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Nuisance Full Album Lyrics

Morna - Nuisance cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-01-17)
1. Life After Heroes (7:15)
Thou the life lovelier than narcissist's soul,
A moment adorned with saffron smell,
Belonging towards each other,
Like the stars belong to the skies.

I outlived this lavish world,
And lurched to my feet,
Discovering the ravenous wind,
Driven by its desire to blow off last dewdrops.

There I stood in the loins of evil,
Felt my eyelids falling down,
Where beauty is entwined with misery,
And heroes come to renounce the crown.

Smoothly I handle this role,
Remembering you and me as we were born,
To melt the love into the life,
Not to give up, rise and cure the whole strife.
2. To Think Alone (6:40)
To land beside their god
And set the light on darkness,
To rid my lifelong masters
And became the faith itself.

To be the cloud of fire
And fall for every desire,
To make this endless
And not to be so brainless.

To breathe from behind the veil
And wait for the closing part,
To rid my lifelong fear
And not to be tormented by guilt.

Let me stay close
And plant my dreamt-of rose,
To save the future childhood
And finish everything I should.
3. Oppressive Doubt (3:37)
Just walking around this evening...,
...desire breathing for another being...,
It all forces me to bring another dawn,
Or in your life am I just another pawn?

Allowed you to slink into my life without further meaning,
Viscerally built up, for some reason feeling.
At dusk I kept in mind your unfilled smile, the only picture for a while I had,
That desperate hope, for that time I've fed,
But in (the) day of belief, we've never met.
Even though everything between us was said.
4. Deceiving Gleam (5:45)
Many times been thinking about losing your picture,
Just for that moment when I realize I will miss you.
The moment is here and I can´t feel a thing,
You will never fulfill my life with another wings.

Silence of night disturbed only with birds who cried,
Same reason for both..., absence of light of life.
No shinning through the shadow of you
Look at the image of a life you drew.

Except the time that passed so fast, there's nothing to regret.
Can we even trust the others or there's something to expect?
Nobody can relieve the lost faith in you, unless me.
Or is it you who finally set me free?
5. Being Me (5:39)
I live with you too long for that,
To know who you wanna be in me.
We together will always do the bad,
(For as much) As I suffer, you really wanna be.

I need to be a stronger person.

To stroke harshly as a gesture of affection,
(For that) You are obscenely renowned.
Other time you lose your sad perfection,
And you're too weak to be found.

I wanna be a stronger person.

I'm becoming the slave of my anxiety of death,
Wherefore I might as well fear the truth.
We the people know the Earth is a place of death,
But still it's the sole gate to freedom, see my proof.

I used to be a stronger person.

Dice with me, dance with me and tear me apart,
Whisper in me and murder me.
I chose the courage and life, as well as heart,
There, become the evil you really wanna be.

I suppose to be a stronger person.
6. Trollkarlens dikt (11:13)
You the masterful Life gave me birth,
To me, hoping I'll bring the strengh to the Earth.

Past by the pyre, the tide of my sea of pleasure,
I offer you the sorcerer's poem.
Yielding to the fear, I'm losing any treasure (I have),
By my side, seeing a picture of hunting an omen.
Like I've never knew how could I do the magic,
I've no clue how to feel in a skin I live in – how tragic.

Well-nigh daily I face to aggrieved burgesses,
Giving em the hope in a sprauncy game.
Markedly, the same nature like the largess is,
The great desire is; not such a blame.

I cannot live this life anymore,
I want to get rid of this hell forevermore.

One day, I'll believe that magics are ruthless lies,
I'll sorely suffer this nasty fear, I'll disappear.
I wish I was a daring man with many of tries,
To prove the Life that I'm the one who have no fear.
7. End of Imbroglio (5:05)
8. Like a Moth to a Flame (2:18)
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