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MyGrain - MyGrain cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal
LabelsSpinefarm Records
Album rating :  87.6 / 100
Votes :  39
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MyGrain Lyrics

Submitted by level 퀴트린 (2011-02-08)
1. Into the Parallel Universe (5:34)
Into Eternity...

In lucid dreams I detach

Teardrops of deliverance
Quantum erasing science
… Obscure and esoteric
Beyond the hollow face
Extending time-space
Once concealed ignites to decipher

As I lay in absence
Leap into my dream-state
… The parallel universe

Away terrestrial home
You're grown into cold
… The very substance of implanted truth
Avatar's view to unfold
In lucid drams I control
Astral projection, my interstellar throne

Awakening to my judgement day
In absence, the flash before my eyes' strained dream domain
I revive to paint the stars, my grains of sand
Flying within space and time
Departed for redeeming

As I lay in absence
Leap into my dream-state
… The parallel universe
I'm set free eternally
By my dream-like silver cord
I re-align

I am the particle storms, beyond the conscious black holes
… In the falling dark that grows
Shifting dreams entwined, to a tranquil terminal time
The pulse intensifies, now re-align.
2. Shadow People (4:28)
Take my hand and breathe me in
I'm the vile shadow within
Passing sands of space and time
Distorted face of the new formation

Worlds apart to entertain
Apparition beyond pain
Drift between dimensions
Traverse all the lights and shades
Escape through the astral door
Aside another downfall

My emptiness will dig a hole in your chest
The subliminal void guiding your quest
Dreams in a slumber, you're in my control
Reforming the pathway, I'll topple your throne

Deep inside (off) this mortal coil
Weakened light that casts no all-absorbing shadow
Drift between dimensions and take another form
Shadow people, rebirth of morphogenetic code
… New formation

Worlds apart to entertain
Apparition beyond pain
Drift between dimensions
Traverse all the lights and shades
Escape through the astral door
Leap to another life-form

Omnipotence of a mutinous self – orchestrate the multidimensional clash
Demonic chaos of a silent surface – cruse and effect in a soul furnace
Quality intertwined, the serpent divine that takes you...

In immortal streams I see you
Mirrored and lit by this heathen glory
These mortal realms are now overthrown
Desire for my infinite story
Shadow People
3. Dust Devils and Cosmic Storms (4:50)
Flashing holograms of artificial life
In the darkest corners of the very mind
Away this chemical institution of oblivion
Discarded memories veiled in confusion

Pictures in my head like fiction
Blending through the night-veiled kingdoms...
Gruesome revelations

Dust devils and cosmic storms spinning around my head
My particles accelerating, angels dust to burning winds of red
Face twisting and quantum erasing
Time particles accelerating
Pihelated spiral ways to Sirius
This is the ultimate versus terminus

Born of memory-projecting termination device
Supercharger if the planetary demise
Sweet and genocide dreams I see of a mankind
Like the cleansing rain...
Wash away to reign

The storm is breaking to change everything
The storm is invading... Erasing... Re-breeding

Dust devils and cosmic storms

Rapid eye movement deciphering the secret windows
Spark the endless leaps to unknown
Non-gravitational motion through the hidden kingdoms
Universe beyond expanding black holes

Like a perfect chaos of macrocosmic scales
Astronomical body's hidden gateways
Blazing like a vortex, across the brain
In layers of the cortex, peel off the pain
4. Of Immortal Aeons (5:40)
Ant, human, God... physical to spiritual
Control, human, delete...
To be reborn

Depiction of mortality
A wasteland of lost reality
Heart of transiency
Beating to immortality

Sleep in cryonics' instant forever
Injected elements of perfection
Cascade through body
Pulse of regenerating
A remedy

Your reality
My reality

Let me crawl into your thirsty veins
And give the one last rush to take away the pain
I'm the drowning rain
Of immortal aeons – becoming eternally forever

Are you a God?
Physical to spiritual
Delete, human, control...
The vortex of the storms

Undress for the ruthless caress
Burst in the bliss of ignorance
As I vaporize for you to breathe
Let go, succumb to my will

For abysmal pit of lives, bleeding to feel alive
(Of immortal aeons)
By-passers in disguise, playing God to be alive
(For lives...)

The great unwashed arises
Acid Christ, tripping disciples
The serpent of light
In flesh I'm bound
Bloodline never found...
Now see what I see
My eternal life

I'm your reptilian overlord
The fallen bastard son of God
Your liquid demons and angels
… Machine-spawned human race
Now behold my legacy
Hybrid bloodline theory
And the great unwashed arises
Forever, tripping disciples
5. A Clockwork Apocalypse (6:18)
Land of lost, mysterious and plain
The place so arcane and so strained
Risen from the ashes of grace

Slaves to the mortal crown
The lords of the cold and decadent ground
Decomposed generations... All consuming

Welcome to this counter-clockwise evolution party of collapsed quality
Armageddon sun is colder...
The dead weight of my soul
A burden of my frozen heart

The pulse of demise, a few heartbeats away
Echoing flat-line silence that will stay
Ending miles of radiant smiles
Detach your holographic self
Fragmented dreams the world shall befall

Shallow graves in blistering surface
Permafrost era overdrive
All erasing phenomenon

Hollow faces with a blistering surface
Permafrost era overdrive
A clockwork apocalypse
The pulse of demise
Time is ticking away, day after day

Hollow faces with a blistering surface
Permafrost era overdrive
Mercury blood burning into the sulphur sky
Armageddon sun shining, blinding bright white light

Collapsed illusory order
Consumable time gets older
… Parasites in bias paradise

We're the army of ignorance...
Marching towards the dying paradise..
6. Eye of the Void (5:16)
Hordes of the metamorphic kill filling the sky
Reflecting the total
Termination in a blinding blink of an eye...

Intoxicated bliss...
Decayed, one last kiss...
The countdown starts from here

Shape shifting face of deformed quality
Blazed by sun winds
Smokescreen beyond polluted unreality

Under oath for tainted declaration
Wandering soul alone, so astray
Sworn to ungraceful definition
Fulfilling demise
I've forseen the end of the prayers' epic fail
By the fallen angel of retributions trail

Come and taste the flavours of the failed breed
Living to die for satisfaction guaranteed
Eye of the void – the show of your tainted dreams
… Children of abysmal machinists of the end

Travelling without a movement – time without an end
Shadows fading among the planetary collision
The fathomless descent
Deadweight world – nexus for perdition
Breeding from within – the void resurrecting
… So depraved
Peel the rotting fruit of your extinction

A God-puppet of abject transgression
Salvation through the joyride of devastation

So I lay my darkness on you
New residence for my poisonous bloom
7. Trapped in an Hourglass (5:47)

From the falling sky
Raining through quicksands of time
Blood covers the shattered ground
Womb of glass nurturing the faceless

Deadweight and all so real
Stuck in this fear-galloped despair
Room of my thoughts collapsing
Lights are shutting as walls keep falling

Evolution chained inside and fading
In the house of glass I'm shattering
Isolated and restrained of breathing
Sands slipping through my hands
As we're trapped in an hourglass

Dead eyes stare but see no future
Face to glass with stagnated nature
Gained the absence of evolution
Timeless days and lingering motion

I keep on running for nothing
Time's wearing thin
I keep on sinking
Cannot see my see-through heart within

Swallowed by the falling skies
Numbered and next in line... Buried alive
Mouthful of quicksand of time
Locked in a glass coffin, suffocating
I... Can't... Breathe

You keep on running, running for nothing
And the time is wearing thin
You keep on sinking, cannot breathe...
… Your see-through heart within

Trapped... In... Hourglass
8. Xenomorphic (6:06)
Phantasm of deserted realms
Approaching glowing red
Felt the burning in my soul
Captured all... All I've ever known

Lost in xenomorphic temples
Euphoria of non-existence
Six hundred light-years away
An explosion driven shock-wave

Nebulous speed of light-years
Cosmic collision of imminent mind override
Sight of my burning eyes
Xenomorphic shadow, reaching the light of days... The light of days


This celestial sphere breaking
Consciousness in the taking
Invading miraculous sway
Dark particles strain

Life craving binaural threat
Encroaching pulse of death
Transfixed like a deadweight bait
Waiting phantom limbs paralysed
Felt the burning in my soul
Captured all... All I've ever known

Ageing and dying eyes closed... Ageing, dying
So many questions unsolved
Forever night unfolds
… I don't belong

Mesmerized ignorance
Settling for non-existent will
Asepticism, schism, drilling in
Xenomorphic all consuming holographic thoughts
Departure of our will... Demeaning
9. Cataclysm Child (6:29)
Rotting bloom, evolutionary infertility
Spilling dead weight of the world that bleeds
Parasites swarm, eating all-absorbing
Scavenging humanity will fall

Breathe the fall and feed on dark matter
Expended love breaking – combustion of the pattern
Imprisonment in a body of pain – your last hive
… Obscure corners of mind that buries you alive

Cataclysm child walking in shadows
Torn with their smile, worn to their burden inside

Lethal quantum running through the veins
Doctrine of descendants in the wake
Maggots of mayhem breeding serpentine silence
Sinister dimensional turbulence

Opened the blood-stained box
The great cold paradox

Look at the neglected world
A sight to behold for endless time-space
Cataclysm child wears a burden inside
A temple of needs, Paradoxical work of artificial
The perfection made of scars
Exhale the dead weight in you

Raise the glass for abomination
Inhale the vague, scavengers' nation

Bleeding, feeding, this tormenting sight
Sealing covenant, death for eternal life
Feel the frost absorbing your warmth
This carnal prison burns so cold...

Heed the will of the breathing paradox
Smothered beatings of the Earth black box
Spilling poisonous wine
Doctrine of failed design
… Obscure corners of mind, no-one hears you're alive

Opened the blood stained box
The great cold paradox
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