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Wotan's Return Full Album Lyrics

Nachtfalke - Wotan's Return cover art

Wotan's Return

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Viking Metal
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1. Shores in Flames (10:28)
Mother winter leaves our land
And opens wide the seas
The lukewarm breeze does beckon me
As it whispers through the trees

It says: Set your sails
And let me take your ship to foreign shores
Take farewell of those near you
And your land of the North!

The wild cold deep black ocean's waves
Invites my hungry heart
Cry not my love I'll return
Only death can keep us apart

Oden in the sky up high
Let the Ravens of yours fly
To guide us on our sail to foreign shores
Let your Ravens fly

The wind blows through my hair
And fills our sails with hope and pride
Caress these lines of Oak, wind
Do not throw us all aside

The wild cold deep black ocean's waves
As wide as sky above
Carry us, oh, Gods of sea
Don't take us down below

Now approach the shore at dawn
All is still the light of daybreak is yet to be born
Clad in morning dew asleep
The city's walls rise before us men from the seas

Carrying cold steel at our sides
No time to lose at sunbirth we attack the city by surprise
Down the coastlines with the wind we reign
Men of the North we leave the shores in flames

Shores in Flames Shores in Flames
Shores in Flames Shores in Flames


Tor of thunder way up high
Swing your Hammer that cracks the sky
Send the wind to fill our sails and take us home
Guide your sons, us, home

When the wind cries out my name
And time has come for me to die
Then wrap me in my cape
And lay my sword down at my side

Then place me on a ship of Oak
And let it drift with tide
Let the flames purify my soul
On its way to hall up high

Up high
Up high
Up high
Up high

2. Wotan's Return (6:33)
The storm becomes stronger
Clouds darken the sun
We hail a new era
As Wotan returns

A lightning from the sky
Crushes down the earth
A thunderbolt of his arrival
A sign of rebirth

The raven sings songs
To celebrate his return
On the peaks of mountains
The fires burn

Hearts will awake
The seasons will turn
Life dwells again
As Wotan returns

The wolves howl to praise
As he appears in the mist
Light defeats the darkness
Life will resist

Hearts are beating faster
Gungnir is thrown
And the false gods die
Upon their golden thrones

Their towers are falling
Midgard will be free
A new sun will arise
From the blood of victory

Hearts will awake
The seasons will turn
Life dwells again
As Wotan returns
3. Deep Into the Woods (6:12)
4. Hyperborean Light (5:51)
The full moon shine guides our lonely path
Through landscapes of ice & death
Where the fallen are covered by snow & frost
In solitude they took their last breath

Endless seems that final march
The stars sparkle from far away
All light is gone, all hope is lost

The northern wind is becoming stronger
Like a hand is grasping for life
Tired and weak through deepest snow
But unconquered the will to survive

No life dwells here; we carry on
The horizon so dark; the march so long
Through that desert of winter so cold
Through that valley of sorrow so old

We keep the secret of a kind yet gone
We keep the memory to the children of the sun
The ancient cradle is calling & we return
Following the path into the north

As our homes are destroyed; in the fog we'll hide
Our solar cross is shining so bright
Guiding our path through that endless night
Until we will see the hyperborean light
5. After Rain and Fire (5:55)
In the depths of isolation
A new kind of strength is born
As the darkness seems eternally
The oath of blood is sworn

As the times are slowly changing
The world is rotten to the core
Awake the wrath of Fenris
And unleash the final war

Turn the runic might of Algiz
To spread the poisoned breath
As Yggdrasil is falling
The world shall face death

Channeling the cosmic powers
Into a Blitzkrieg against life
All prayers remain unheard
And Nidhoegg will arise

The sunwheel is swirling
The horizon stands aflame
A new age is now dawning
And a new kind will reign

For we left the ancient path
We just get what we deserve
After a rain of fire
Shall arise a new earth
6. Autumn Leaves (5:53)
The days of joy - are so far away
Just sit and rust - in the age of gray

All so meaningless - all without sure
Just forget & forget & the leaves just dance

By the smile of the wind - the circle around
Ending moment in time - they cover the ground

And all the hope is gone - it won't appear again
The gods hide their faces - from declining men

Nothing to believe in - nothing to expect
The sun cries blood & Balder is dead

Midgard starts to freeze
The heart of the worlds seems to die
And the tears that are falling
Just touching the sky

A grey day in time
The loss of all might
But there's still life
That's burning inside

Like the autumn leaves that fall
Life just fades away
To feed a new age
That also dies one day
7. Asatru (5:51)
There is a voice deep inside us
Speaking through the flow of blood
Speaking of heritage & loyalty
The voice of our gods

Through the centuries of echoes
Since the beginning of time
The tribe of Jarl, of Heimdals sons
The dawn of our kind

A chain of blood that can't be broken
A golden bond to the ancestors and Odin
To those before me I'll stay loyal
I'll stay true...Asatru

The spirit of our ancestors
Once forged between fire & ice
Out of the blood sea arising
Blessed by the gods with life

A chain of blood that can't be broken
A golden bond to the ancestors and Odin
To those before me I'll stay loyal
I'll stay true...Asatru
8. Call From the Grave (7:19)
God of Heaven
Hear my cries of anguish, I'm in pain
I've suffered a thousand deaths but I live on in vain

Death would greet with eternal sleep
My soul would come to peace
My life had ceased
The time was come
Can no-one hear my plea

Lowered down in the moistened ground
Into the dark and cold
My heartbeat the only sound
Pain tears my limbs and soul

I scream for mercy
Hear my cries
Oh, Lord don't abandon me
I'm so tired
Grant me the eternal sleep

I tear at the lid I'm suffering
In a cold and nameless grave
If Hell is what awaits me
I feel no fright

Buried and forgotten
In a cold and nameless grave
If there's a God in heaven
Hear my call from the grave...

[Repeat last two verses]
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