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Ritual of Infinity | Full Album Lyrics

Morpheus Descends - Ritual of Infinity cover art

Ritual of Infinity

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsJL America
Album rating :  96.3 / 100
Votes :  11
Lyrics > M > Morpheus Descends Lyrics (18) > Ritual of Infinity Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-08)
1. The Way Of All Flesh (4:40)
Exit a world
Which tests, which way out
Entrance through means of a box
Arrival Unknown
In an eternal bloodstained pain
Visions, of damned souls, hung from hooks
Praying for their death,
As they stretch from embedded nails
Brought here, the victims of the damnation game
Soldiers, in the legion of the damned
Rule this war on flesh
Blue skinned angles of order
Of hell, this labyrinth of agony
Of hell....
Pleasure, nothing but pain
Ripped for eternity
The price of this game
Unholy pit, flesh vat of darkness
My witness of rituals, from infinity
My age of pain has arrived
Marked, a morbid visage a malady
Will know my flesh
For this infamy
The crunching of bone
Fills the air
Chains flail to meet my skin
Steel to be my punishment
All afflictions, of a living post-mortem
Their flesh doll, my soul to take
Spikes are driven through my wrists
Desire accelerated to become deceased
Just the beginning of their perpetual butchery
My final un-resting place
My essence stream my back
Left there by his hand
This eternally alive, death
My only wish to die
To know this will not come
For endless torment I will get
The dark lord’s game, never to descend
Into the way of all flesh.
2. Corpse Under Glass (3:47)
Frozen, in this sea through box
Suspend my flow of blood
Unsuspected slow decay
Coffin of ice, appear dead
Chemicals keep me alive
Body tissue still decompose
No, sign of death
Left alone I dream of hell
I can t escape
Morbid thoughts
A prey of being in my head
Stalked throughout the dark horizon
Income the walking dead
I can t awake
Stuck within this nightmare
Game this becomes the place
Where corpses rule, this world
Circles by the dead
Anticipation of life to end
Strung of by my feet
Cannibals, time to feast
Hung upside down, left for meat
Screaming they slash me, drink my blood
These evil dead
Start to take parts I m still alive
Eat my parts one by one
Stain their hands red as I die
Now, this corpse under glass
Frozen leper they ll find with time
3. Immortal Coil (3:45)
Reality of, the dead live
A growth which left life scarce
The spread, to infect by death
Their yearn for flesh, it s drive to exist
To eat, only the instinct now left
A population, where corpses walk
Trapped underground
A fight to stay alive

Undertaking, the carving of living dead
Experiments, to learn why they feast
Dissections, find no need to be
Just living meat, fulfill it s crave
Driven to stalk, by the core
Chosen, from a necropolis pen
Surgical means, to explain
Of occupants above, who wander till
Time leaves Immobile from decay
Punishment, from the creator
Who visited a curse upon us
An army of rot
To devour till none
All to walk in death
Of ripped for meal, to feed
Above and below as one
Both to shuffle off a mortal coil
Humanity now fallen
For this day of the dead….
4. Trephanation (2:59)
Brain disorder, punctured skull
Relieving pressure on the brain
Mind disease, human slaughter
Unaware of what is done
Mind disturbed in a hope of a cure
To release the pain of living a life for
Mutant slowly dying of disease
Trephanation misery
Living out life with loss of your brain
Incision in head, pain
Remembering the past
That has not changed
Only the desire to be dead
Desire now to die
To release the pain you feel
This diseased of the mind
Blood spewing from your skull
Trephanation, mutated deformation
Puss oozing from your mind
Trephanation, a brain disease of living
Scaring the tissue of the brain
Slow death of mind
As sight begins to weaken
And now brain eroding
From trephanation….
5. Proclaimed Creator (3:44)
Brain dead, not the dead
Awakened from eternal rest
Again undead tainted corpse
Carcass rise again
Disemboweled creations
The walking of the dead
Miskatonic massacre
Injected in the head
Playing god
With putrefied parts
To create a dead life gone
Bring back, what has now left
Excruciating deaths are prolonged
Proclaimed creator
Re-animator of the dead
Annou ncement of a new lord
Embalmed veins flow within
Live, but dead
Brain dead zombies
Killing no control
Created by a madman
Summoned from the grave
Puzzles built with decayed flesh
Mutants, made from rot
Now how a new god
Kill, suffer, create
Dismember, reborn, re-animate
Time elapsed as life now begins
A maniacal behavior
Of a brought back death
Now having to kill again
The remains of this life once dead
Restructure human’s life
Experimental surgery
Nefarious ways….
6. Accelerated Decrepitude (2:30)
Withering away a genetic disease
As time is excelled, ten years a century
Bodily aged no cure to arise
A corpse at birth rotting away
Suffering from pain as flesh starts to scar
And your mind weakens, decay
Blood now thinning from the lack
Of oxygen to your brain
Accelerated decrepitude a life excelled
Bodily aged.
7. Submerged In Adipocere (3:22)
Madmen, takes my life
Another death patterned once again
Blasphemeric interinent
My carcass drug into
This putrid grave
As my skin dose rot
My lifeless body deals with this pain
Awake I sleep
This death, an agony to profane
Oozing rot surrounds my flesh
Other victims badly decomposed
Necrosis of my brain
My innards seep out, my ripping skin
All my tissue turns to gel
The pain as it dribbles from my bones
Immersed in this sludge
Diseased painful decay
Flesh ripping
Inside, now out
Cold bowels, festered meat
Dripping fat fills the ground
The intertwine
Of sickened innards
This septic bath
Of adipocere
I do feel
My corpse
Nothing left by corroded bones
In this pit
Of infectious remains
The sockets of my skull
Fill up with vile slime
I slowly sink
My decayed deaths become
8. Enthralled To Serve (4:04)
Corpse ground up from looted
Remains disinterred
From the essential salts, stored
To be raised from hell
The monstrous conception
Of unhallowed
Rites and deeds
Summoned to live again
Rebirth deformed hemorrhaged.
A tortured soul denied
His death

Enthralled to serve from an incinerated past
Resurrected Beyond the grave
Twisted by madness
Soon to be returned
Back ashes again
Dormant minds
Awake, think again
Centuried festering spawn
Spewing forth rot, filth ridden flesh
Viral populace, cursed infecting
Plague eats tissue life ceased
Withered stumps, souls raped
Sludge heaps
A new being to immortality
Never call up that which can’t be
Put back down
The breeding of an unknown
Hell gains life from dust
Embodies in a god
That thrives on flesh
And blood
Epidemic, dead men rise
Rotten skin hangs decayed
Cadaveric piles of horrid pus
Gutted corpse fuse as one
Wandering the dead world
Carnitropes, eat the last human
9. Ritual Of Infinity (3:58)
Efficacy to speak with the deceased
In a evil form of necromancy
An art of raping the dead
Of memory of their being
Open the corpse up
Breath in the stagnant gas
Ritual of infinity
Stealing a dead mans life
Of knowledge
Descend in to the way of all flesh
Necromancy mortician sees past death
Ripped means, dissecting past thoughts
Ceased organs, information this gives
Sick dead surgery
Dig deep within this rotting autopsy
Tear out the secrets of his past
The mind the only thing left
Crack open braincase
Essential fluids lie
The final step, informed dissection
Nothing form him can hide
Hands engulf the cerebrum
Mouth on the skull, liquid slides down slow
Taste the basis of all life
The desecration of a dead man
He will die slow
Infected from decay
Grotesque taste of rancid mentality
Death will occur rapidly
Revenge for his acts, to die this time
Darkness fills his eyes
Necromancer now dies
Rotten entrails from this evil ritual
Poisoned bloods infects
He falls to crack his skull
The ritual of infinity
Eviscerated corpse ceased his life
Forbidden acts against souls
Slicing and digging with knives
Never curse the dead
Because the dead cant die twice.
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