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Fragile Alignments Full Album Lyrics

Nami - Fragile Alignments cover art

Fragile Alignments

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
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Submitted by level 8 DeftCrow (2013-08-06)
1. Awakening from Lethargy (4:15)
2. The Inner Man: Materia (6:12)
As needles flowing from my chest
I felt as everything I had had left

A never dying sin
Slowly embraced my soul

It will never let me free
Two become one

A growl from deep inside
The body, the jail

My bones try to escape from my fate
Breaking the flesh

Kneeled, I'm still strong
Falling deep inside my own well
Seems seven angels were writing my eulogy
Fire, water, air and earth

Lots of colours arranged in a delicate symphony
All in its right place,
I can feel the harmony
Two become one
Trying to find myself once again
3. The Growing (Earth) (7:45)
In a soil older than time
Set on fire by the evil breath
Where sunbeams die between the hazes
And where life is only a weak spark
Grows solemnly a green-leaved tree
Protecting the stars with his branches
Protecting the sky with his arms
Rooted in the earth's ashes
Feeding itself with darkness and grief
The giant shapes its own bark
Where there beats an unperturbable heart
Following the rhythm of the universe
Staring at the sun, the tree keeps growing straight
Rising with majesty he gets stronger with light
Even in this rotten land his will to live was enough
The seed persevered until becoming the god of all things
Mother Earth, listen to my prayer
(This is the way) Don't remove, just purity
Make the whole world untouchable
Feeling the grass again on my feet
There's no border now between you and me

Follow the path, it's your decision
And now make the right choice
Trust your heart
And let nature embrace your soul
4. Oppression and Understanding (Fire) (5:30)
I find myself distorted in the mirror
I cannot see directly into my eyes
Reflected on light, even being in the dark
There's only me in my soul quest
And I see the uncertainty that surrounds
I was sick of this vibrating noise
Feeling that I had slept for years
Creating a confused man
Avoiding the suffering
Fuelling slowly an appaling cruelty
The fire burns my throat in every breath I take

I heard a lament
Something has changed
There's a storm on the horizon
Soon, I won't remember anything
The future takes me away from here

I left the grey city and I do not look back
The fire inside me guides my way
The light falls on my back
I feel a silence inside, here the dream ends
Fear and doom
It was the end, the end

And I went into the fog
I lost my memories
Innocence, hope and love
I just can't feel that anymore
A hole in my heart
Disturbed me from the beginning
I lost my emotions
I will never remember
It was the end, I was the end
5. Loop of Truth (The Link) (6:29)
Cause they're only humans
Flesh and blood and bones
Mortals, empty...
Slaves of their own feelings

Who do you think you are?
Nothing, you're nothing to my eyes
Just another sheep from the herd
You can't choose for yourself

Cause I'm only human
Nature's son, elements' child
I can feel the astral melancholy
Crying for humankind and its fate
There's still hope, no, there's not
We can fight, no you can't
Look me in the eyes when I talk to you!
Cause we can change the world

Although we are still young
We've been here for a long time
Surviving and learning how to learn
Nature's son, element's child
Confusion erased our path
Vanishing our real aim in life
Useless hope of yours
Justifying useless actions in life
I'm the prince in this world
And you're just a child in my playground

Air, corruption
Fire, oppression
Earth, rotten
Water, perdition
Air, creation
Fire, warm
Earth, growing
Water, resurrection

Once upon a time I was oppressed
And I would have shut up
But now I can understand
And I've found a purpose in my life
And now listen to me
And see how I play on your playground
6. Cosmical Beginning (Air) (8:40)
No one saw the start of this ever-beating heart
The equation fulfilled the space
Everything was in its right place

The air spread seeds
And among the others we grew a single face
Everything in its right place

Millions of years the earth wandered
From chaos to silence, and then
Every single note had been mastered
Seven notes for all the creatures
A single face for a single feeling
But the one was two, so the faces were three
The undeniable third start

We modeled the once fulfilled space
We took everything out of its place
The first essential was provided
Never free, never satisfied
Time drew the land between
The reflected reflecting
The harmony and discordance
Choice's consequence, bound by will
The fourth blow
Actually it's still a single face
Everything in its right place
Both are the space, the only beginning
Every day's choice, the real cause
So the cycle started, one direction (unlimited)
The perfect circle may be invisible,
May be relative, maybe not

Divided road to cover
A million times a day
Only a try to replace
Everything in its right place

The undeniable, fire and water,
Wait to be learnt
7. Conscience of the Void: From Oblivion to the Renew (Water) (8:53)
Never mind the reason I'm here
I reached the fate my feet led me
Where's my hope?
Only a vanishing silhouette of myself
How can I fill this void? It's just... I can't

I looked at the horizon
But nowhere, inward, a thought
I was not afraid but wavered
Only the tree at my side
Standing at the edge of the cliff
The final the only denial
But it may be true
Still afraid but the wavering stopped
I am the Not

No more words, no more thoughts, no more crawling
Only the void and the fall
Am I sure about this? I am
Am I afraid? I am not
Do I waver? I don't

Swallowed by the sea
The drag of a body, away with the tide
No more brightening light

Darkness in the abyss
Mind exiled in a threshold of silence
A step to forget, only the body will remain
A full contact was set, the I and the It
The ever union, the zero interval

No words were spoken
Wisdom by means of truth
My birth day, the first interval
I reached the surface once again
Walking through the seaside
May the joy be the result of the good
The harmony between will and action
Maybe the choice is the key
My own free will, my own free will
The searching of the inner man
8. The Inner Man: Antimateria (6:19)
In a forest there's a man searching for peace
Searching for answers, between the trees, between the fireflies
Where he's trying to become one with the earth
Letting the moonlight reflect his soul

Too far away, pushing the limits of his mind
Staring at him, fire and water, air and earth
White wings unleashed
A spectrum of colours filled the land
Painting the mountains, blazing his heart
White wings
Beyond this colour, the announcement of a new age
Crushing the border
The ending of and unborn page

The beast was about to appear
As the awakening of a porcupine
Painting red-violet walls, absence
The sensation could be felt, survival
Fear to sink into oblivion
All seemed lost for the dying
Despair, chaos...
He felt the strength
The courage and the perseverance
Admiring his human nature
He gave the man a helping hand
As the beast calmed down
A flower finally grew in the field
A rebirth from his ashes
The new man felt the warmth again
9. The Pattern (3:59)
I can be the fire
I can be the water
I can be the air and the earth
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