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Planetary Breathing Full Album Lyrics

MyGrain - Planetary Breathing cover art

Planetary Breathing

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  9
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1. Incantation
Wake me up from the silence... inheritance
Spill your blood for my body, now sacrifice
Revive my soul, see the violence through my eyes
Fill my lungs with your breathe, now abandon yourself...
2. Waking Up The Damned
Wake up, hear the occult whispers, revolving signs
Your prayers imbibe the tears from my eyes

Ghost of wilting dreams
A slave to your prophecies
Chained upon the guzzling grace
Crumbling mirror, the puzzled self

I, grown on soil... rest in turmoil

(Hell released to die for
The fools of ignorance)

Dancers to discordant realm
The blind mass masquerade
Cancers swarm as danger leaks
Strain of cosmic intelligence

Wake up, the alarm is on, trembling in smothered sigh
Dreams summoned by your fears, spellbound

Hell released to die for
The fools of ignorance
Waking up the damned, delusionists in trance
Of summoned demons in my head
The system, collective dysfunction

Crawl in disguise, hide within words
Mind-jacked desires, these myriads lies
Thirst illuminates, this vacuous world
Nothing satisfies, nothing revives
Futile prayers, volition eradicated
Whispering stringent tone, sickness radiated
Hollow faces, repressed to retaliate
Mesmerized, hypnotized by the serpent in ourselves

Blindfolded mind will follow
Spreading reverbation of greed
Blood-painted world that controls
Freak on a leash with fed beliefs

Possessed by the demons self created
Playground we used to know was faded

I, grown on soil... rest in turmoil
In the snake's coil... rotting turmoil
Engendered in its wake

(Hell released to die for
The fools of ignorance)

3. Ambivalentine
Sworn to a great division, the cruel inheritance
Night-born endless seasons in duality emotions
Crucified on the fence between,
Collapsed time elapses in me
Born of dying and dying to born,
Never ending circle repeats itself

I am you... I absorb you, I reward you
You are mine... You feed me, you need me

A prey like living bate, a spawn of paradox that fits
... the game for slay-conjured instinct
Gathered in my dreams to bleed the sanguine streams

You're my dearest enemy, conjoined for life
Searching in the night, from the veils of disguise
You're the sweetest treachery, alteration to strife
A soulmate disastrous kind, the ambivalence inside

Close your eyes and take my hand
Follow me where I stand
The throne of violent emotions
A fiction for devotion
Manipulated for self-deception
The imitation of ever lost ideals
Of progenies' ingrained beliefs

A deluding desire that will bury you alive
Inalienable parasite in disguise that will suck you dry

Godlike is low-life
Bow the freak on a leash of broken dreams,
Keeper of malignant order
Downfall in this psychoville masquerade
Face the enemy that is in yourself

No heaven shall bless the confrontation of comforted distress
No sunshine for a soul, in this well-hidden see-through show
Grace of blasphemous the one, the temple of your head embraced by gun
Revolving nightmares in a run, the all-evolving shadow of the sun

The picture perfect illustration of absent devotion
Discordant powers, bound unholy unity
... of strife
4. Black Light Supernova
Burning in the celestial body
Gravitational collapse in speed of light
Widescale loss of consciousness
The combustion, the ignition...

Lie down to set the fire in the sky
Close your eyes, fall through the space and time

From the luminous sphere of light, stellar explosions filling the night
Butterfly effect out of control, dawn of another creation again

Fall down dying in spectres of light
Breathe through the liquid fire

Chaos theory...
Flash of rendering void

Ignite the coma-white explosion
As you drain away my spirit
Blackest light, blinding reflection
My darkness you inherit
The sky is falling, born another new dimension
I drown myself to fly again
Into the ultimate dimension

The liquid fire
Thirst in my serpentine veins

From the womb of infinite sky
Light years from now, blood burns with shockwaves

Universe beyond the world of concepts,
I am the amorphous interconnectedness
Carnal, ashes to depent co-arising
The meaning connected to everything

I drown myself to fade the lines, the panic grows through my mind
I see myself slowly die, travel into the blackest light
Blinded by the event horizon, it shimmers and burns in me
I see the stretching crimson, the link between the worlds

Floating in a sea of present
With the waves of birth and death
Awaken the realization of non-separate self
Leaving the body for a constant state of change
5. Dreamscape
Motionless fight against the action
Standing holograms in line
Erasure of familiar sound of failure
Obliteration is liberation

Night in dreamlike dominion
The approach of darker dimensions
Doctrine of delusions veiled in flesh
Discard the capture of nothingness

Escapist of the slave machinery
The hollow line of least resistance
Blindfolded mass in surrealistic scene
Heed the oscillation of the new damned breed

... my body's shuddering, vaporizing

Re-evolution starts tonight
Nightmares of dreamers come alive
Chaotic sphere of madness on fire — bursting inside
Revelations illustrate, visions of inner self collide
Take a ride of death in life... dreamscape, escape

Slave-driver of slave-labor, godpuppet of deceased failure
Autopilot of emptiness, abduction out of nothingness

Re-illuminate the self, machine-spawned mind
Enter the realm of human device
Dream projecting rush of entropy
Can't fight the lost gravity

Beam of fire in my eyes, screaming in my mind
The burning red I see, bending realities
Succumbed, out of will, paralyzed... I can't get out
Gleam of light in my eyes, penetrating my mind
The flashing red I see, blending in my bloodstream
Desolated dreams, hypnotized... I just can't get out

I can't wake up, I can't breathe inside,
I'm stuck in this carnal cage
I can't get out, I can't move inside,
I'm paralyzed in this astral-like sleep

Re-invent yourself, machine-spawned soul
Soaring on a blood-filtered twilight zone
Dream-injecting rush of entropy...
Dissolved in your heresy
6. Rats in The Cradle
The monstrous reflection, the warning sign desolates
Preposterous thinking and following action
Eternal deathlike quiescence, entropic tears of mother earth
From liquid soil I slumber in turmoil, sway the cradle of dust

Parasites of paradise, the sublime treacherous desires
The reckoning day in sanguinary decay
Washed away in disastrous waves of machinery's awe
Crunching away the golden lifeline, the red alert subsistence

Lie down, feed on the edge of the world
Like rats in the cradle
Drift on, heed crimson rivers of desolation
Waste of gluttony, destruction/Waste of gluttonous construction

The scorching inception of estatic please
Crumbling substance, layer by layer
Disciples of black light, clones of diminished might
Bite after bite you are the sickness, choking on the futile resistance

Deadweight world, blood-saturated thirst
Pulsating instinct, swarming in the garden of worms
Of disgust, I'm shattered into dust, ice sculpture of everfrost
Degradead receptors succumb

Praise, raise the glass to drink for sickness
We're rats in the cradle of maggots

Sleepwalking masses, slaves to inherited madness
Can't smell the rot of your own existence
Blasphemous ceremony of corroded harmony
7. The Ghost in Me
You see right through me
Still I feel so alive
I see the trail of reflections
Flashing to the sky, terminal daylight

I drift where life and death intertwine
The passing, the other side
Catched the fright-train of reflections
Of precious times, flash before my eyes

Come the rain, wash away the pain...

Drown where the sun falls down
Fading dimensions, lightening textures of mind
Crown of the ghost walking ground
See-through layers of lies, buried deadweight inside

Carved in my faceless self
The dead end memories
Drawn to the fright-train of reflections
The skin-line canvas molten away

Reflect the shadow of the sun that never shows in me
Come the rain, master the pain

Looking at me, there's non to see
The ghost in me willing to be real, in my skin
The broken dreams, catastrophes
8. Mechanimal Instinct
I am the bestial urge to kill, the hi-tech drug of thrill
In a hyper sleep of mind I electrify your might
Heads amplified to the oscillation of smothered rage
Wired discordance, the new darker age

Artificial afterlife, manifestation of mechanized
System overload, sensory self destruct mode

Bleed electric sanguine dreams, all imbibing gods conceived
Behind the lenses of surveillance, the mirror image, oblivious self
Trained to contaminate, the monitored performance
Controlled in the distance, this tainted existence

Artificial afterlife, manifestation of mechanized...

I am mechanical, system overdrive
I am the animal within, the beast inside your skin
I am supremacy, the instinct of survival
I am the swarm subliminal, the mutiny within

You're the freak machinery, the glitch we created
Reek of enslaving fouls in our race to retaliate
Now bow the god from machine of malfunction
The damaged good, the spawn, defeated fruition

I am mechanical, I am an animal...

Flat line heart kill, the scaled beast within
Living dead thrill, pulse of shedding skin
Ego hidden bypass generator
Nervous system overdrive accelerator

Bleed for me, your divine obscurity
Give yourself to me
Feed me now, my insatiable hunger
The oblivious cancer

Component in assembly line of vile entirety
Obedient son of the system held by infinite greed
Heed the will to destroy, the war machine of violent joy
Feed the will to control, the messiah for decadent soul
9. The Final Skyline
What you want me to be is not the way I see
Realizing the need, it's not the will I heed
See the sight through my eyes bound for thousand of lives
Crawl through knives, stabbing lies, strip the mask of flies

Soundtrack to escape, burnt in the dreams
The show of tainted existence

Ignorance-painted stains on your body that bleeds - body of stigmas that feed
On hate and disgust for perpetual needs

The final skyline
Crimson bled of tainted existence
Sermons of all fed beliefs
Collapsing cloud fortress, structures of mind

Don't look down on your shallow grave
The grace of tainted existence
So obedient and out of control
Nothing and never we wanted to know / nothing and no one to save our souls
Chew up, swallow down, this chemical sacrament
I'm bursting in flames with every bite
Sound of screams in my head, nails in my bed
Crown of thorns pierce the muted self / Crown of thorns wreath the muted self

The boiling calm of my rushing veins
For ages I mastered the collective pain
Created the face of evil and fave it a name
No requiem for a dreamer — just pain

Absorbing the crimson sky in you
'Till it shatters, running out of blue
Puzzling the paradox of you
'Till it shatters, pictured out of true

Created face of god
Descendants' tears of blood
10. Planetary Breathing
World manifestation, return to concealment
Expansion, contraction, salvation through devastation
Universal movement like heart beat, awakening and falling asleep
Inhale, exhale — synchronized with galactic breath

Again I leave and return, depart and reappear
Awaken back to sleepless dreams, to the abyss of endless streams
The journey, undefinable eternity
The origin, indescribable infinity

I am the grains of sand, I am the omniverse

Christ of crusader, death illustrator
Depriver of the universe, spreading organisms of the curse
Black star gazer, planet desolator
Return to origin of life and death, sowing the seed of eternal breath

Exploration of mysterious alliance
Fractions of universe, the legacy unciphers
Unnumbered consciousness coalesced to one
Connected to planetary breathing
(Breathe a sign of leviathan)

Eternal grasp of expiration, pendulum in equilibrium
In apocalypse nothingness, interstellar breeze of wilderness
Quantum mechanics of morbid soul, through umbilical cord of silver and gold
Of artificial intelligence, superfluous neuroactive energy

Inhale, exhale — a sigh inflames leviathan air waves
Apocalypse in microcosmic you, now reclaim the pain

Macrocosm in microcosmic you, the leviathan point of view
Blood cells to redshift threshold, emit the light to suction of black holes
Wavelength red end of the spectrum, light years beyond the body functions
Distorted time of event horizon, I see through my hand, the vital crimson

I am the grains of sand, I am the omniverse
I am the vacuum space of silence, I am the complex truth
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