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Beneath Lies the Sorrow Full Album Lyrics

Mournful Lines - Beneath Lies the Sorrow cover art

Beneath Lies the Sorrow

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGothic Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-19)
1. Stranded (3:24)
Cold beneath this silent sky
when darkness turns to light
Is this pain worth all the love?
Is this love worth all the pain?
Coldness tears my heart apart
my weary eyes have lost their sight
my mind's too dark to be
only you can make it bright

Hold the memory forevermore
wish to see you by the shore
Sunlight dances with open sea
all my steps lead back to my dream
in the shore of pain

I walk this same damned shore again
I feel the wind cry subdued
caressing me but I'm hard as stone
after losing you inwards i've grown
2. Nothing Left to Say (3:48)
The sun goes down outside
freezing wind blows my hair
my poor old heart runs out time
back against the wall gasping whats left for me to breath
I cannot tell how much this hurts

Things I want to fulfill are not within my reach
I regret all I didn't do
in times like these I wish for moment's to be endless
but time's not on my side

I have this plea
just let me go
there's no more tears left to show
time erased from me today
nothing left to say
3. Confine Me (4:01)
She came to me,
dressed all white.
She kept her eyes on the wounds
made me feel alright, for a while.
I'm buried in the snow, seeing the same old dreams,
dreams I know too well.

Why should I bother to undertake
for now I know my soul is yours to take?
my sleepless eyes may have their rest
confine me

She came to me,
dressed all white.
She kept her eyes wide shut
and silenced the pain.
I trembled as her presence stumbled across mine
soon there will be no more blood to shed.
4. In Autumn's Embrace (4:07)
Seasons changing, taking shape
light on the moors upon await
for a darkness to be a
moment's strange.
There's no more time for reasoning
as we bleed by the kiss of dead light
the moment we hold dear.

From all the pain
we were born again
innocent and brave
yet too afraid
let us bleed, together
in autumn's embrace

Red like the rose is the pain
the symbol of our endeavour
the flow within our souls
This time when we burn
the bridges, there's no turning back
deep red flow seals us deep
5. One Nightmare Away (4:20)
Were we there when the world we knew collapsed?
Is there time left to make these moments last?
All of our memories taken away
All of our daydreams turning to nightmares

Once upon a time in a lonely dream
there was a man with a soul to redeem
is there a reason to stay awake
'cause you're one nightmare away
Every single time I close my eyes
a piece inside of me breaks down and dies
I'm too afraid to fall asleep
you're a nightmare within too deep

Was I there when the world you knew collapsed?
There wasn't enough time to make these moments last
All of my innocence taken away
yet inside too dark to be more than gray
6. Enclosed by Misery (3:46)
I believe now what I feel
the walls are coming down
what if I crumble with them,
the walls of solitude?

This time this is different
my innocence betrayed
I settled for the obvious
oneself before the others

Please, let me be
misery's all I see
the beauty of a setting sun
was all I ever had
Please, let me be
in darkness I wait
I'll come as a distant shape
for my beloved ones
7. Vanish (4:20)
These walls again are crushing me,
the air that I breath makes me
already dead
Am I heading for the right direction
anything is better than this

Someday I'll find a place
to hide my fragile heart
and I fall in despair,
I vanish in thin air

I paint my eyes, with the colours of grief
I refuse to see, I've sunk too deep
Am I heading for the right direction
anywhere but here I feel my home
8. Song of Solitude (5:30)
I still am the same man I used to be
only missing one inside of me
and I'm trying to see through hollow minutes
swaying deeper than thoughts, unknown hope

I'll be gone when the light enfolds the dark
and the rain sings the song of solitude
Bitter dreams are embracing sweet memories
remember me as a star flies across the sky

Our mind molds us to who we are
sometimes pushes us way too far
and I still try to close the old wounds
swaying deeper than thoughts, unknown hope
9. Without Another Beating Heart (3:33)
In your eyes I saw my reflection,
that made all the mistakes in the past
unburden the walls surrounding me
to make me even more vulnerable

Take a good look at me,
tell what do you see,
nothing more but a frail human being
let me ask you one thing before I go
Is my life everything that you wish for?

I am a what I am
my life is like this
broken to pieces
and I know what it's like
when no one's by your side
without the warmness
of a another beating heart
I will give up
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