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Ravenous, Murderous Full Album Lyrics

Murder Squad - Ravenous, Murderous cover art

Ravenous, Murderous

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2017-01-09)
1. Ravenous, Murderous (3:58)
Flooding your veins with poison chemicals
Watching you melt away in horrendous
Pulsing blood seeping through tattered
Feeding on your pain and the joy it brings to


Vile desecration humiliation in extreme
Hatred burns my blackened soul
Tainted blood excrements and rancid pus
I join the worms that feast on your corpse


Molten mess
Horrid death
Bloated corpse
Turned to pulp
2. I Am Eternal (3:53)
I am the syringe in your eye
Injecting poison into your brain
I am the noose around your neck
That takes your breath away
I am the razorblade
Dancing across your wrists
I am the maggot devouring your flesh
When you are dead and buried

I follow you through life
From birth to the bitter end
Unseen yet always present
I am eternal, I am death

I am the blood red tide
Flowing from 1000 wounds
I am the pain you experience
As your soul tears apart
I am the torch that lights the stake
When you are burned alive
I am the horror in your heart
When you realise the end draws near

I am the darkness
Where you spend forevermore
I am eternal
I am death
3. Epidermal Massacre (2:03)
Wound up tight and ready to cum
Flying high on whiskey, crank and heroin

Canine companion fed
Longface satisfied
Grinning skull looking around
There’s no place to hide

Shotglass filled with formaldehyde
A joint of PCP burning on the side

Epidermal massacre
Skin peels away
Facial features gone to gore
Bone show more and more

Masturbating wildly while ripping
Mask of flesh from the skull stripping

Epidermal skull-stripping massacre
4. Disturbing the Freaks (5:01)
I’ve been saving my medication
And nobody has noticed
The nurse don’t care
The doctors are oblivious
I’ve saved up a pile of multicolored pills
Today I took them all at once
And now I need to kill

Urging at my fellow patients
Foaming at the mouth
Eyes exploding from my head
All in this asylum soon will be dead
I’m disturbing the freaks
Yes, I’m disturbing the freaks

On a bloody rampage
I take down a whore
A vicious blow now she’s
Even crazier than she was before

I stole a pair of scissors
And disembowelled a mute
I butchered up a basket case
Now I’ll taste the blade too

Stabbing myself in the face
Puncturing my guts
Brutal slashes down both arms
Lying dying face down in my blood
5. Spunkslut (2:23)
Cutting away – at your lips
To widen the hose – for my seed
Rabid jizz – of festering bile
Slurping it all – up with greed

Spunk slut, spunk slut
You beg me to cum all over your face
Spunk slut, spunk slut
Gagging on hot cum… you love the taste
Intravenous cum… replacing blood with
Succulent death – of virgin heat
Scream and suck – harder you worm

Slicing through – your wanton womb
To make room – for my cock
6. Hellish Blasphemy (3:27)
Hellish blasphemy
Defiling of the church
Forces of darkness
And the inverted cross
Bloodred ritual
Vile carnal sacrifice
On altar torment

Pagan perversities
On holy soil
Feeds my hunger
Leaving me yearning for more
Cult of the dead bring me hell
Ritual orgies dance of the damned
Flames arise, flames of doom

Stripping skin removing flesh
Rusty blade cuts to the bone

"The sacrifice bleeds like a weakened lamb
Consciousness fades damned to fire
Boiling blood from Christian veins
Arteries all emptied
Trade salvation for pain
Satanized shitsoaked robes
The worst is yet to come"
7. Shitstorm (3:43)
Shitstorm of the century
Unleashed upon your face
Diarrhea of a madman
Feces finds its place

Nostrils filled with grit
Vomit soon to blow
Sucking down the juice
As the shit flows

My hatred in liquid form
A cocktail of crap tape worm
Boils on my ass burst in a row
Watch the pus flow

Feces rains from the sky
Odours possess your soul
Lung full of shit gets you high
Inhaling deaths rectal doom
8. Born in a Sewage, Bred in Bile (3:07)
Bastard child of darkness, fire
Cold and cannibalism
I sit upon my throne of bone
While nuns devour my jism

Squads of murderous and blackened empty souls
Penetrate your mind and violate your holes

Born in sewage, bred in bile
And raised on tainted flesh
Teeth arot with epidermal
Victims banned to death

Your limbs are torn in two
Your brains are ground to stew
I feed upon your fear
You pray, your ass I spear

Lust engulf my bloodies eyes
And drives my quest to kill
My skin it crawls with mottled mites
My screams of torture shrill
9. Army of Maggots (4:00)
Eating on my rotting flesh
In theory I wouldn't be alive

Worms are crawling
Out of my wounds
I'm carving and cutting
Trying to dig them out
Eating, feasting
Consuming my flesh
My bones stripped bare
I'm being eaten alive

Ravaging my body
Stripping down my flesh
The enemy...
Army of worms

Death squad colony
They crawl up my ass
Feasting on rotting flesh
Hunger remains unsatisfied
Army of maggots
Gnawing and chewing
Tearing down the structures
A part of the decay

The process is nearly done
It's almost over
They're fucking with my head
10. Masterpiece in Morbidity (1:39)
Brutal violence to the head
Crushing blows split the skill
Half dissolved urinal cake
Violently shoved down the throat

Dying and bleeding
Life fades away
Vicious torture
A bloody mess remain
Desecrated carcass
Flesh is cut to shreds
Internal organs
Decorate the walls

Cut off and puked upon
Mutilated worthless shit
Walls of insanity
Masterpiece in morbidity
11. Homocide (1:48)
Orally or anally
Any way that pleases me
You're my bitch you will die
Fucked to death, homicide

Equipped with ballclamps for your pleasure
I cum as I see you bleed
Strap on the bladed dildo now
Force you to your knees

Two feet of rusted steel
Plunges through your eye
First the left and then the right
Mouth forced open wide

Sadistic penetration
Rectal desecration
Rim torn to shreds
Jerk off on your head
12. Rising from the Ashes (5:28)
Day of darkness
Day of defeat
Nuclear firestorm
Brings mankind to it's knees

Children of the aftermath
Rotting in their wombs
Rising from the ashes
A new breed emerge

Mutant whores
With pus filled sores
Giving birth
To deformed offspring

Twisted and disfigured freaks
Piss in their veins and shit for organs

Cannibalistic fuck feast
Devouring each others rotting flesh

Ruin cities testament of man's insanity
Nuclear zombies stalk the damned

Undead Armageddon
Foul graves upturned
Warhead's unholy children
All human life burned
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