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Elegy for the Flesh Full Album Lyrics

Natrium - Elegy for the Flesh cover art

Elegy for the Flesh

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-06-04)
1. Elegy for the Flesh (3:16)
Extremization of biological reductionism concept
Humanity reduced to mere shells
From theory to practice
Man is nothing more than a machine
Insignificant components soldered
In a waymore complex circuit board

Human organs are simply spare parts
Deceases are a source of richness
Minds are instrument of control
Faith is a prison
A place to confine worthless existences
Turned to blind automatons
A despicable pile of sensors

Denying the meaning
Of the original conception
By now the mankind will be treated
Like something that is
Capable of being consumed
A disposable product
Designed only to be used and then discharged
Writing the elegy for the flesh

Inexorably the process of
Human mechanization
Continue exploiting
The weakness of the subjects
Mercilessly cynically crushing
Their feeble resistance
Erasing every trace
Of the primordial essence
2. Memetic Infection (3:08)
Brutality in the pursuit of chastity
Superstitions infects
Those who impose purity
A meme deep rooted in their minds
Centuries of tribal traditions
Synthesized in cruelty
Inane mutilations
There is no religion that can justify

Impromptu surgery with rudimentary tools
Critorisephtomy infibulation
Suffering to avoid carnal pleasure
As demanded by your god

Infections take place
Their failure lead to death
Of their so called loved ones
But faith it's supreme and traditions
Are stronger than love

Genealogic trees sink roots in sick soil
Manured with ignorance and discrimination
Generations inherit their haunting meme
Spreading the infections to save the traditions
They decide to corrupt foreign doctors
To sexually mutilate their sons
Feeding with their money
The mutilation trade
In the name of an absurd belief
3. Breastfed with Mendacity (3:55)
Art of manipulation
Refined through generations
Forced you to believe that
"war is peace freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength”

Your saviour has been painted as your enemy
The truth has been shattered once again
Unbearable hate consume the consciences
Nurturing the newborns
Sons of obliviousness
Breastfed with mendacity

Negating history idolating criminals
Condemning those
Who try to awake your awareness

Resignation guide your vain march
While you try to imagine the future
Looking through the eyes of the kids
Shreds of recollections
Of the previous way of life crowd your mind
But the evil that you perceive
In their eyes without memory
Without history without freedom
Erase your last glimmers of hope
Dehumanized souls breastfed with mendacity

Fragments of lies collapse on you
Sharp splinters cut synaptic connections
Short circuiting
The weak network of your thoughts
Lobotomized servants drifting in the time
4. Sarin Benison (4:15)
Chemical remission of society dirty sins
Nebulization of purificating spores
Will fill the sinners lungs
Gas masked mindless automatons
Insane toxic scheme
To reach peace through terrorism

Religion guided will
Vital sap for the weak feed their empty life
Tighten their spiritual leashes

Sarin benison

Spreading through the air
The nerve gas will purify them
Asphyxiating extreting ejaculating
Boiling with pyrexia

Spreading through the air
The nerve gas will purify them
Uncontrolled bodily functions
Loosing consciousness
Trembling with convulsions
Seizures until death

Landscape of death
Thousands of bodies seems petrified
Disfigured laying down in their droppings
5. Ravenous Theophaghists (2:56)
Watching with pity and scorn
Humanity creeping like rats
Mechanically fed with lies
Consume the flesh of their god

Anxiously awaiting with impotent eyes
The axe of martyrizations fall on their head
Their vain hopes are wrapped
In a sacred shroud woven with bigotry

Scroll between the fingers bloody rosaries
Marking the ineluctable advancing of time
When the atrocious doubt
Nested in their minds
Their existence is image and likeness
Of the poor god they adore
Conscious of thy weakness of thy desolation
A question hurts like a stab in their brain
Why his father has abandoned him

Eat thy sacred flesh drink thy blood
And you will be safe from the truth and reason
Blindly follow
Eat thy sacred flesh drink thy blood
And you will be safe from the truth and reason
Do the sign of the cross
Blinded by thy sight

Annihilated under thy protective wing
6. Allograft Harvesting (5:07)
A sterilized murmur of ruptured voices
Is what stay human
In this systematic harvesting

Who refuse to obey
Will be imprisoned a**lyzed examined
And then forced to work
As the request increase
More organs will be removed and then sold
All their organs will be removed
And their bodies burnt

They are just human living
Spare parts kept alive as the request increase
More organs will be removed and then sold
All their organs will be removed
And their bodies burnt

Removing their hearts-kidney and liver
Removing their lungs-blood and cornea
Removing their skin

They are just human living spare parts
Conscious with eye open wide
Hearing their plans about transplanting
Tied down and fed through nasogastric tubes
With their urine and feces

Stripped of every organ useful for transplanting
As the request increase
More organs will be removed and then sold
All their organs will be removed
And their bodies burnt

They are just human containers

Worldwide organs trade
Keep growing secretly
Erasing every trace of
Their allograft harvesting
7. Clinical Savagery (3:02)
Scanning atrocities
Through the eyes of a vile man
Seeing patients turning into victims
Their lives reduced to paper sheets
That blood consecrate in money
Coward like a vulture
Foretasting his next carcass
Betray the trust of those who need care
Transforming them into a source of richness

Unprincipled aciurgies
Clinical savagery

Squeezed until the last drop
Deadly deceitful surgery
God complex rules his will
Corruption in the flesh

Anesthesia is vanishing
Unlocking the doors
Of their hell in earth
Aftermath awaking mutilated
Deprived of some internal organs
Without any reason
Lives destroyed will not be refund
8. Plastinated Birth (3:34)
Death lives through art
Guide the artist's hand
To carve bodies
To create human sculptures
A gallery of flesh masterpieces

Plastinated rebirth
From the eternal sleep
To admire the body complexity

Atavic desires of eternity
Chasing the dream
To become forever immortal
To rise from the dead
As an artwork

The volunteers don't fulfill
The need for bodies
New creations
Made with unknown cadavers
Treated like raw materials
Their head sliced
Their organs exposed
Their blood replaced with resins
Stripped of all their dignity

Need for more fresh corpses
The obsession to create
To rise above putrefaction

Maniacal anatomy
Synthesized in this macabre exposition
Representation of human fragility

A long and challenging process
To defy the laws of nature

Plastinated rebirth
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