread on my heart and on my face

I fell down and I broke down the bell - Omnipotent presence saves our hell
bell sings our last hour - This change can be a growth

Try to keep the last time
Desire to desdain your race
Of terror that pumping inside my mind
They think to deviate the rain
6. Inner Devastation (5:42)
Inner devastation - It's like I feel
It's as a domination - But it's all real

People that can find you - In time to dissapear
They can't understand you - They can still you kill

Rage, lie, life, death

Like a murder doll - I am dancing now
A game not in my hand - Laughing with loud

Don't trust in nothing - It's a deadly fault
They can only lieing - No trust!

Rage, lie, life, death

Never ending distance - Between life and death
I see near and far - It not has any back

Falling all the darkness - But I can't see the light
Nothing I feel inside me - And the dark is bright

Rage, lie, life, death

I can't see the end - Of this day of pain
It's bleeding in my brain - It's hunger of revange

It's spreading its big wings - Behind it there's a man
It was his day of pain - This man with my face
7. Scythe (5:29)
Darkness become the rite
Wind sweeps away the white
Black time hiding the lies
Remaining words no wise
Waiting the day of pain

Every cold days waiting you
nothing matter to do
It's not a strange deja-voo
It's the death for you
Waiting the day of pain

Words of destruction
feeling my dissolution
I know it's not the solution
but only a distraction

Fire will be brought by the wind
Last hope to keep everything
Scythe is no more waiting
Have you fear? It's coming
Waiting the day of pain
8. The Day of Pain (1:31)
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