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Urushdaur Full Album Lyrics

Mortuorial Eclipse - Urushdaur cover art


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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-04-29)
1. Lost Bloodline (1:22)
2. Ruin Empire (4:42)
The misery of human race
as ardent stigma of a doomed earth.
While ancient's words are forgotten ,
plagues are the knives of the hallowed slayers.

Blinding glow on the throne of the deceit .
Lugubrious saints over the altar
conferring death without killing.

Over the ruins of an empire
the realm of ruin arise.
While their god is pealing to evoke the disaster
The reign of ruin arise.

Covered with fine garments his mortal greed .
Under the skin hides the marks of an old thorn.

The Cross marched beside the Sword.
Leaving paths of conquest and dispossession .
Assassins having their flag blessed.
There will no pain when the slave kneels.

Disease as benediction
for those who escape from the tempest .
Once more seal is broken.
Sculpted figures presage the collapse of the Ruin Empire.

A man is worth less than his grave.

Light that blinds instead of enlighten.
Pests and Diseases, The ravenous allies.
3. Arcane Legacy of Astral Numina (5:10)
The stench of rotting flesh around the altar
praises the cult of a ravenous lord.
The art of shadows begotten
to feed eternal hunger.

Behold the fall of their golden throne.
The morbid doctrine unveiled.
Reborn in dark eerie grace
To evoke the prophesied ominous dawn.

Descend until the depths
where no one has ever returned.
Forgotten word of the restless demiurges.

The Arcane Legacy,a naked sorcière.
Ancestral Numina,The holly symbols bleed.
Blasphemers calling forth the Catharsis.

Death overcoming
Like dust cover their graves.
Forbidden wisdom revealed.

Weakened kingdoms
embrace fires of end.
They were betrayed by a false messiah.

Hopes doomed to the Moloch´s flames.
The mirage is ravened by the abyss of reality.
A silent procession harrows inside.
Perpetual void crown the sentenced lambs.
4. Secrets of the Revenants (3:48)
An empty gaze through the dark void
engage the end upon their race.
The ruin arise from their God's hand.
Enslaved, by lies enthroned.

Fear devours the doomed offspring.
A dying lament repressed by the edge of a sharpened silence.

My demons are casted by your weak eyes.
Beyond the walls a slaughter awaits.
Mortals flesh gnaw the shelter of your wretched dogma .

I'm becoming king of revenants
I'm the vermin that breeds the war inside

Doomed to descend .
False creator that murdered his lambs .
Suffering heals when everything's conquered .

Manifest reveals the awaken .
Greed mark the path of their glory.
Burning word sculpt the flesh of the weak.

Light is not here any more .
We'll never creep.
Indoctrination will never reign upon us.
5. ὄφις μάρτυς (5:33)
Preachers of Lie.
Of desecration
I'm becoming in your eyes.

Hearing your cry
They walk among us.
The path is hidden by them all.

A kind of weakened survivors
Won the war against grace.

Raptured gathering
They´re bleeding and praying in vain.
Saint perversion prevails.

Tribute for gods who never revealed to their flock.
Fallen martyr reclaims his throne.

Preachers of Lie.
Of desecration.
Path is hidden from you all.

Hearing your cry,
They laugh beyond us.
I'm becoming in your eyes.

Ripping the tongues of those who refuse to the cross.
You are becoming in their slave.

Barren offering
My fire is burning thy world.
The cult of mercy will fall.

Primeval truth that finally returns
Enthroned by misery and crowned by lust.


Beneath the shroud of ashes the seed will never sprout.
6. Cult of the Carnal Disarray (4:19)
I'm beyond the unforgiving Lands.
Far from those your lord once bless.
Your becoming witness of the downfall.
Now the time has came for us to reign.

The Legion awaits.
Darkness is rising.
Carrion crows came to cleanse the human wastes.

We are the desert of the immortal thirst .
there's no prophet, I am the guide.
there's no mercy on the serpent's eye.
Kings of hate and Queen of lust.

Ancestral voices evoke my endless rage.

Your blood dye your pale skin.
your blind eyes lost into the void.

Cult of the carnal disarray
Wretched omen that men awaits.

The Legion Arrived
Darkness Enthroned
Carrion crows came to cleanse the human wastes.

The message burns inside my frozen veins.
Kings of hate and Queen of lust.

Your blood dye the barren ground.
Your blind eyes lost
Prepared to meet thy god.
7. Beyond the Sands of Perdition (2:22)
8. In Extremis (4:21)
A giant defeated by blackened flames.
Pristine Gods,I stand before thee.
Here to claim the end
of the tyrants that slaved our reign.

Devour the weakened flesh.
The gates now are closing.
Behind I left my fate.

The final truth awake.
Unveil the faces of the shammer.
Now Baal unbuckles his blade.
To cleanse the wastelands from the pest.

Last Will of a forgotten Martyr.
Spells that never have been read.

Rituals of Necromancy.
Downfall calling their names
Pristine God,I stand before thee.

Crawling you'll came to me.
They lure the morbid flock.

I stand defiant to the void.
You'll be swallowed by emptiness as you look inside.
Blood brings a message that will be unveiled at the end.
Dust of immortals marks the path.
9. Edge of the Black Portent (4:07)
10. Ruin Empire - Promo Version 2016 (4:46)
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