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Spiritual Independence Full Album Lyrics

Mortuary Drape - Spiritual Independence cover art

Spiritual Independence

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-12)
1. The Hiss (2:08)
2. Lithany (5:19)
Violent lithany from a lost
tombstone forgotten by all
Mournful lithany make flat
mental vibration.

Never born in the year of my birth
I will die just my head
out from the womb
Slowing all centuries are
swallowed by primitive shadows.

My name is Legion, Dictator of Religion

Tonight was born an old Man,
tonight dies a new born child

Secret spell research in a desert
Where the sanctuary is long
far from the eyes...
Profane Equilibrium Lithany effect
Cosmic strikes on material

My name is Legion, Dictator of Religion
Never born...In the year of my birth.
3. Once I Read (Marble Tomb) (5:05)
Once I Read on a tombstone with no name.
Never will know we are existed.

Toll the knell, mantric sound of bell.
Toll the knell, vibration magic spell.

Marble tomb, lapid dolmen tomb.
Tumulo, tombstone without name.

But I comprehend all what I learned...
I killed the son of my time.

Now I listen, the syllable LAM.

In front of ME a singing stone...
The secret and sacred superior arts,
the wise is concealed.
4. Natural Death (1930-2011) (6:21)
Tolling the knell, for your premature death

Naturalis mors, sacra aera templi funerea tinniunt.
Audi! Procul ab aere turris sepuclri quod canant.
Oculos suos figendo quod dicunt ausculta,
Ille mortus est!
Homo spaiens tantum, scit quoad
esse sententiam mortis immaturae.
Pedibus erose eundum in directe
cupressum ordine instructo
Hic turbati tuneris versibus ornare!
Naturalis pressus ut pestilentia.
Roga nuturalem mortem
ut essentiam et formam librent.
In gentile terra sepulcrum meum construo!
Cape manus suas, algidas manus, spiritui assidente.
Triste signum per tactum et oscolum doan!
Ineevaitabilis mors, redimus ad uterum almae matris.
Infinita mors, corpus non comburere,
lenta tabe peredunt vermes.
Naturalis mors, dimitte naturam
et principia operas agere!
Fatu est sit omnium mors.
Domina consternationis, naturalis intauda thanatos!

Thouch the medium cold hands, a touch, a seance.

Every kind of death is doomed...
Mistress of the dismay,
the unmentionable, the death
The bell tolling for your premature death.
5. Mortal Remains (Your Bones) (6:11)
The place for deepest reflections
where the voices are silent
where footsteps resound in the mind
where breath becomes an eternal anguish

Death...only life is buried
and the remains are forgotten under the grave
their essence perspires from the soil
and their sorrows become my obsession

A hundred dancing candles
lighten my walk in the thirteenth path

The crosses around me
I feel their screams tearing my brain
I can hear their litanies

The coffin as last terrestrial abode
the funeral as last farewell
a human interpretation of the end
the key is to not understand

Mortal remains...
A hundred dancing candles
6. Immutable Witness (4:24)
Ancestral book without title and author.
Presence and witness of races and cycles.
Antropomorphic idol without legs.

As tone warrior who doesn't share at war...
a presence without language and name.

Your events run in front of it...
like a catalogue of History in order in time.

An absence, who always changes
at time's mercy.
Immutable Presence, Immutable Witness

You're subjected at the time...
Personal death for every one,
a choice, a chance by destiny.

Antropomorphic idol without legs.

The Immutable Presence...
The Immutable Witness!!!!!
7. Black Candle (1:06)
8. Ignis Fatuus (Deaf Space) (4:40)
Now you're welcome in the graveyard...
dance of the air around the grave where you will lie.

It's a premonition, hour of the death,
an anniversary of a child that not Rest In Peace.

Enter the cemetery, in the dead of night,
the miasma of the earth, there's a manifestation.

Begin when the rigor mortis, leave the wave of life.

Ignis Fatuus, occult of the nature.
It has been the flame of a stake that never languish.

Shining breath on the mirror surface,
through the resurrected dead.
Regressive remember of foregoing life...
Remorse that does not find peace...
It's too late to repent.
9. 1600 Gnostic Year (4:47)
He turns over in the grave...
Fine person killed but not still dead.

A crime committed by hands of the parasite priest

Inquisitor frantic, fanatic religion,
dizziness, confused
Pope depositary of lies, parasite damage.

A cult of hypocrisy...show me the horror!

Altars alterated realterating reality...
Blinded by all superstitious.
10. Spiritual Independence (The Farewell) (6:16)
Self reliance, riding deep down a
At the sides there are statures
to bow one's head.
My will lead, my silence to forgive.

Priestess, in liquid shroud,
essence of water...
wet my Spirit!!!!

Only, I've got my lantern.
Only I, put on my cloak.

Only I, I drink from cup.
Only I, I keep the wand of command.

Spiritual independence.
Indulgence...and expiation.
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