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Demon Tales Full Album Lyrics

Mortem - Demon Tales cover art

Demon Tales

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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1. Daemonium Vobiscum (4:02)
Lucifer, Father of wisdom, Bearer of dark light
I bow to your black shrine,
from the depths you were confined to,
listen to my prayer
Answer to my call

As I have read the mysteries of the sacred
spirit in blasphemy
Have mercy on my misery
Let my faith grow stronger,
Make my hate become revenge
To massacre my enemies

I have learned the ritual,
Libation of the Ayawaska
I drink from the "wine of the dead",
Ancient voices fill my head
Now I see you clearly,
Hate and sadness in your eyes

Satanas, Maestro, Lucifer, Padre Nuestro

* lead: F.Nebiros, W. Rosan

O, Infernal majesty, teach to me thy blasphemies
Lucifer, you saved me, from Jesus christ's herd
of sheep
You heard my cry from the grave,
gave refuge to my haunted soul
Satan, Yes, Satan, my one and only lord
2. End of the Christian Era (4:40)
Reconcile, Prophet vile, with the powers of Hell
Secretly in blasphemy, our bargain will prevail

Satan, sire, our ally, in this war of Ages
Victory, our destiny, we'll burn the christian pages
As the night summits the light we hail our
sworn emperor
Angels flee announcing us the end of the christian era

(angels are) possessed by Belaam, plagued by Nergal,
burnt by Haborym, revived by Gamigin

* leads: Rosan, Nebiros

After the War, gods of yore claim their thrones
They drink wine in angel's skulls until they're drunk

Christian spaniards, the god you adore, he will fall
The Ancient Gods you dethroned, they revive all!!!

(fati ignes)
Secrets are unveiled, wisdom drawing near,
reviving christian fears
Treasures are revealed, they glow below the
ground, tonight they will be found

Buried in the sands, buried in the snow,
buried down below...
3. A Demon Tale (5:35)
The raven spreads its wings, as the sun comes down
Once again, at the old priest's shelter, to tell his
tale he begins:

"Since the dawn of far away times he
walks amongst human race, lord of darkened
ways, master of infamous remains

It is said that in the old tribunal days,
a man was accused of sorcery.
The inquisitors made him confess, he should perish in
agony. Buried in an ordinary hearse after a hundred
whiplashes, his grave was
profaned shortly after, they never found his ashes

Rabisu possessed his rotten soul,
from the realm of the dead he returned

Each inquisitor silently slept, ignoring the terrible
vengeance. At an uncanny, mysterious doorcall,
they woke up to face the presence
and found such an infernal death, that Hell rose up
while they bled and for ten days of devilish horror
the haunted blood rain it did

Since then and for every century, their descendants
fall one by one, in hellish nights of torture and
diabolic lust for blood."

The raven spreads its wings,
the sun already came down at the old priest's shelter,
a demon calls at the door

The priest falls severed apart,
The lethal revenge took its final toll
4. Satan II (5:36)
Mortuary spawn of dark sepultures,
Servant of the lord of blackened tortures
Awaited emperor to the throne of evil thoughts
Merciless, you have no remorse

From a necrophiliac bearing you were born
Decaying skeleton, your skull is crowned with horns
Reborn by spell to guard the sacred crypts
Coveted by demons and forever damned spirits

Spread your wings over the reign of eternity
Unholy divinty blaspheming through centuries
Satan II

* Lead: Rosan

At midnight, you fornicate with devilish rotten souls
Copulation with hellish twisted whores
Necrophagia satisfies your hunger,
you thirst for blood continues no longer
5. Unguy Maman, Mother of Disease (5:35)
Night by night the undead howling
Raining death hides the evil shadow
Female soul screaming blasphemies
One more life will end by dawn

Where god arrived as enemy
There's no hope to escape her wrath
She has shit on christ
Drinking the Devil's sperm... His sperm

* Lead: Rosan

Andean highlanders tales they tell
All end with souls walking to Hell
The mother of disease claims one soul
Witness is the fearsome owl

Fevers and pests have the name of a
woman devoted to evil

Mother of disease, take me to the Uku Pacha
I'll walk upside down, my head towards Hell
Knock my door and suck my soul
6. Vomit of the Earth (3:22)
Suddenly broken is the silence of the night
Unaware is the earth of the terrors to come
Hear them squirming below
Listen to the cracking of the woods

Rising from the deep, from the bowels of a glowing Hell
Hell on earth the dead shall reign
The end of this nightmare none will tell
They're beasts from the devil's cattle freed to ruin mankind
Human blood and flesh is the food they'll search and find

Spewn from below, blinded by evil
The dead are the vomit of the Earth

Awakened by unknown forces, the dead are free to roam the earth
Restricted domain for centuries of sinful eagerness
Their cruelty's growing stronger
Why they rise you may wonder

Eternal life, the gift promised by a treacherous religion
Death owes them more than a burial left to oblivion
The graves like Hell's mouths are filled with evil and decay
Mankind is building shelters ignoring none will be saved

Vomit of the Earth, the birth of the dead
Prepare to die, your life is in their grasp
7. Unearth the Buried Evil (4:26)
Summerian sands, unholy lands
Where the seed of christ was sterile
Hellish worms, devilish forms
Hide the corpse of the Devil

Exploring the regions abandoned by god
Phantoms of death unleash their wrath

Unearth the buried Evil

Dig with your own hands, into this
corrupted sands
Inhale the Demon's fowl stench,
feel its hatred give you strength

Removing the ancient seals of a cursed crypt
Unveiling the secrets of a perverse spirit

Unearth the buried Evil

Unearth my grave!
8. Demonolatry (2:23)
Astharoth, Amaimon, Asmodeus, Ariton
Hear my Cry from Beyond,
dwellers of the pentagram

Abaddon, Abigor, Behemoth, Azazel
Horrid Legions of the Dead
Await for you to Rise from Hell

Beelzebub, Leviathan, Eurynomos, Baalberith
Servants of the king of Hades,
Spectres of the Burning Pit

Anu, Rabisu, Lamashtu, Lilith, Pazuzu
Summerian Demons come forth now,
it's my soul
I give to you

9. Blackened Arts (3:26)
Rotting souls of the Netherworld
Your heinous ritual has begun
Ceremonial praise in this valley of haze
When the moon hides forever the sun
The recondit mysteries of magic
Are carved by monks with faith
They offer him blood, then await the reward
From the elder sovereign of Hades

Blackened arts - taught by the masters of
unholy rites to rejoice his ancient blackened heart

The eldest root of all evil
Born from thy seed in the mire
Reaches these lands of neverending fire
Where forgotten ghouls claim your soul with ire
Witchery beyond burial ceremony
Practiced since the Ages of Dark
Men pray to the moon, rape bodies from tombs
Unshrouded thy secrets from the start


* Lead: Nebiros

Banished from an endmost past
In a time when the earth was still young
Scatter thy wisdom we will

* Lead: Rosan

Black magician, speak to the lost souls
Ask them about the unknown fate
Voices of demons will answer your call:
"Wait for the dead to deliberate"
Lucifer, we offer thou this born child
Give us evil powers to proceed
School us in the arts unknown to mortal men
With blood we shall sparge your seed
10. Tormented by the Undead (6:35)
Inruders have profaned thy evil domains
Searching for joy, they will die in pain
They played with blackened powers, spirits start to rise
They invoked Hell's demons, none shall survive

Suddenly awakened servants of Hades
After Centuries rotting in the nethermost reigns
Summerian demons from the ruins of Kandor
Reanimated in the name of our Lord

Evil spawns awakened from their slumber
Possessed maniacs, their victims breathe no longer
Spewing black blood in the ancient graveyard
Undead abominations satisfy their hunger


* Lead: Rosan

Demonic possession within the haunted woods
The ancient dead have been summoned
Moon of death engulfs the corpses of the damned
Bound in flesh, the book was recited

* Lead: Nebiros

Evil dead, rise in the name of Satan
Join Us!

Horrible noises emerge from the basement
It's the book of the dead
The woods come alive, tormented by the undead,
The demons from Hell
Try to escape, he will get you, the Overlord
Ungodly dead burst through Hell's gates
Die, you bastard!!!

* Hell's Gates noise: Mortem

* Mortem, 1986
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