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Deinós Nekrómantis Full Album Lyrics

Mortem - Deinós Nekrómantis cover art

Deinós Nekrómantis

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-28)
1. Angel of Apostasy (4:27)
Spawned by a whore and a priest
he made his way here from the East
summoned by a hellish mastermind
crazed by the victims he will find

Misanthropic artist from he llish labyrinths
Unholy incarnation of the rawheads of the myths
a blasphemous renegade from a crooked religion
who'll dry your veins to obtain redemption

Angel of apostasy
Die, die, perish, die!

(Leads: Nebirosm Jhon)

Weltering in the blood of souls he's imprisoned
that he uses to draw his infernal visions
a barbarian aesthetician with his own religion
who can only be stopped by inverted crucifixion

Eastern monster with burning eyes
they curse his soul but he won't die
A vicious witch protects this mangler
the first step to kill him is to behead her

Angel of apostasy
Die, die, die, parasite!

Kill the blood-thirsty witch!!!
Chop off her head and impale it
Burn, cold and pale ghoul!!!
Burn her body to diabolic death

Screaming forth blasphemies
this demon's life is ending
He dies crucified up-side down
but he has procreated a fiendish spawn
2. Horror of the Unliving (5:14)
Beyond the grave there lies a new dimension
where they thrive, like maggots infesting a corpse
glassy eyes, a petrified, frozen stare
they revel in the stench of their own putrefaction

Parasites of decay
Breeding in decomposition
The unliving

Welcome to their plane of noneexistence
it's the furthest from paradise that you'll ever be
Here they copulate, in orgies, increasing their numbres
In lust they lick the curdled blood off their stumps

Parasites of decay
Breeding in decomposition
The unliving

Unfathomable eyes
They'd burn into your brain
inhumanly cold
Their horror os conveyed to the very soul
Your soul...
Behold, they'll return from their ancient death

(Leads: Nebiros, Jhon)

As night prevails
They lust for your blood
To quench their thirst
They must drench you of your soul
3. The Pain of Being Dead (4:13)
When you lie in your grave
Dead, you dream, you'll be saved
Eternal rest, a just reward
But your suffering calls for more

Damnation - the fate you dread
Nothing can stop
The pain of being dead

Souls cry out in agony
They curse your soul in infamy
They show you'll lie in unholy Hell
This is now where you'll dwell

Damnation - the fate you dread
Nothing can stop
The pain of being dead

(Lead: Nebiros)

Salvation of the soul was only a senseless lie
A black marble tomb muffles now your cries
Feel the maggots gnawing at your corpse
Weep in vain, in posthumous remorse

Writhe in brutal anguish
Forever to endure, pain in your redemption
A disease without a cure
You're condemned to feel inside
the remorse of the dead

(Leads: Jhon, Nebiros)

Damnation - the fate you dread
Nothing can stop
The pain of being dead
4. Liquefied Blood of the Saints (4:25)
A martyr saint is in excruciating pain, then, beheaded, slain
His blood was stored, in phials displayed 'till this day
Preserved for centuries
A holy priest, a lamb of god, grilled to death
The ancient blood from his veins flows again?
Transforming miraculously?
Liquefied blood of saints
Twisted tale of the martyrs' blood, blatanly fake
Mocked is the ingenuity of your faith
in utter blasphemy
Liquefied blood of saints

(Solo: Nebiros)

"A testimony of ancient horrors,
bring me this haunted blood
Witness as it dissolves
before your skeptical eyes"

Laugh as they pray to their martyrs who found death in the most horrible ways
As centuries-old clotted blood 'liquefies'
feeble minds are filled with lies.
5. Within the Woods (4:21)
Ageless spirits, demons,
summoned in the forest
Glowing spectral auras
Float toward the murky skies
You should've known better
You will all burn in Gehenna
The darkened Gates of Hell
Were unlocked tonight
Within the woods

(Leads: Jhon, Nebiros)

Daylight fades, darkness reigns
Cadavers embrace you, their touch feeels so cold
Drying your veins they end you
Possessing you soul they own you

Cadaverous laughter in the atmosphere
Dusky shadows chase you
Primeval souls in the forest
Drained from the core of Hades
Know this, foolish prentices
This spell cannont be broken
Through the mist in the woods
They follow your escape
Within the Woods

Daylight fades, darkness reigns
Cadavers embrace you, their touch feeels so cold
Drying your veins they end you
Possessing you soul they own you
6. Possessor of Lost Souls (5:19)
Its white marbled halls

Hide the horrors of Hell

Stare into the eyes

of the long-dead undertaker

At his command

is a horde of cloaked shrunken corpses

and flying metal spheres

With a penchant for blood

Three hundred years old

His flesh and blood are cold

Born at the Gates of Hell

He awaits for souls to possess


Possessor of lost souls

Nocturnal beast

with poisonous blood

Shrinks the corpses

and turns them into his slaves

stacking them in coffins,

the inverted cross carved,

he transports the caskets

to a parallel world below

Three hundred years old

His flesh and blood are cold

In the old burial ground

Waiting for more souls to possess


Possessor of lost souls

(Lead: Nebiros)

(Lead: Jhon)

Shrunken corpses storm the town

speaking in tongues unknown

no one will hear your cries

no escape from the dead that won't die

Possessor of lost souls
7. Deinós Nekrómantis / Satanachist (Venom cover) (3:16)
I preach the ways of Satan, Answer to his calls
I translate manuscripts On ancient Latin scrolls
In my shrine, my avernus, I see the gates of Hell
Guarded well by Chronozon Tortured souls do dwell


I mount the virgin Venus Plague the blackened seas
I am the soul's destructor, Marching without fear
The night is filled with souls In coral ecstasy
The saraband of death shall always follow me down
Follow me

(Lead: Nebiros)


I bear the evil eye, Possess the unbidden
I'll bring your dead alive and chew your flesh from bone
I stalk through life and death With Gorgon for my gaze
I breath the immortal pain
Beware the human race
8. A Crack in a Cursed Mirror (5:14)
Look into the mirror, what do you see?
An imprisoned specter to be set free
A void of isolation and darkness
A black plane of devilry and madness

Poisoned blood
inside a monstrous creature
Lustful fiend
Spawned in the womb of lilitu
Entity with feces for a heart
Raging wraith
with empty eye sockets

Rejected from heaven and Hell
undead limbo is for you to dwell
Your path between gloominess and splendor
Is a crack in a cursed mirror

(Lead: Jhon)

Butchered by haunted children
His image in the mirror was frozen
To hunt souls for the reign of Hades
from whence the pieces of the mirror fell
For centuries imprisoned
In a Space of sinners and damned
Mentored by black angels
It´s his time to escape this land

Disguised with the mask of Hell
In Purgatory left to dwell
The gate to anguish and terror
Is a Crack in a cursed mirror

Come forth from the steam and brimstone
From Hell to the unknown

(Lead: Nebiros, Jhon)

rise, rise!
From the circles of penance
Emancipated from the undead unto our world

Shunned by the powers of Hell
In purgatory to where you once fell
Your way to a spree of slaugthter
Is a crack in a cursed mirror
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